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Employee Engagement RBS
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Employee Engagement RBS


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • RBS 71/100
  • Transcript

    • 1. - An RBS example Group 6 Division B Ankit Malhotra Puneet Mathur Haresh Balani Nitin Lalit Sushmeet Singh Shashwath
    • 2. Accep t
      • It all begins with acceptance.
    • 3. Ask
      • Why Engage ?
      • How to Engage ?
      What Engage ?
    • 4. What ?
      • Employee Engagement is the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards his organization and its values.
      • An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organization.
    • 5. Why ?
      • Employees are neither human resources nor human capital – they are HUMANS .
      Human Resources Human Capital
    • 6. Engaged Employees -> Business Results
      • Engaged employees work with passion and drive innovation and move their organization forward.
      • They have a sense of personal attachment to their work and organisation and give in their best.
      • An organization’s capacity to manage employee engagement is closely related to its ability to achieve high performance levels and superior business results.
    • 7. Energy
      • Energy transformed
      • through focused
      • engagement creates
      • great performance.
    • 8. Joy
      • Fully engaging in work can produce joy
      • as work becomes love made visible.
    • 9. What it leads to ?
    • 10. How to Engage? It all fits when we get connected .
    • 11. Factors
      • Respect
      • Work life balance
      • Job satisfaction
      • Empowerment
      • Pay and benefits
      • Career development
      • Performance measurement
      • Brand recognition
    • 12. Do it the RBS way
    • 13.
      • RBS – An overview
      • One of world’s top ten financial organisations.
      • Employing more than 170,000 people in over 50 countries.
      • Around 40 million customers across the globe.
    • 14. Measuring Employee Engagement
      • Employee engagement is a key variable in the RBS model of linking company performance with HR initiatives
      • So what are steps taken by RBS to quantify employee engagement?
      • RBS cuts across employee lifecycle to obtain data using:
        • Employee opinion surveys
        • Joiner surveys
        • Leaver surveys
        • Targeted ‘pulse’ surveys
    • 15.
      • Ask a series of standardized questions such as:
      • Using people data such as absence rate and employee turnover.
      Measuring Employee Engagement
    • 16.
      • RBS calculates an ‘Engagement Index' from its annual employee survey.
      • First, it averages the numeric scores assigned to each of the following questions:
        • The ‘say’ factor - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend RBS to a friend seeking employment
        • The ‘stay’ factor - I rarely think about leaving RBS to work elsewhere
        • The ‘strive’ factor - RBS inspires me to put in my best work every day.
      Measuring Employee Engagement
    • 17. Integrated HCM Strategy Acquisition Survey Employee Opinion Survey Pulse Survey Leaver Survey Joiner Survey Global people Data Example Inputs Physical Environment Performance & Leadership Work-life Balance & Development Employee Proposition Work Itself Relationships Product Brands & Reputation Recognition Total Reward Example Business Metrics Customer Service Branch Profitability Productivity Cross-selling ratio Staff turnover Financial performance Support Measurement of Human Resource and Business Initiatives Leadership Incentive Design & Strategy Engagement Attraction Business programme e.g. values & service Supports Predictive Analysis and Informed Business Decisions Employee Segmentation & Demographics
    • 18. Employee Proposition
    • 19. RBS Initiatives
      • Work-Out
      • Access2Learning
      • Socially Responsible Development
      • TalentWatch
      • Secondments
      • MBA Sponsorship
      • Group Learning Guarantee Policy
    • 20. RBS Initiatives
      • YourWorld programme.
      • Lifematters , a portal for employees and their families.
      • Work from home.
      • Part-time and variable working hours.
      • Short and long-term career breaks.
      • 'Keeping in Touch' days.
    • 21. Business Results
      • Increase in productivity and profitability.
      • Fall in employee turnover.
      • Positive correlation between seniority and engagement.
      • Positive overall correlation between age and engagement.
      • Those with long service track record also show high levels of engagement.
    • 22. What they say ?
      • Darren Ali took a short-term employment break to travel with his wife Kathryn said,
      • "Being able to take an extended honeymoon made me feel extremely valued by the company."
    • 23. Achievements
      • Fortune 500 - Rank: 58 (2005 rank: 58).
      • Included in 'The Times Top 50 Where Women Want to Work' list.
      • Gold Standard Awards from 'Opportunity Now', 'Race for Opportunity' and the Employers Forum on Disability.
    • 24. The RBS Group Employee Engagement Award
      • RBS also recognizes high-performing organizations that are unlocking discretionary effort from their staff through effective employee engagement.
    • 25. Lessons from RBS
      • Employee listening through surveys has a significant impact.
      • Develop common global tools to ensure consistency across HR - e.g. human capital toolkit.
      • Join up customer service data with employee engagement data and business outcomes.
      • Understand the people drivers and how they impact superior customer service, employee engagement, productivity and business results.