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new businesss proposal
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new businesss proposal


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its a new proposal by students of ITM PGDM RMM. …

its a new proposal by students of ITM PGDM RMM.
we have done research and submitt it for business communication project.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Business proposal
    Group 6
    AnkushPatodi (19)
    Deepak Choubey (45)
    ParulGupta (17)
    RimshaShaikh (20)
    SufiyanShaikh (43)
    VinithNair (47)
    VivekPrasad (41)café delight- the lighter part of LIFE
  • 2. Flow of presentation
    Company Description
    Product & Services
    Store Layout
    Market Survey Summary
    Marketing Plan
    Operational plan
    Estimated Financial Detail
    • Kharghar, Navi Mumbai is an institutional area.
    • 4. It has five big colleges and many high schools.
    • 5. It has also good pool of young working professionals around.
    • 6. But since there is not a single coffee house,we treated it as an opportunity.
    • Angel Beverages Ltd. was formed in September 2009 by its founder Mr. AnuragKashyap.
    • 7. Our marketing management team comprises of seven members, AnkushPatodi, Deepak Choubey, Parul Gupta, RimshaShaikh, SufiyanShaikh, Vinith Nair, Vivek Prasad. The team is headed by Mr. Vinith Nair.
    • “To provide a friendly, comfortable ambience where customer can receive quality refreshments, services and entertainment at a reasonable price.”
    • To establish as a preferred brand-name amongst youngsters & professionals.
    • 8. To explore & capitalize untapped market domains.
    • 9. To grow knowledge of expertise in, the preparation & serving of specialty coffee.
    • 10. Maintain consistency in serving the highest quality products.
    • 11. To become a nationally competitive organization by opening more outlets in different areas of Navi Mumbai as well as Mumbai.
    • To provide wide varieties of coffee.
    • 12. To provide customers a place to spend quality time.
    • 13. Target to capitalize a customer base of half a million by end of 3 years.
    • 14. To introduce our in house products like cookies, brownies and cakes.
    • We, at Angel Beverages Ltd, plan to provide an unique and enjoyable experience to all our guests and make them feel comfortable and welcome. We believe in serving the finest coffee and cuisine at great value prices.
    • 15. Our friendly and efficient brew masters prefer serving coffee with a smile, thus, making Café Delight 'the lighter part of LIFE'.
    • 16. Our aim is to passionately deliver the highest levels of experiential services and so, we are driven by an insatiable thirst for excellence.
  • Product & Services
    • Café ambience
    • 17. Quality light food and beverages
    • 18. Warm and friendly service
    • 19. Book Lounge
    • 20. Wi-Fi Internet connection for customers
    • 21. Plug n Play music
  • Store Layout
  • 22. Why Market survey is required?
  • 23. Market Survey Summary
  • 24. Market Survey Summary
  • 25. Market Survey Summary
  • 26. Market Survey Summary
    • Market research
    • 28. Find out whether there is an existing market for our product or not
    • 29. Competitor analysis
    • 30. SWOT analysis
    • Strength
    No organized player in the market
    A big target segment to cater
    Target segment of youth who are will to try to new things
    • Weakness
    Limited capital to work with
    Lack of experience in the field
  • 31.
    • Opportunity
    First to enter
    • Threat
    Number of competitors
    Price difference
  • 32. Marketing mix
    • Product
    Store layout
    Different variety of coffees
    • Price
    Any where between Rs 35 -75
    • Place
    Placed near Patel Heritage so it would be in a hub of students and professionals
  • 33.
    • Promotion – Objective – inform and persuade
    Direct marketing
    Radio ,news papers and magazines
    Organizing events ,promoting events
    Customer service
  • 34. STP
    • Segmentation
    Age : 18 -35 ,35-60
    Income : 15000 +
    Students and professionals
    Occasions – regular
    Benefits – quality ,service ,economic
  • 35.
    • Targeting
    The target segment would constitute of people with age group of 18 -60 who are either students or professionals who are earning 15000+ ,who seek benefit in terms of quality of service and product ,ambiance and a place to relax and talk
    • Positioning
    Good ambiance
    Friendly service
    Fair prices
    It would be positioned as a place where all the above things are found and it would be kind of a stress buster image
  • 36.
    • Positioning statement
    Coffee house that offers best coffee with reasonable price ,great service and amazing ambiance.
    Tagline : café delight – the lighter part of LIFE
  • 37. Operational plan
    Stages of development:
    Estimated budget for product and other Requirements required to run
    The coffee house is Rs. 23.80 lacs
    Steps required to run our coffee house effectively:
    • Place orders regarding raw materials & finished products to suppliers.
    • 38. Negotiate purchase orders with local retailers
    • 39. Process & deliver customer orders timely & efficiently.
    • 40. Preparing & maintaining proper invoices for orders placed.
    • 41. Implement advertising and promotional plan.
  • 42. Risks involved:
    The following events could pose problems in smooth operation:
    • Irregular supply of raw materials & food imported from suppliers.
    • 43. Loss of key supplier, which would result in paying higher rates for products.
    • 44. Logistic problems would cause significant delays in fulfilling orders
     To avoid these problems, we will:
    • Further develop supplier network in other parts of our country
    • 45. Seek out back up suppliers in other markets
  • Suppliers
    • H & B Distributors
    • 46. Bean-King Exporters
    • 47. SweetBiteDestination
  • Quality control:
    • We will hire a quality control manager to inspect the products.
    Land and equipment requirement:
    • We will take shop on lease.
    • 48. We will purchase a coffee brewing machine, cold storage, ovens and other equipments.
  • Hiring and training of employees:
    • We have planed to hire professional and responsible employees
    • 49. We have planed to conduct multiple interviews with prospective candidate.
    • 50. We have planed to implement 60 or 90 days probationary period
    • 51. Employee training is obviously very important to ensure quality.
    • 52. Retaining employees
  • Estimated Financial Detail
    • Capital Required:- Rs. 34 lacs
    • 53. Assets:- Rs.11.80 lacs
    • 54. Sales:- Rs. 45 lacs
    • 55. Raw Material:- Rs. 40/ customer
  • Estimated Financial Detail
    • Payment to Employee:- Rs. 4.03 lacs
    • 56. Electricity Expenses:- Rs. 1.80 lacs
    • 57. Housekeeping Expense:- Rs. 24,000
    • 58. Administrative Expense:- Rs. 4.22 lacs
  • Estimated Financial Detail
    • Entertainment:- Rs. 55,780
    • 59. Advertising Expense:- Rs. 2.80 lacs
    • 60. Interior Designing:- Rs. 8 lacs
    • 61. Miscellaneous Expense:- Rs. 2 lacs
  • Queries Please
    Thank you!!!