Using firefox like a boss


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These slides were presented by Faisal Aziz and Ankit Gadgil at The MozParty Pune on 23rd June 2012.

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Using firefox like a boss

  1. UsingMozilla FirefoxLike a BossMeet the World’s Best Browser Faisal Aziz Ankit Gadgil
  2. Meet the World’s Best BrowserWith security, stability, speed and more,Firefox is made for the way you use the Web.Its free, easy to install and created by a globalcommunity to make the Web better for everyone.
  3. What Makes Firefox the Best?
  4. What Makes Firefox the Best?•Mozilla: A Different Approach•Personalization•Security & Privacy•Performance•More Features
  5. Mozilla:A DifferentApproach
  6. Mozilla is a public benefit organizationdedicated to making the Internet betterfor everyone.
  7. We’re a global community of thousandswho believe in the power of technologyto enrich people’s lives.
  8. We’re an open source project whosecode is used for some of the Internetsmost innovative applications.
  9. Why Does This Matter? Our singular goal: making the web better for you. • Being open means the next big idea can come from anyone across the world, including you! • It means a higher-quality, more secure product. • It means innovation, freedom and supporting an Internet that’s accessible to all.
  10. Personalization
  11. Everybody uses the Webdifferently.Why should your browser look and actlike everyone elses?
  12. PersonalizationAdd-ons•Firefox Add-ons are applications that let you customizeyour Firefox Web browser.•Whether it’s listening to music, reading the news, orshopping, there’s a Firefox Add-on for how you want touse the Web.
  13. PersonalizationHow to find Add-ons?•Find and install add-onsdirectly in your browser.•Search Add-ons byrecommended, most popularand by use case.
  14.•Collections are groups ofrelated add-ons assembledfor easy sharing.• You can check out othersor create your own!
  15. PersonalizationAdd-ons Manager•Find and install add-onsdirectly in your browser.•The add-on manager letsyou view, manage anddisable third-party pluginsin a few easy clicks.
  16.•You can change the look ofyour Firefox to practicallyanything with a single click.• Choose anything fromsimple designs to colorfulpatterns.
  17. PersonalizationRock Your•Your source to learn all aboutpersonalizing your Web experiencewith Firefox.• Featureshighlights, reviews, feedback, andinsights from people around the worldwho are using Firefox Add-ons to maketheir Web experience better.
  18. Security & Privacy
  19. Security
  20. SecurityWe care about your security.An international community of security experts is workingaround the clock to make your web browsing safer. Our teamworks right from the start to identify and address potentialproblems before a single line of code is written.
  21. Security•Plug-in checker•Instant website ID•Anti-phishing•Anti-malware
  22. Privacy
  23. PrivacyThe Web browser has become one of the most critical andtrusted relationships of our modern lives – with nearlyperfect knowledge of everything we do.We take your privacy very seriously and that’s why Firefox hasimplemented a number of great features to keep your privatedata secure.
  24. FeaturesPrivate BrowsingSurf the Web without leaving a single trace.
  25. Performance
  26. PerformanceWe’re constantly optimizing Firefox to be great for the wayyou use the web – things like making new tabs open up morequickly, or having the Awesome Bar provide results evenfaster.In the end, it’s about getting you where you need to go asquickly and easily as possible.
  27. More Features
  28. FeaturesAwesome BarFind the sites you love in seconds (and withouthaving to remember clunky URLs).
  29. FeaturesStay in Sync When you set up Firefox Sync on your computer , all of your data and preferences (such as your bookmarks, history, passwords, open tabs and installed add-ons) gets stored securely on the Mozilla servers. Then you can connect other devices (a mobile phone for example) and they will be automatically synchronized, giving you access to all of your information no matter where you are.
  30. FeaturesOffline Browsing Take your computer offline and still have your information at your fingertips. Certain sites may allow applications—like your Web-based email—to stay with you at all times.
  31. FeaturesDo Not track Me Most major websites track their visitors behavior and then sell or provide that information to other companies (like advertisers). Firefox has a Do-not- track feature that lets you tell websites you dont want your browsing behavior tracked. When you turn on the Do-not-track feature, Firefox tells every website you visit (as well as their advertisers and other content providers) that you dont want your browsing behavior tracked
  32. Features Switch To Tab As you’re opening a new tab or typing in the AwesomeBar, Firefox will check to see if you already have that site open.If you do, you’ll be directed to the existing tab so you don’topen a duplicate.
  33. FeaturesTags Label a site with names or categories that are meaningful toyou. For example, you can labelboth and with the “news”tag. When you enter “news” into the location bar, both sites willbe shown as results. A single site can have multiple tags, andthere’s no limit to the number of tags you can create. You maynot remember the exact name of a site, but with a tag, you’ll beable to find it easily.
  34. Try the world’s best web browser.