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Advisory services to_india_education_v1

  1. 1. Introduction – IGC Research & Consulting Services
  2. 2. Advisory Services to Indian Education To position IGC as a knowledge leader in education sector, and create a research & consulting firm providing business advisory and implementation services to the stake holders in K12 and higher education in India. Team to comprise senior professionals with years of experience in: - Strategy and operations consulting - Academia and administration of education institutes - Transaction Advisory (M&A, Equity and Debt Funding) - Technology strategy and implementation consulting - Large projects and program management - Sales, marketing and brand management - Professionals with education qualifications from premier global institutes
  3. 3. Research Led Consulting Services Clients HigherEducational Institutions Education• K12 Scholarship• Higher Education Management AuditsInternational Stakeholders• Colleges and Universities• Education businesses• Not-for-profit organizations Digital Research Campus & Research Strategy ConsultingOther stakeholders in IndianEducation• Corporates• Investors (VCs/PEs) CSR Govt. & Public• Foundations Programme Sector Design Consulting• NGOs• Govt. and quasi-govt. org. Transaction Advisory
  5. 5. Our Capability Areas in Higher Education (HE)We will help Higher Education (HE) institutions to build and improve major capabilities inAcademics & Research, Operations, Funding and Financial Management, and Governance
  6. 6. Launch Operate Turnkey Project Management –Planning through LaunchWe would understand the critical focus areas and appropriate sequencing of execution to effectivelylaunch a new higher education institution and propose the following engagement frameworkthrough planning and launch of the institute of higher learning.
  7. 7. Partnership & AlliancesWe will work with leading partners in India and internationally for identifying Higher Educationinstitutions in India as prospective partners
  8. 8. Franchise Development ServicesFranchisor Processes Franchisee Support• Document and/or review the following • Planning for each franchisee: processes : • Physical infrastructure • Teacher training on pedagogy • Teacher assessment • Financial planning • Infrastructure management • Marketing and branding support• Develop marketing collaterals• Business development • Supervise the implementation of: • Secondaryresearchtounderstandthemarketdema • Faculty recruitment nd.Includesmarketintelligence- • Teacher training and development sizing,shareandsegmentresearch&analysis • Potential franchisee identification and short • Teacher assessment listing • Org. and administrative policies and • Discussions with identified prospects procedures • Business due diligence of shortlisted partners • Negotiation support and agreements • Marketing & branding • Execution of MoU and agreements • F&A processes• Quarterly audits of franchisee processes
  9. 9. India Entry Strategy: Consulting and Implementation Services Strategy & Implementation Planning •Market intelligence -sizing, share and segment research & analysisBusiness Planning & •Regulatory framework –applicable regulations, policies and rules Feasibility Studies •Financial modeling for feasibility and planning •Project implementation planning •Industry research and market intelligence •Potential target identification and short listing M&A Advisory •Discussions with identified targets Buy| Sell| Funding •Business, financial and legal due diligence* •Valuation and deal structuring •Negotiation support and agreements* •Execution of MOU / term sheet •Implementation and transaction closure Project Management •In-Depth Implementation Support Regulatory Approvals •Assistance in structuring and setting up Indian operations •Filing applications and obtaining necessary approvals Operation •Seeking and Developing Partnerships and Alliances Management
  10. 10. Investment Advisory Pre Deal Phase Transaction Deal Origination Deal Support Management• Sector and sub-sector • Due diligence • Financial Modelling studies for target • Operational • Deal room support , identification • Financial including negotiations• Target short- • Commercial • Term Sheets and Legal listing.Construction and Documentation • IT strict adherence to ‘deal filters’ for origination work. • Human Capital• Monitoring deal pipeline • Legal*• Establish contacts and • Tax* organize meetings with the identified targets within the sub-segments• Prepare detailed company profiles of targets approached• Valuation analysis for each identified target
  11. 11. Investment Advisory Investment Phase Exit Phase Investee Management Liquidity• Business Planning – One time and • Exit Strategy Plan ongoing • Identifying potential suitors and joint• Performance analysis & tracking of pitches investee firms; includes ongoing sector analysis• Business process improvements at investee companies; includes identifying areas of operational efficiencies and revenue enhancement• Management Talent hiring• Troubleshooting and turnaround initiatives• Objective approach maintained which also allows PE Fund to distance itself from issue.
  12. 12. School AuditsOur auditing services would provide educational leaders in K12 sectors with state-of-the-artresources, tools, and support services to enhance and promote student growth and schoolimprovement through accreditation.Our research team, with inputs from practitioners and education experts has developed theAccreditation Standards for Quality Schools. The standards have been designed with the needsand challenges of K12 schools in India in mind.Accreditation is a voluntary method of quality assurance with an objective to evaluate, verify, andimprove an education institution’s quality, leading to some of the following clearly defined benefits Establish Processes 3 Review Review of Existing Establishing and Documentation Established Standards and Standards & on identified Months Indicators Indicators Processes and Standards and Gap Documentation Indicators Phase 1 Phase 2 (12-14 Days) (1-2 Days) The accreditation process involves our team spending time with the School management over 4 steps demonstrated above. Initial assessment, followed by establishment of processes and documentation to achieve prescribed standards and indicators is achieved in the Phase 1 of the process. Phase 2 of the process reviews the implementation of established processes and recommendations, successful implementation of which leads to the Accreditation Certificate. Continuous internal reviews once every year is a part of the accreditation process and is supported by us. The certification process is expected to be done afresh every 5 yrs, ensuring complete review of the processes
  13. 13. Research ServicesIndian education sector is unique with its own challenges and opportunities. Today’seducators serve many stake holders including students, parents, regulatory bodies,government and employers. Our comprehensive Research Services would assiststakeholders in Indian education meet these demands and pressures withinsightful strategies through customized research services.Apart from customized research services, we will come up with regular researchreports under the following categories and segmentsResearch Categories ContentRealities Data on school performance, students, teachers, reach, equity etcTrends Reports on trends in the Indian education sectorInfluencers Reports on business & policy frameworks and issues influencing Indian education sector. These reports cover legal, regulatory and policy frameworks impacting Indian educationOpportunities Reports are developed to identify opportunity areas for investors in terms of financial and social returns. Segments K12 Education | Higher Education| Pre-School| ICT | Coaching Classes | Vocational | Distance Education
  14. 14. Social Sector Program Design and EvaluationLimited resources for educational programs combined with increasing expectations for evidence of impacthas made effective management of programs more important than ever. Today, programs must defineintended results in terms of improving student learning and achievement.Cogent with its data driven expertise will provide comprehensive educational program services frominception to implementation along with evaluation and reporting Needs Assessment Grant Proposals Program Implementation• Identify the program needs • Our professional proposal • Work with project leadership through consultations, writing services include planning and staff to review the institutional surveys and of the program design, implementation plans, feasibility studies development of the project objectives, and baseline data description, and submission of outlined in the original proposal the proposal for grants. towards targeted milestones of the project Design Data Collection Program Evaluation Program Implementation• Design and implement customized • Data collection, validation, and • Expertise in producing qualitative and quantitative key analysis, survey design and professionally designed booklets indicator data collection implementation, site visits, focus and brochures to share your instruments groups, and individual interviews. project strategies and outcomes. Summative evaluations to measure Document your accomplishments final outcomes and provide so that they can be disseminated information on the projects to stakeholders, and the general effectiveness.. public.
  15. 15. Government & Public Sector ConsultingOrganisations across Government and the public sector require insights into the implications ofkey policies and wider trends on their current and future strategies in Education. We wouldcombine a thorough knowledge of the way governments operate with an unrivalled expertise inEducation as a sector to provide practical, delivery-focused policy analysis.Our research & consulting team would provide evidence-based advice to Government andpublic sector clients in India.Our consulting services to the government and public sector in India would comprise of designand implementation of policy and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) models in Education as asector. Our assignments in government and public policy would involve: • Policy development advice • Option identification and appraisal • Feasibility & evaluation studies
  16. 16. Sample ProjectsEntry strategy and implementation support for a Foreign Education Provider’s (FEP) entry into IndiaTurnkey project management, from planning through launch, of a Entrepreneurship led Engineering andBusiness Schools.CSR strategy (design & implementation) for a corporatesDesign and documentation of the RFP for the voucher program of a State GovernmentsAudits of school management processes for schoolsBusiness planning and implementation of vocational training business.Feasibility study for setting up a higher education institution for a Private Equity fundsOnline strategy, business planning and implementation of a new line of revenue generating online businessfor one of the largest publisher of books on competitive examDue diligence review of investment opportunities in Higher Education for Private Equity fundsTransaction advisory (sell-side mandate)for Education & Training providersOperating K-12 schools /HE Education Institutions
  17. 17. THE TEAM
  18. 18. Delivery Team of Experts – internal and empanelledEvery project at IGC would be staffed with a core team of senior consultants andempanelled experts from industry and academia Senior Consultants with expertise in… • Education business planning & mgmt. Client • Research methodologies Sponsors • Operations strategy and process • Brand mgmt. and marketing operations Empanelled • IT strategy and implementation mgmt. Experts • Public policy and program mgmt. • Org. design and HR Team Empanelled experts for each track of Consultants education…(K12andHigherEducation) • Directors, Deans, Administrators and senior academicians from leading education institutes in India • Industry professionals
  19. 19. THANK YOU!