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Marketing management red b_ull
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Marketing management red b_ull


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Marketing Management Red Bull: Strategies to Increase Revenue
  • 2. Red Bull is… O A caffeinated and carbonated energy drink, that revitalizes body and mind. O Founded by Dietrich Mateschitz and launched in 1987, in Austria.
  • 3. Look & Feel O Comes in a silver and blue Cans. O Logo, representing two bulls colliding head-on in front of a sun. O ‘Gives you wiiings’.
  • 4. Existing Marketing Strategy O Word of mouth or buzz marketing O Street marketing O Best way to convince customer is to hire them
  • 5. Existing Branding & Promotion O Red Bull presents at every moment of student calendar. O Visibility by perfect serve O Use of cartoon for commercials
  • 6. RedBull Events: India
  • 7. SWOT Strength Weaknesses Market Leadership Above average prices Market efforts Taste Brand Identity Marketing Expense
  • 8. Opportunities Threats Category extension Public Health concerns Hardcore advertisement and promotion Organic energy drinks Sponsorship events in college level Negative Publicity after the split with Rahul Narang Group
  • 9. Demographics Target Consumer Psychographics Usage Behavior Consumption collection Content Spending Power Age: 15- 60 Image Conscious 25% of Indians Influenced Youth trends Eat Out
  • 10. Customer Insights O Young people are specially open to determine exhaustion and insufficient energy O More specifically male teenagers & people in their 20s, are also most likely to believe in the authenticity of the energy drinks’. O As a result, the majority of energy drinks are developed for and advertised to this younger generation. O Appeal to very specialized groups, such as gamers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and the hip-hop crowd.
  • 11. Competitors
  • 12. New Strategies O Sponsor Tv shows Related to youth O Social media promotion O Brand Ambassador O Use recorded events for making Advertisements O Energy drinks for audience in different sports events O Bundling with different drinks in Pubs and Clubs
  • 13. Economies of Scale O Decrement of marketing expenses lead to O O O O O O economies of scale due to which production cost of per unit decreases by which sale will increase. Sale of 2013=$3,433millions Total market share of energy drink in India 500 cr. Red bull share 200 cr. Per year growth 50% Future estimated sales for 3year 3,433*50*3/100= $5149.5millions