P 8 popular culture ans post-colonialism


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  • First you introduce the meaning of Culture then about popular culture and its four types, its influences on everyday life. It is easy to understand the meaning and its influence. Then you also give brief analysis about post-colonialism study and the quotation of Barak Obama is appropriate one .so it is good presentation by you.
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  • nice prepared and cover all important content........
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P 8 popular culture ans post-colonialism

  1. 1. Topic : Popular culture, Post-colonialism • Name : Makwana Ankita m. • Paper No :8. • Roll No :2. • Year :2013-14. • Semester : 2. • Submitted to : Department of English.
  2. 2. What is culture? ‘ Culture is derived from Latin word ‘ cultura ’. ‘ to honour ’ and ‘ protect ’. Culture is a symbolic communication. Culture is the systems of knowledge shared by a relatively large group of people.
  3. 3.  Cultural studies is also include mass or popular cultare and everyday life.  In 1969 the Department of Popular Culture at Bowling Green University launched the journal of popular culture.  Popular culture is the culture of the masses.  There are four types of popular culture…  Production Analyses , textual analyses , audience analyses , historical analyses . Popular culture
  4. 4. Popular culture no longer craves archangels and new dawns. Pop culture traffics in vampires and deads of night. James Wolcott
  5. 5. Influences of popular culture  In modern society , pop Culture influenced by industries that disseminate cultural material.  Film , music , news media.  Most of people are making lots of money studying and commenting popular culture.
  6. 6. Popular music Sports Comic books Forms of Popular culture.
  7. 7. Popular music.  The many difference styles of popular music all reveal geographic patterning in levels of acceptance.  Pop musicians can receive adulation of a magnitude reserved for deities in folk culture.  Classical music.
  8. 8. Sports Few aspects of popular culture are as widely publicized as our games, both amateur and professional. Comic Books Comic books are popular texts which facilitate participation in the generative aspect of culture and constitute an experience of sociality at the level of the individual.
  9. 9. Pop v/s Mass Pop culture Educated Mass Uneducated
  10. 10. Postcolonialism  A population that is subjected to the political domination of another population.  Post-colonial deals with the reading used to examine the culture , literature , politics , history of former colonies.  Post colonial theorist believes that the colonizers.
  11. 11. “Postcolonial theory involves analysis of nationality, ethnicity, and politics with poststructuralist ideas of identity and indeterminancy, defining postcolonial identities as shifting, hybrid constructions” - Homi.K.Bhabha
  12. 12. • The category of ‘Man’, argue postcolonialists, means only ‘white man’ because the non-white rendered less than human within colonialism. • Globalization and its dissolution of the nation-state damage the chances of the deprived in Asia and African nations because internal economic policies for the emancipation of these classes are regulated by global, transnational bodies like the IMF and the Word Bank.
  13. 13. Two sides of colonialism • 1)The militaristic side( the physical conquest and occupation of territories). • 2)The Civilizational side(the conquest and occupation of minds, selves and culture).
  14. 14. • Most important figure in postcolonial feminism is Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, who examines the effect of political independence upon “ subaltern” or subprolrtarian woman in the Third World.