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Powerhouse Gym Elite
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Powerhouse Gym Elite


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Delivering Fitness Right @ your Door Step !

Delivering Fitness Right @ your Door Step !

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 2. Profile Powerhouse Gym is a US origin brand .Powerhouse Gym India owns its title as Master Licensee in the SAARC region. It owns 12 centres in Mumbai, making its remarkable presence in Mumbai for a decade. It caters to 10,000+ customers. All of these centres in Mumbai are strategically positioned to attract maximum of the A+ & A strata of the society. This member mix is of Entrepreneurs ,working professionals , teens , elderly people & Home makers. Juhu Vile Parle Santacruz 4 Bungalows Mira Road Sher-E-Punjab Mumbai Central Prabhadevi Malad Chembur Ghatkopar Hughes Road We are distinguished by our unsurpassed motivating atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and premium exercise equipments, which supports our members in meeting their individual fitness goals. We provide these with dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered with a sense of friendliness, individual pride and company spirit. The strength of our heart-felt identity is utilized to inspire every person that steps foot into our gyms to better themselves.
  • 3. CONCEPT We at Powerhouse Gym India realised, many people are unable to complete their fitness goals because of incompatible work schedules and gym hours. Others may feel uncomfortable going into or working out in a gym. Many people, particularly women, are hesitant about entering what they perceive as a male dominated and threatening environment. Some individuals think they won’t fit in with the crowd at the gym, or are too old, too fat, or not fit enough to participate in a public forum.
  • 4. Powerhouse ELITE • • • • • • No more Commuting issues No more peak hours, equipment waiting time In the comfort of your own home Under the supervision of a certified trainer Mobile Gym Equipment As per your convenience Are you still,thinking of a reason, to not workout??
  • 5. SOLUTION • Fitness and Weight Reduction Plans • We all lead busy lives. Let us help you create a health and fitness plan that accommodates your busy schedule and various commitments. Changing your body composition and achieving a healthier, more energetic you is easier than you may think. We can help you fit exercise and a healthier diet and outlook into your schedule. • Sport-specific Training/ Athletic Competition Preparation Plans • Do you have sport-specific goals? Let us help you devise an exercise regime that targets the specific movement patterns of your given sport, whether that be golf, tennis, basketball, or any other endeavour. A tailored strength training routine that focuses on the mechanics of your given sport can take you to the next level of performance. • Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation • Have you recently had a rotator cuff, knee, tendon, or other injury that requires special attention? Whether your injury was a partial tear or you are post-operative and have completed physical therapy, let us help you safely regain strength and flexibility in the affected area. We can work in conjunction with or continue on from physical therapy treatments.
  • 6. SOLUTION • Strength and Endurance Periodization Plans • Is your fitness and/or strength training program feeling a bit stale? Let us help you devise a fresh routine that will challenge your body in new ways, stimulate your metabolism, improve cardiovascular fitness, and promote hypertrophy and an overall change in body composition. It is best to switch up your routine at least every 6-8 weeks to stave off performance plateaus and boredom. Optimizing your fitness, strength, and athletic performance is a science; let us help you develop a strength and fitness routine that will help you to safely and progressively achieve new heights. • Nutritional Analysis • How can you build a temple out of rubble? In order to lose fat, gain muscle mass, and achieve your fitness goals, you must fuel your body properly. Let us work with your lifestyle and time limitations to make better dietary choices and an eating schedule, without becoming obsessive or setting unrealistic restrictions. • Self-Defense Instruction • Are you uneasy about your ability to defend yourself or those you love? Let us instruct you in daily awareness practices that assure your personal safety and teach you key self-defense techniques that will assure you can defend yourself against the most common physical assaults.
  • 7. SOLUTION • Strength and Power Development Techniques • Is your primary goal to develop strength and power? If so, let us guide you in the proper techniques and use of Olympic and power lifts, as well as other drills that promote speed, agility, and power. • Running Programs and Advice • Do you have your sights set on running a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon? Let us help you devise a training schedule that optimizes your performance at your given distance and within a specific timeframe. Home workouts often provide a means of initiating a program for people who are particularly self-conscious or inhibited.
  • 8. ADVANTAGE • CONVENIENT - You do not have to go anywhere or deal with group hygiene issues such as unfamiliar showers! • CONTROL - At-home personal training means You are in charge---your music, your pace, your schedule. • PRIVACY - No worries about the judging looks of the local gym rats. • TIME - You can save huge amounts of time by cutting the commute with at-home training. • EFFICIENT - You just need a small space, your body and our Certified Personal Trainer
  • 9. DIFFERENCE Key Factors Powerhouse in the house Gym On Your Own Privacy Yes, train with professionals in the privacy of your own home. No Yes Technique Yes, we teach proper technique and vary your routine. Must hire trainer in addition to gym fees. No Motivation Yes, our personal trainers provide motivation every step of the way. Yes No Equipment Yes, we bring the equipment for a full workout to you. Yes Maybe Nutrition Support Yes, nutritional counseling developed for you by our personal trainers. Yes No
  • 10. SCRIPT Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Sir/Mam I am here/calling on behalf of Powerhouse Gym India. Could I take 3 minutes of yours? Being, one of the elite people of our society, we have prepared an exclusive program to cater to your fitness needs. There might be multiple reasons for you, to not join a gym, such as, 1)Too much of travelling time 2)Gym Too Crowded 3)Lack of privacy 4)Lack of hygiene 5)Equipment waiting time during peak hours,etc.
  • 11. What if we solved all these issues? • • • • • What if, the gym came to you? What if, you could workout in the comfort of your home, that to,as per your convenience? What if we provide you with a Personal trainer who could guide and motivate you to achieve your goals? What if we provided you with a fitness app for your cellphone,to monitor your progress? What if, we arrange for a Personal One on One Session with our Dietician @ our Centres? Just imagine, what if all of these are fulfilled. And you see a fitter(Name) in 2 Months.
  • 12. FAQS 1)Why should I take up this program? Some people are happy to follow their own programme in their own time and place; for those who lack the time, or the motivation, or the energy to “train effectively” on their own, a Personal Trainer can be the answer. The support, advice and encouragement comes with safe exercise technique to help you avoid injuries. 2)When do I need a Personal Trainer? When you are overweight, when you are underweight, when you are unfit, when you want to get fitter, when you have just had a baby, when you are in training, when you are bored with training, when the kids have left home, when the jeans don't fit, when you are too busy to keep fit, when aerobics has got boring, when you can't avoid the mirror, when you always avoid the scales, when you want to! 3)What can I expect from a Powerhouse Elite membership? You can expect to Get Results. Period!! A Powerhouse Elite Trainer is dedicated in helping support your personal fitness goals and we want to get you long term fitness and health results. Guaranteed!!!
  • 13. 4)Where should I train? There is no 'should' - you can achieve results working out in a gym, in the park, or at home. It is more a matter of availability and of convenience for you, particularly if you have special rehabilitative needs, which may require special equipment. 5)Will my Trainer put me on a diet? Stop me smoking/make me stop drinking? Most Personal Trainers are fully aware that in order to change an unhealthy lifestyle you have to work within it. You will find that many Personal Trainers can give you nutritional and lifestyle advice - whether you take it is up to you. We are only with you a few hours a week, but the fitter you become, the better you will treat your body as a natural consequence. 6)What sort of people are Personal Trainers? Energetic, committed, motivating, enthusiastic, bright, sympathetic, dedicated, understanding, busy, interested, professional, healthy, intelligent, flexible, knowledgeable, approachable, confidential, trustworthy, friendly, ordinary people.
  • 14. 7)Can I set the time I work out? You are the client and so should be able to train when you want. However, If you're changing your training time, always give at least 24 hours notice 8)What happens during a Personal Training session? A personal training session will normally last for one hour. This will follow along the lines of a brief warm-up followed by your main training programme where you will focus on your goals using cardiovascular, strength or flexibility exercises. Finally there will be a cool down or relaxation period. Any programme may vary from one session to the next according to the clients' needs and progress. 9)How often should I train? Three times each week should be sufficient for you to start feeling and seeing results. Although, like anything, you will get more out of it if you put more in. Whether you work out with your Trainer every time is up to you, and how motivated you are, how often you can afford to train, what you schedule is like every week.
  • 15. 10)Do I need to have equipment if I am going to be working with a personal trainer in my home? No, Your Powerhouse Elite trainer will bring portable equipment to your location. Unless you are into power lifting, bodybuilding, or competitive sports you don't need much equipment. All that is needed is to work the muscles and you can do that with body weight calisthenics, exercise bands, free weights, manual resistance, exercise balls, etc. 11)Does a Personal Trainer ask questions about your lifestyle? The nature of personal training is such that it incorporates your needs, goals and preferences. The trainer will need to ask some initial questions during the consultation, which probe the demands that are placed on you from your job or lifestyle. Typically the first session will include questions about : • Basic personal details • Medical background • Fitness background • Lifestyle factors (e.g. smoking or drinking) • Nutritional habits (you may be asked to keep a diary) • Personal goals and objectives in relation to fitness
  • 16. 12)How long will it take for me to see fitness results, using Powerhouse Elite? Fitness Results are different for everyone, depending on your own personal fitness goals, body composition, and level of commitment, but no matter where you are in your current fitness level, Powerhouse Elite guarantees that you will Get Results as long as you Set Goals, Seek support from your Trainer, Stay on Track with your Personal Fitness Plan, and Re-evaluate your Fitness training on a regular basis. 13)Should I consult a physician before starting a fitness program? You should always consult your physician before starting any fitness program, whether it's online or one on one. Safety in fitness training is always our number one focus at Powerhouse Elite. Make sure you provide your trainer with any previous injuries you may have had or other restrictions that your doctor has prescribed for you. 14)I prefer to work out in the gym,than at home? You are always welcome to be a member of our prestigious brand-Powerhouse Gym India.You could chose any branch as per your convenience.
  • 17. 15)What is the fitness app? The App is called “Fit id”.It is a property of fitID Inc. Features: * Meals: Track your meals with a snap of a photo and get feedback instantly with comments from your friends * Workouts: Search through thousands of workout templates, track exercise stats and attach videos and photos to your workouts * Progress: Tracking progress guarantees results. Seeing your fitness stats and before/after pictures will motivate you and inspire others * Share tips and start a discussion * Get ideas for meals and workouts from others who are on the same fitness program as you * Express your fitness lifestyle and inspire your friends and followers to get fit * Get real-time comments and feedback from your community * Integrate your fitID fitness lifestyle with your facebook and twitter accounts
  • 18. 16)Is it available on Android,IOS & Windows? Currently,fitID is only available on Android & IOS 17)What are the charges of this Powerhouse Elite program? 12 Sessions / Month @ Rs 12,000/-
  • 19. Thanks