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Brand audit of Amul,

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  • The product mix of Amul is.
  • Amul

    1. 1. Brand Audit of Amul by : Group 2
    2. 2. Introduction Amul, formed in 1946, is a dairy cooperative, based in Anand, Gujarat. Establishment of Amul was marked as an epoch in the White Revolution Largest food brand in India & worlds Largest Pouched Milk Brand Product Portfolio - Bread Spreads, Milk Drinks, Fresh Milk, Power Milk, Cheese, Desserts Market leader in ghee and butter with 85% market share Symbol of high quality products sold at reasonable prices, of availability, of service.
    3. 3. Introduction (Contd..) Brand name of 2 million farmers, members of 10,000 village dairy cooperative societies throughout Gujarat. Positioned itself as "Taste of India“, consistent communication campaign & brand strategy for the past 60 yrs. Recognizable mascot “Amul girl” & tagline “Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul!” Amul’s advertising and marketing spend has never exceeded 1% of its revenues. Buttressing Strengths: Distribution & value-for-money seem to be the major strengths on which the brand’s popularity rests.
    4. 4. Brand Portfolio Butter Milk Drinks Powder Milk Fresh Milk Cheese Cooking Desserts Health Drinks
    5. 5. Brand HierarchyIce cream Chocolates Fresh Milk Milk Power Beverages Cheese (1962) Breadspread Ghee (1956) (1996) (1973) (1956) (1958) Amul Ice Amul Cool Condensed Amul Spray Amul Butter Amul ChocoZoo Paneer (1997) creams Café Milk (1996) (1968) (1956) PureGhee Flaavyo Amul cool Butter Milk Amulya Pizza Cheese Amul Lite Amul Frozen Congrats Coco (1998) (1987) (1998) (1994) Cowghee yogurt Rejoice (The hierarchy goes down stating many more brands, but we haven’t included here, as it was turning illegible.)
    6. 6. Understanding Levels of Competition Level Of Butter Ice- creams Milk Chocolates Competition Mother Dairy, Mother Dairy, Vita Kwality Walls, Nestle, Cadbury, Product form Vita Dairy, Dairy, Kwality Mother Dairy, Lotte Home- made Dairy Cream Bell butter Baskin Robbin, Gyanis, Nirulas, Nestle, Britannia Nutralite, Le-Product category Haagen-Dazs, (condensed milk , Hershey, Mars, Bon, Britannia, Coco -Berry flavoured milk& Ferrero Nestle, Kissan Powdered milk) Frito Lay, Frito Lay, HUL Bisleri, Coke, Britannia, Nestlé Frito Lay, Britannia Generic Pepsi, Kingfisher, HUL Nestlé, HUL Nescafe Beverages, Fast Chocolates, Fast Beverages, Fast Britannia, Video food, Video Budget food, Ice-creams, food, Chocolates, Rentals, Ice Rentals, Ice Video Rentals Video Rentals creams, Fast food creams
    7. 7. Understanding the Customer (STP) Young Nation – have to meet the ever-increasing nutritional needs of the new & old generations Segmentation is not so easy because of mixed audience & various culinary application of Amul products. Nevertheless, segmentation can be done as follows: a) Customer based:  Kids – Amul Kool, Chocolates, Nutramul  Women – Amul Cacli+  Youth – Milk shakes, Café, Cheese, Desserts  Calorie conscious – Amul Lite, Trim milk, Amul Shakti b) Industry based:  Milk – Ice cream manufacturers, Restaurants, Coffee shops  Butter/Ghee/Cheese – Bakery, Snacks retailers, Pizza joints  Targeting – Concentrating equally on end-users as well as the third parties involved in supply chains. Amul has particularly identified “youth” as one of its potential segments. Working towards this aspect, it has come up with Amul parlours in cities.
    8. 8. Understanding the Customer (STP)(Contd..) Positioning  A mass market player, no premium offerings  USP – Quality with affordability  Amul as “Taste of India” creates value for money for both the dairy farmers and the customers  New offerings for health conscious & vibrant India – Probiotic ice creams, sugar free delights, Amul Kool Café etc.
    9. 9. Brand Elements
    10. 10. Brand Elements (Contd..) The Brand Name: "Amul," is the acronym of Anand Milk Union Limited, comes from the Sanskrit "Amoolya," meaning Precious/Priceless. It was suggested by a quality control expert in Anand. The Logo: The Tagline/Slogan: “The taste of India” The Jingle: Utterly, butterly, delicious … Amul The Character/Mascot: The Amul moppet has been the mascot of Amul since 1967, sporting a young girl in red polka dot frock with ‘Utterly butterly delicious’ jingle. The URL:
    11. 11. Brand Building
    12. 12. Marketing Mix – 4Ps’ • Pasteurizes milk & produces condensed forms; focused on dairy segment • Total length of Amul’s product mix is 42; PRODUCT Width is 8 • Portfolio: Butter, Milk, Milk Powder,Ghee, Cheese & Spreads, Chocolates, Desserts & so on • Been innovative & introduced products for specific customer segments . Follows a low-cost price strategy – Quality with Affordability (core essence of Amul) Totally market oriented pricing strategy to appeal to common masses. GCMMF sets up pricing model & considers cost PRICE aspects: Cost of milk, Labour cost, Processing cost, Packaging cost, Advertising cost, Transportation cost, Sales promotion costs, Taxes etc.
    13. 13. Marketing Mix – 4Ps’ (Contd..) • Covers 2.41 million producer members with milk collection average of 5.08 million litres/day. • SCM: Farmers Village Cooperative Societies (VCS) PLACE Manufacturing units Company Depots Wholesale Distributors Retailers. • Market Logistics: – 10000 village cooperative societies – 3600 wholesale distributors, 45 depots in India – Over 5,00,000 retailers spread all over India • Amul has entered overseas markets such as Mauritius,UAE, USA, Bangladesh, Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. Amul Moppet, little girl ; created a home in hearts & minds of millions of Indians. PROMOTION AMUL promotes its products through newspaper, T.V., hoarding etc.
    14. 14. •First Mover •Outdoor Media advantage •Broadcast Media •Market Leader •Internet Product Strategy •USP- taste Communi- Sources Distribution cation of Brand Strategy Strategy Equity Pricing •Network of 3500•Low cost- affordable Strategy Distributors •High quality •500,000 retail outlets•Long time survivors •Amul Parlors, Cyber stores
    15. 15. Communication StrategyThe big Idea of Amul The Big Idea of Amul centers around two basic themes – The core idea based on the concept of delicious taste, and consequently, a new idea that focuses on having a taste of everyday life across all its campaigns. It basically brings out the ability to ‘laugh at yourself’ and at the problems around you. Amul tries to view common situations with a different perspective, a humorous outlook on all the controversies and issues of a common man‘s life – and as such, it connects to the public through its mascot – The Amul Utterly Butterly Girl. The Amul girl was born as a rival to the Polson butter girl.
    16. 16. The big Idea of Amul The Utterly Butterly campaign involving the Amul girl started way back in 1967. Since then, it has been the longest running Ad campaign - Now preparing to enter into the Guinness book of world record for its long race. The slogan has always been Utterly Butterly Delicious. The biggest success of the campaign lies in the fact that no particular time or period could have frozen this character. It does not belong to an era. It has moved along with time reacting to the new events through time. The magic of the idea lies in the humor that anybody would enjoy. The Amul ads dont pander to one’s nationality or certain sentiments. It is pure and simple, everyday fun.
    17. 17. Communication StrategyOutdoor Media: Hoardings/Billboards
    18. 18. Print Media : Newspapers,General Interest Magazines
    19. 19. Broadcast Media: Television
    20. 20. Amul TV
    21. 21. Internet : Independentwebsites, Portals
    22. 22. Amul & Second life Amul has set up its virtual production facility in Second Life. Amul has bought eight islands, equal to 160 acres of virtual land, in Second Life to set up a simulation of its production and distribution facility. The objective behind launching a virtual setup is to demonstrate its functioning to the consumers, and experiment with any change in the production or distribution system virtually before executing it in the real world.
    23. 23. Leveraging Secondary Associations Managed by an apex cooperative organization, Gujarat Co- operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF) • Amul is the brand name of 2 million farmers, members of 10,000 village dairy cooperative societies throughout Gujarat. • GCMMF ensures that product mix & new product introduction is consistent with the core philosophy of providing milk at a basic, affordable price. Distribution Channels – Soul of Amul Saga • Collects 447,000 litres of milk from 2.12 million farmers everyday • Delivers goods worth Rs 6 crore to over 5,00,000 retail outlets across country • Aim is to transform lives in rural India & contribute to development of society.
    24. 24. Leveraging Secondary Associations Mascot – "Amulbaby" (a chubby butter girl dressed in polka dotted dress)  A ‘pun’ loving star – with her bold tongue-in-cheek topicals made way directly into the hearts of millions.  Found her way directly into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest running campaign ever.  Playing the role of a social observer, its weekly comments have tickled India’s funny bone since 1967 Amul’s consistently been into sponsorships - associated itself with high TRP show’s like:  Surabhi (1990’s, Doordarshan)  Star Voice of India (2007, Star TV)  Master Chef India  Proud sponsor of Indian Olympic team for the year 2012. Conducts various contests:  Chef of the year  Amul Maharani of the year  Amul Food Festival Contest  Slogan likho, Disneyland dekho contest  Amulya Fly to Bangkok contest
    25. 25. Primary Researchand Findings
    26. 26. Demographics No. of Respondents: 100
    27. 27. Amul’s rating on differentparameters
    28. 28. Amul’s rating on differentparameters
    29. 29. Amul’s rating on differentparameters
    30. 30. Amul’s rating on differentparameters
    31. 31. BRAND IMAGE MATCH AMUL MOTHER DAIRY BRITANNIA100 % of our respondents were able to identify the Amul butter mascot
    32. 32. If Amul butter is out of stock? BRAND LOYALTY 14% 25% 61% No, I will search for the AMUL Butter( Mera wala Butter) Hmmm Will try to search, if not then any butter I will Buy any Butter, It really doesnt matter
    33. 33. BRAND If Amul was your friend, what traits wouldPERSONALITY he/she have? Brand Personality Cheerful 65% Fun Loving 60% Reliable 58% Healthy 52% Youthful 46% Family Oriented 43% Traditional 23% Culture Oriented 22% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
    34. 34. Culture Cheerful OrientedTraditional Reliable MENTAL MAP Family HealthyOriented Fun Loving Youthful
    35. 35. Taste, Qualit yGregarious, Brand Prism Co- Friendly Operative, Sh aring Culture
    36. 36. Sources of Brand Equity (CBBE Pyramid) Resonance Loyalty, Connect with customer, Attachment Judgments Feelings Quality, product for every Trustworthy, class, credibility, in Fun, Exciting novative Performance Imagery Convenient, widely Traditional, Pure, Natura available, reliable, satisfaction l, Fresh , value for money Salience Brand recall, strong distributor network, awareness, range of products, packaging.
    37. 37. Brand/Category Extension Launch of new products like:  Amul PRO – Malt based food  Amul Flaavyo Frozen Dessert  Nutramul – Malt based drink  Amul Prolife – Probiotic Dahi  Amul Flaavyo yogurt – Probiotic yogurt  Amul Stamina – Energy Drink Localised products like:  Amul Shrikhand,  Amul Basundi  Amul Lassi
    38. 38. Channel Extension To reach out its consumers more directly and let them have the total brand experience, Amul has come up with an extensive network of 6000 outlets in the following format:  Amul Preferred Outlets  Amul Ice-cream Parlour  Amul Railway Stalls  Amul Kiosks in Food courts/ Cinemas  Café Amul Amul cyber store Ice-cream cyber store
    39. 39. What more can Amul do?  Can introduce Proteins Shakes – going ahead with their strategy to meet needs of emerging market segments  Can introduce Bread – will complement rest of the products in the portfolio. Will try to increase the usage occasions of Amul products.  Can come up with sugar free chocolates and mithai range.  Can introduce its own range of milk cookies and biscuits.