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Mobile Web

Mobile Web



A small presentation presented in MoMo Delhi on how to make rich media, Ajax enabled sites for Mobile Browsers.

A small presentation presented in MoMo Delhi on how to make rich media, Ajax enabled sites for Mobile Browsers.



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Mobile Web Mobile Web Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile Web 2.0
    • Four Methods for Mobile Web
    • 1. Do Nothing
    • Create a site following Web Standard and let browsers do Content adaptation for mobile devices.
    • Some browsers like iPhone Safari, S60 3 rd Edition Reindeer or Opera Mobile are quite capable.
    • Four Methods for Mobile Web
    • 2. Reduce Images and Styling
    • You can reduce presentational styling and images on the fly.
    • Several resources available do the job for you. For eg. Mowser. Skweezer, Google Mobile, Feedm8, Opera Mini.
    • Four Methods for Mobile Web
    • 3. Use Handheld Stylesheets
    • <link href=“handheld.css” rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” media=“handheld”>
    • Four Methods for Mobile Web
    • 4. Create Separate Mobile Content
    • Requires good amount of work but pays you in the long run.
    • Good News
    • • WAP (WAP 1.0) is dead.
    • • WAP 2.0 == subset of XHTML
    • • Most new age phones have HTML/XHTML Browsers
    • • Online Services are replacing Desktop Applications. It can be applied to Mobile World as well.
    • • Cell phones are selling 4 to 5 times faster than PCs.
    • Bad News
    • • Small Screens
    • • Power consumption and battery drainage
    • • Greedy Mobile Operators still charge per KB for download
    • • Many unsupportive browsers and platforms.
    • • XHR request absent in many browsers.
    • • Latency SUCKS big time.
    • Device Detection
    • Create mobile specific address like instablogs.mobi
    • Subdomains like m.instablogs.com can also be used
    • But you still need to detect the device and redirect the user to right page
    • WURFL
    • Wireless Universal Resource File is an XML configuration file which contains information about device capabilities and features for a variety of mobile devices.
    • Device information is contributed by developers around the world.
    • WALL
    • WALL (Wireless Abstraction Library by Luca Passani) is a JSP tag library that lets a developer author mobile pages similar to plain HTML, while delivering WML , C-HTML and XHTML Mobile Profile to the device from which the HTTP request originates, depending on the actual capabilities of the device itself.
    • Device capabilities are queried dynamically using the WURFL API. A WALL port to PHP (called WALL4PHP) is also available.
    • What is Mobile Ajax (MAjax)
    • • Ajax on Mobile Web
    • • A very small subset of Web Ajax
    • • A way to provide Rich Internet Apps on Mobile
    • • The website/application is completely browser based – no software to download.
    • • Using the power of Ajax to manage data, reducing latency , loading time and increases response time .
    • • Disruptive power of Ajax (Ajit Jaokar)
    • Why Mobile Ajax
    • • Browser based application as easier to update. Client doesn’t need to download anything.
    • • You don`t need to care about Operators. (except for data plans)
    • • Data plans are becoming very affordable.
    • • Smart phones with intelligent browsers are fast becoming the norm.
    • • Coding for the Web is easier and cost-efficient than using proprietary, platform-specific technologies.
    • Mobile Ajax Checklist
    • • Javascript support ( Should be able to do document.write(&quot;something&quot;); )
    • • getElementById - read and change
    • • DOM - Document Object Model or at least innerHTML support on DIV elements (read and write)
    • • XMLHttpRequest or ActiveXObject
    • Mobile Browsers supporting Ajax
    • • Opera Mobile (>= 8.x, not Opera Mini) • IE Mobile (WM 5.0/2003) • S60 3rd ed. (WebKit/KHTML core) • Minimo (Mozilla based) • OpenWave (>=Mercury) • NetFront (>=3.4) • Safari Mobile (iPhone)
    • JavaScript Toolkits /Frameworks
    • Impossible to use existing JavaScript toolkits for mobile web applications
    • Too big in size
    • Unnecessary overload of functions which you are not going to use e.g. Drag and Drop
    • Were made keeping in mind Desktop Browsers not Mobile Browsers
    • Available Solutions
    • Frost Ajax Library (still in pre-alpha)
    • YUI and DOJO frameworks support few A-grade browsers
    • Needed
    • cross-browser Ajax support on different platforms
    • support weakest browser capable of Ajax
    • small size (<7-10KB)
    • limited functionality in core
    • Running Ajax In Constrained Browsers
    • <a href=“page2.html&quot; onclick=&quot;return !getData();&quot;>
    • request data</a>
    • <div id=“container&quot;>New Data can be updated here</div>
    • Cont…
    • Running Ajax In Constrained Browsers (2)
    • If getData() returns true (meaning it was able to do whatever it does) then the link's onclick will return false , causing the browser not to follow the href attribute
    • If getData() returns false (eg because a necessary JavaScript method was not found) then the return value &quot;true&quot; of the onclick attribute causes the link to be followed as if there had never been an onclick attribute.
  • Bibliography
    • Ajit Jaokar, Bryan Rieger, Rocco Georgi: Mobile Ajax FAQ: http://www.pavingways.com/mobile-ajax/mobile-ajax-faq
    • http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/mobile-ajax-and-the-frost-ajax-library/
    • Cameron Moll (Mobile Web Book)
  • Questions and Feedback
    • About me – Ankit Maheshwari
    • Co-Founder of Instablogs Network ( www.instablogs.com )
    • Email – [email_address]
    • Mob: - 91-9816664449