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the whole ppt s all about minimum wages

the whole ppt s all about minimum wages

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  • 1. Concept on minimum wagesIt is such a wage that it notonly guarantees baresubsistence and preservesefficiency but also providesfor education , medicalrequirements and some levelof comfort.
  • 2. Methodology of calculating poverty in relation with minimum wages• Suresh tendulkar(15th Feb. 1939 – 21 June 2011)• Pune university and Delhi school of economics topper.• PhD. Harvard university• His committee decides estimation of poverty amount.
  • 3. Suresh Tendulkar CommitteeProf. Suresh tendulkar (chairman) expenditure on food, education and housing, and just calorific intake, to arriveDr. R. Radhakrishna. (member) at the poverty line definition saw theProf. Raghav Ghaia (member) number of people living below the povertyDr. Suranjan sengupta (member) line rise.Planning Commission, 2004 Planning Commissions submissionAnyone with a minimum intake to the Supreme Court, 2011of 2,400 calories in rural areas Anyone with a daily expense belowand 2,100 in cities. Rs.32 in urban areas, below Rs.26 in rural areas.
  • 4. People who survived on low wages• Tushar, son of a police officer studied atuniversity of Pennsylvania and workedfor three years as an investment banker inthe U S and Singapore.• MATT, studied at MIT. They both cameto India to work on a project, in the hopethat they could be of use to their country.•They want to understand an averageIndian. So they decided to live on anaverage income which would changethem forever.
  • 5. People who survived on low wages• They calculated Indians mean national income whichwas 150 per day.• But globally people spend their on 1/3 amount on rentso they decided to live on 100 per day.•They spend their large part of day in organizing foodonly.•They could not afford eating outside, travel bybus, could not afford to fall ill.•They cut one lifebuoy in two. They innovated a dessertOf fried banana on biscuits as Parle g was cheaper 25paise for 27 calories.
  • 6. Harrowing experienceThey decided to go to Matts ancestral village Karucachal in Kerala, and live onRs. 26.• They ate parboiled rice, a tuber and banana and drank black tea: a balanced diet was impossible on the Rs. 18 a day which their briefly adopted ‘poverty permitted.• They walked long distances to save money, no mobile , internet was allowed .•The experience was very disaster of official poverty was harrowing for those two 26year olds people.•They have seen a life where freedom means little and hunger is plenty.
  • 7. conclusion