The Science Of Re Tweets


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This presentation describes the effective ways to use re-tweet and Twitter for Marketers and Business Owners and is inspired from Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella's work. It focuses on core facts and how they could be used to enhance your reach on Twitter. Please contact me at for more information and this presentation

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The Science Of Re Tweets

  1. 1. THE SCIENCE OF RE-TWEETS Ankur Sharma +91 9886403253 Follow me @ankurdinesh * Inspired by the HUBSPOT webinar by Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella
  2. 2. WHAT IS A TWEET: Tweet is a text-based post or status update on Twitter, a microblogging service. It can be only up to 140 characters and it displays on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers WHAT IS A RE-TWEET: A Re-Tweet in Twitter is when you see a tweet you like written by someone else, and you want to share that tweet with your Followers. It is also symbolized by RT. The syntax of your tweet should start with the abbreviation "RT" or the word "Re-Tweet" followed by the username of the person who tweeted it (e.g. @ankurdinesh) and then finish with the content of the actual tweet. You may also modify the original tweet to make it more interesting for your followers if needed. You might even be forced to modify the original tweet because the addition of RT + username to the tweet makes it longer than the permitted 140 characters. In order to make everything fit, you'll need to omit useless words or use shorter synonyms or abbreviations. WHY DO RE-TWEETS MATTER: Re-Tweets help businesses and individuals improve their social reach and digital authority. The functionality is particularly useful for marketers, businesspersons and practically anybody who would want their words/promotions/campaigns to spread faster, free and to the relevant audience/partners/customers. THE SCIENCE OF BEING RE-TWEETED: 1. Good formula: A good formula to keep in mind, while taking stock of how many Re-Tweets you or your Business/promotion/marketing campaign would want would be: number of followers + attention quotient + motivation quotient 2. Re-Tweets: Men and women do it differently: Women Re-Tweet more products and entertainment tweets while men Re-Tweet more opinion based tweets. So based on the number of male/female followers you have, you can tailor your tweets 3. "News" gets re-tweeted most: Hence it is a good idea to write your Tweets in the form of catchy newspaper headlines for them to get Re-Tweeted
  3. 3. 4. Address information scarcity: Your followers appreciate your expertise in a particular field and that’s why they find you relevant to follow. Use your expertise in your field, to write about the issues/topics which are less addressed in your field to get them Re-Tweeted 5. Relevance: Relevance is directly proportional to the number of Re-Tweets you would get from your followers. As you would get more relevant followers, you get more Re-Tweets 6. Constructing Tweets that are more Re-Tweetable: o Use “Heavy Nouns”, “Punctuation marks” and words which contain more syllables to make your tweet more Re-Tweetable. o Re-Tweets usually have longer words and more novelty than Non-Re-Tweets, so using longer words with newer words while writing promotional message would further help. o Conceptual content is usually more Re-Tweetable than emotional content, So focus on facts and concepts while tweeting 7. Top 5 most Re-Tweeted words: You, Twitter, Please, Retweet, Post are the top five words which are usually found in Re-tweets. So using them in your tweets would enhance their chances to get Re-Tweeted. To see top 20 Most Re-Tweetable Words, please click here 8. A good strategy to maximize your reach to your followers, is to tweet your content a couple times in the day with spacing so as to reach people who are in different time-zones or log-in at different times during the day 9. It’s okay to say “Please re-tweet” as long as you are saying it judiciously. Don't ask your followers to Re-Tweet for u all the time. Use that tactic sparingly and wisely 10. “" is the most famous URL shortening service because not just it is the shortest but it also provides some informative analytics. For example, you can append “+” symbol to end of any link to see various statistics related to that link like, how many clicks, how many tweets etc. 11. Abbreviations to know : o SMOG= “Standard Measure of Gobbledy-Gook” o TL : DR = "Too Long, Didn't Read" 12. Constructing tweets that are Non-Re-Tweetable: If you want your tweets to get Re-tweeted, following are the things to stay away from while tweeting: o Abstract ideas, negative emotions and sensory experiences makes a tweet Non-Re- Tweetable o Self-references/ Self promotion never gets Re-Tweeted
  4. 4. o Tweets with expletives and foul language is yet another Non-Re-Tweetable content 13. Top 5 least Re-Tweeted words: Game, Going, haha, lol, but reduces the chances of your tweet being re-tweeted. Please refrain using them if you want your tweets to be Re-Tweeted 14. Usually Hash tag (#) is not very useful for marketers. So if there is a promotion or campaign you are aiming to get Re-Tweeted, it is safe to keep Hash tags out of tweets. 15. When to Tweet to get Re-Tweeted: o Most Re-Tweet happens from 1pm to 4pm EST, and least Re-Tweet happens between 6:30am to 11:00am EST o Rate of Re-Tweet decrease from about 4.75% to 1.75% from 2:00am EST to 9:00am EST o Most Re-Tweets gets sent on Friday, every week o So the best day and time for marketers and business people to push their promotions and campaigns is Friday, between 1pm to 4pm EST