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  • 1. “Mozillians are people who make things. Moving people from consumption to creation is Mozilla’s goal.” – Mitchell Baker Mozilla Chair / Chief Lizard Wrangler
  • 2. It is a Mozilla initaitive to helppeople make, learn and playusing the open building blocks ofthe web.
  • 3. Mozilla Webmaker wants to helpyou make something amazingwith the web.So lets Do it !! .
  • 4. As part of Mozilla’s non-profitmission, we want to help the worldincrease their understanding of theweb, take greater control of theironline lives, and create a more web livesliterate planet. planet
  • 5. Ok, Lets see what Mozilla Offers.
  • 6. A Generation of Webmakers.webmaker.org
  • 7. THE GOAL• Help you level up your skillsand go further, “beyondupload”upload• Help millions of peoplemovefrom using the web to makingthe web
  • 8. Tools• From supercharging web video with Popcorn Maker, Maker• To exploring and remixing with the X-Ray Goggles, Goggles • To making your own web pages with Thimble. Thimble Like a Swiss Army knife or “superhero utility belt” for webmaking.
  • 9. Mozilla Webmaker• Basic HTML webediting skills• You don’t have to be aprofessional coder orwizardto be a webmaker
  • 10. Projects • Practical starter projects, • How-to’s and recipes,• Designed to help people at all levels make something amazing. amazing• From tweaking your blog template to building apps that change the world.
  • 11. Community• Bringing people with diverse skills and backgrounds together.• Teachers, filmmakers, journalists, youth. • From web ninjas to newbies. newbies • Connecting at events, meet-ups and events hack jams everywhere.
  • 12. Thank You !!T
  • 13. Contact me:- Ankit Gadgil Mozilla Repankitgadgil@gmail.com @anknite