Flipped classrooms
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  • 1. Ashley LaPalm
  • 2.  In a traditional classroom the teacher lectures while students take notes or engage in discussion. Homework is then assigned for students to complete outside of school In a FLIPPED classroom the students engage in activities in the lecture time and watch instruction videos online for homework
  • 3.  Students would watch the instructional videos that a teacher has prepared ahead of time Students would come to class with questions, prepared to discuss the topic in class With the extra time now available, students would participate in a hands-on activity to demonstrate and explore the topic
  • 4.  Extra class time for questions on difficult topics Hands on activities to provide thorough examination of topic Students can replay instruction videos over and over if need be Students become more familiar with the topic now that the teacher has the “lecture” done and over with
  • 5.  Classroom instruction is now question based which allows more focus on problem areas for students More time to prepare activities now that the lecture is out of the way Students are able to understand the topics more thoroughly = Less stress for teacher when flipped classroom is successful Instant feedback from students
  • 6.  Parents are able to view the videos as well Parents can view how the teacher is teaching which would give the parents more confidence in the teacher Parents can see what their child is learning everyday Parents may participate in school activities more if they are familiar with the concepts being taught
  • 7.  Older parents would be able to view the videos to refresh themselves and help the students with their questions Open the eyes of older generations to how subjects have changed over the years and make them curious to learn as well
  • 8.  Students would need access to a computer to view the videos If students did not watch the videos, they may be “lost” when the class discusses the topic and also presents questions
  • 9.  A high school in Michigan tried the Flipped Classroom Model Discipline cases were reduced by 2/3 School wide
  • 10.  Over 2,400 Khan Academy Videos are used in instruction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTFEUsu dhfs
  • 11.  Strayer, J. (2011). Flipped classroom. Retrieved from http://knewton.marketing.s3.amazonaws.co m/images/infographics/flipped-classroom.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTFEUsu dhfs