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Adobe Flex
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Adobe Flex


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Adobe RIA Technologies: Adobe Flex 3
  • 2. Applications have evolved MAINFRAME REACH Local Global RICH Text UI Integrated media GUI CLIENT/SERVER WEB APPLICATIONS 2004 1992 1998 RICH INTERNET APPLICATIONS
  • 3. RIA Technical Characteristics Rich + Reach Local Processing + Hosted Services Content /Application/Communication Declarative Languages + Scripting Designer + Developer Collaboration
  • 4.
    • A highly productive, free open source framework for building expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers and on the desktop with Adobe AIR
    ® ADOBE FLEX 3
  • 5. Understanding Flex
    • 2 languages
      • MXML (actually a library of ActionScript)
      • ActionScript 3
    • Compilers
    • Debugger
    • Profiler
    • Rich Component Library
    Flex Builder IDE
    • Flex Builder IDE
      • Eclipse Plugin or turn-key install
      • Accelerates Design
      • Design view and code view
    Flex SDK Flex Class Library MXML ActionScript Debuggers
  • 6. How Flex Works in the Browser Flex Builder IDE Flex Class Library MXML ActionScript Compile Flex SDK SOAP HTTP/S AMF/S RTMP/S Web Server Existing Applications & Infrastructure J2EE Application Server LC Data Services XML/HTTP REST SOAP Web Services Browser Flash Player
  • 7. How Flex (Flash) can integrate with the Javascript API
    • Use ExternalInterface
    • Supported in every modern browser
    • From ActionScript, you can call any JavaScript function on the HTML page
    • From JavaScript on the HTML page, you can call an ActionScript function in Flash Player
  • 8. Adobe AIR enables web developers to use existing technologies to build and deploy rich Internet applications on the desktop .
  • 9. Adobe AIR Application Stack Cross-OS Application Integrated Rendering Integrated DOMs & Scripting Adobe AIR APIs Mac, Windows, Linux & Device OS File System Access Network Detection Notifications Application Update Drag and Drop Local Database ... Flash Flex ActionScript XML Audio Video HTML PDF HTML HTML JavaScript XML CSS Flash PDF
  • 10. Adobe Air security highlights
    • Applications can be signed using certificates. The certificate is used for install and update
    • Use Encrypted Local Store or SQLite for storing sensitive data
    • Sandboxes
      • Application sandbox
      • Non – application sandbox (does not have access to AIR api)
      • Use SandboxBridge in order to communicate between them
    • It is your responsibility to check for data validation and to use secures channels in order to exchange data
  • 11. Revolutionizing how the world engages with ideas and information