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Ar2007 ecotrust

  1. 1. 2007AnnualReport
  2. 2. The biggest challenges of our time — climate change and the loss of cultural and biological diversity — know no political boundaries. Thus we work at home, in our own bioregion, in ways that can be replicated elsewhere. Ecotrust’s mission is to inspire fresh thinking that creates environmental, social and economic value.
  3. 3. In 2007 — our 17th year — Ecotrust did something new. We engaged the Matale Line, a strategic communications firm based in Seattle, Washington, to talk with board, staff, partners, donors and citizens of Salmon Nation. They held a mirror up to Ecotrust. Who are we? What do we do best? How do we articulate the essence of this growing organization, engaged in the tangled web of social, economic and environmental concerns? “Innovate. That’s what you do best,” they said. “No organization combines think-tank and do-tank the way you do. You helped invent the world's first environmental bank. You worked with the Haisla First Nation to protect the magnificent 800,000-acre Kitlope River rain forest, supported the transition from an industrial to a conservation economy in Clayoquot Sound, and helped create Ecotrust Canada in British Columbia. You did the first LEED Gold green historic restoration in the U.S. with the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, created a generous community brand called Salmon Nation, and launched the first forest ecosystem investment fund with Ecotrust Forests LLC.” What we do best, they said, is “create, capitalize and catalyze” opportunities for innovation in the region we call home—but in ways that can be applied worldwide. In this mirror, this new way of talking about Ecotrust’s work, we gained a fresh perspective on our long history of commitment to place, brokering capital and expertise, building replicable models, and integrating data to create meaning. These are the stories that we feature in this year’s Annual Report. According to The Economist, the best definition of innovation is “fresh thinking that creates market value.” Well, information technology-led innovation has certainly created enormous market value for people engaged in the global knowledge economy. But the real challenge of fresh thinking is to address the mutually reinforcing intersection of market, social and environmental value. And that is precisely what Ecotrust does — with the extraordinary support of our devoted board, staff, council, donors and partners. Cameron Healy, Chairman Spencer B. Beebe, President and Founder CONTENTS Letter of Introduction 1 • Stories from the Field 2 • Program Highlights 2007–08 10 Financial Statements 12 • Donors and Supporters 14 • Board and Council 16 • Staff 17
  4. 4. committed to place“Our ancestors,” Bobbie (Sisaawipam) Conner reminds us, “knew the landscape like they knew the lines on their mothers’ faces.” Accepting Ecotrust’s 2007 Award for Indigenous Leadership, Bobbie shared her stories of peoples connected to their homelands and of the commitment born of that rootedness. As director of the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, she works for cultural preservation, protection and promotion among the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla peoples of the Columbia Plateau. With this award, Bobbie joins 34 diverse and accomplished leaders in a network that stretches from Alaska to California. Since 2001, Ecotrust has invested millions in support of their community development, land repatriation and restoration initiatives. Addressing a wide range of challenges, their work and ours are united by the understanding that reliable prosperity derives from an intimate knowledge of place. For Ecotrust, honoring and learning from indigenous leadership brings us closer to home. 2
  5. 5. 3
  6. 6. 4 valuing nature's servicesGood land management yields more than just apples and 2x4s. It also contributes valuable public services, like carbon storage, water quality protection and habitat for fish. As attention turns to markets for nature’s services, including the carbon market now under design by the U.S. states and Canadian provinces of the Western Climate Initiative, there is an enormous opportunity to reward land management that serves the public good. Proving these concepts on the ground is part of the work of Ecotrust Forests LLC, the forestland investment fund managed by Ecotrust, which owns 12,000 acres across western Washington and Oregon. In 2007, we launched an ecosystem services initiative to quantify the benefits of restorative management, shape both policy and markets, and develop standards that are suited to the productive lands of the bioregion. Advancing incentives that count, Ecotrust builds nature’s services into the bottom line.
  7. 7. active on the groundOur watershed connection begins at the kitchen tap. That link explains the active interest that the City of Corvallis, Oregon, has taken as one of many partners in the restoration of the Marys River area, a sub- watershed of the Willamette and the source of the city’s water supply. In 2007, Ecotrust partnered with the Siuslaw National Forest to establish the Marys Peak Stewardship Group and to facilitate a shared vision of watershed and community health among agency officials, forest workers, tribal representatives, environmentalists and other area residents. Working together, the group has secured funds for restoration projects on both public and private lands. Following the successful launch of the Marys Peak Stewardship Group, Ecotrust partnered with the Forest Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to create the $1 million Whole Watershed Restoration Initiative. Brokering capital and expertise, Ecotrust helps lay the groundwork for a restorative economy. 5
  8. 8. 6 pioneering integrationUp in the atmosphere, carbon is carbon. But here along the West Coast, our “footprint" for carbon and other greenhouse gases looks quite different from the national average. In fact, thanks to advanced regulations, green innovations and power generated from the region's mighty rivers, the per- person share of emissions that we produce at home and at work is nearly half that of the U.S. overall. In this region, transportation represents our major challenge. With regional responses to climate change gaining traction, this type of place-based understanding becomes essential. In 2007, as the Western Climate Initiative — a joint effort by six U.S. states and two Canadian provinces — took form, Ecotrust worked with the Stockholm Environment Institute to perform a bioregional carbon analysis that goes beyond the jurisdictions of any of the initiative's members. Articulating a path to a low-carbon future is one way that Ecotrust integrates disparate data to create meaning.
  9. 9. seeding successImagine a landscape on which farms of all shapes and sizes thrive. Back in 2001, when the Portland Chapter of the Chefs Collaborative began building a regional food economy handshake by handshake, no one knew what the benefits would be. Seven years later, Ecotrust’s partnership with the Collaborative on the annual Farmer-Chef Connection conference and Guide to Local and Seasonal Products has helped farmers and food buyers create a $20 million trade network in regional foods. Expanding on these successes, in 2007 we created the Building Local Food Networks toolkit and an online learning community to help others around the country jumpstart their own market connections programs. “Ecotrust’s toolkit was the spark that ignited the farm-to-fork revolution in New Orleans,” says Mischa Byruck, who recently organized that city’s first meetup. Replicable models are an Ecotrust hallmark, both in our bioregion and beyond. 7
  10. 10. making markets workConventional wisdom says that owners make good stewards. That is part of the rationale behind fisheries “privatizations” in Alaska and British Columbia. Fishermen are allotted tradable quota shares and managers cap the harvest with a total allowable catch. But looking at the privatization of Alaska’s halibut and sablefish fisheries, we see that without clear social and environmental objectives from the start, there can be major shifts of ownership, with some coastal communities locked out. In response, Ecotrust launched the North Pacific Fisheries Trust, which will deploy significant funds in support of community-based fisheries along the West Coast. To address new market opportunities on the front end, we convened a 2007 workshop with market design experts to discuss how specific quota programs can deliver greater social, ecological and financial value. Strengthening community ownership and access: It’s an application of Ecotrust's fresh economic thinking. 8
  11. 11. 9
  12. 12. 10 forestry Ecotrust Forestry works to develop landscape- scale examples of ecological forest management that sustain biodiversity and provide more reliable economic opportunities for forest- dependent communities. Ecosystem Services Ecotrust is working to capture market forces and private capital for conservation through the development of ecosystem service markets that reward good land management. Market Connections Ecotrust is connecting the growing demand for responsibly harvested wood products with a network of landowners who have met the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard for exemplary forestry. Public Lands In the Siuslaw watershed, the Siuslaw Basin Partnership and Ecotrust are working with dozens of landowners to restore and protect high conservation value land, connect products from restorative forest management to local markets, and track, evaluate and describe ecosystem processes; and in the Marys River watershed, Ecotrust has worked with federal, tribal, state and city land managers, as well as private landowners and other community members, to form a collaborative management plan for public forestland on Marys Peak. Whole Watershed Restoration Initiative In partnership with the Pacific Northwest Region of the Forest Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Ecotrust has launched a Whole Watershed Restoration Initiative to target ecological restoration in high- priority basins in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho. fisheries Ecotrust Fisheries seeks full public disclosure of the status of Pacific salmon as well as fundamental institutional changes in the way fisheries, marine ecosystems and watersheds are managed. State of the Salmon Consortium Wild Salmon Center, Ecotrust and partners are producing knowledge products and convening a network of experts to inform and transform salmon conservation and management across the North Pacific. Marine We are working to bring market design and new capital approaches to the expansion of rights- based fisheries management. Copper River Program In the Copper River, Ecotrust is taking an ecosystem-based approach to wild salmon fisheries policy and management, using a community-driven knowledge system to drive new research and desired policy changes. Community-Based Fisheries Management Ecotrust and partners are working to develop and implement fisheries management practices that are responsive to the scale of communities and their fisheries. native programs Ecotrust Native Programs provide structured support for tribal leadership, indigenous conservation of resources and tribal expression of cultural, legal and natural resource rights. Ecotrust Award for Indigenous Leadership The award has become one of the most important resources for supporting tribal leaders within the lands and waters of Salmon Nation. Indigenous Youth Leadership Program Seeking to cultivate the indigenous leaders of the future, Ecotrust is joining tribal communities to support native youth education, outdoor ecological restoration and scholarships. Native Knowledge Systems Ecotrust is investing in cutting-edge scientific and analytical tools to use in partnership with the indigenous communities of Salmon Nation. Tribal Market Connections Our programs help to increase market opportunities for tribal wood products and salmon catches. Place-Based Programs In western Washington, Alaska's Copper River watershed and the Klamath region of Oregon and California, Ecotrust is forming close partnerships with local tribes to achieve broad goals. program highlights 2007–08
  13. 13. 11 natural capital fund With total assets of $50 million, Ecotrust’s Natural Capital Fund is investing in sectors, businesses and projects that promote community outcomes that address economic, ecological and social needs. Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center Ecotrust headquarters and Portland landmark, the Natural Capital Center serves as a marketplace for ideas, goods and services of a conservation economy. Designed for interaction, the building also provides four distinct rental spaces for events. Ecotrust Forests LLC Ecotrust Forests LLC is acquiring Pacific Northwest forestlands that will produce long- term value for investors, restoring ecologically important watersheds, creating local economic opportunities and achieving competitive financial returns. North Pacific Fisheries Trust The North Pacific Fisheries Trust is a nonprofit subsidiary of Ecotrust that supports the efforts of coastal communities and local fishermen to acquire and manage assets — such as licenses, permits, quotas and distribution capacity — that will allow them to participate in conservation fisheries. ShoreBank Pacific ShoreBank Pacific, formed by Ecotrust and ShoreBank Corporation in 1997, provides FDIC-insured EcoDeposits® to over 3,000 customers and loans to businesses in Oregon and Washington with green building, energy conservation and improved farming, fishing and forestry practices. knowledge systems Ecotrust Knowledge Systems develops approaches and tools that integrate data and information into meaning, building scalable frameworks for reliable prosperity in the bioregion. Bioregional Future Initiative Ecotrust, Ecotrust Canada and partners are initiating a public-private partnership to articulate and demonstrate the path to a low-carbon future. OCEAN Ecotrust is using an interactive toolkit to enable agencies, fishermen and others to visualize the effects of management decisions on coastal communities. SEEDS With this toolkit, Ecotrust imagines alternative land use practices and market conditions for regional food systems, including the effects of purchases on the landscape and the acreages required to feed growing populations in the bioregion. TREES Using real data for climate, soil conditions, market information and geography, this toolkit allows us to project forest growth, timber values and ecosystem service flows of naturally managed forest stands in the bioregion. Salmon Life-Cycle Assessment Ecotrust and partners are calculating the life- cycle environmental and socioeconomic impacts of salmon fisheries and aquaculture in the northeast Pacific and the northeast Atlantic, and in Chile. E3 Network Ecotrust is fiscal sponsor of Economics for Equity and the Environment, a network of progressive economists who are developing and applying economic analysis to support the protection of human well-being and the natural environment. Brokering Ideas Through new media projects — the online journals People and Place and Cache — we synthesize disparate information to create meaning. The Next Web Committed to an open development philosophy, Ecotrust is actively exploring emerging ideas and technologies that can be harnessed for social change. food & farms Ecotrust Food & Farms works to create a vibrant regional food system where sustainability is the underlying value of the mainstream food system — the norm rather than the exception. Market Connections Our business-to-business program connects food buyers with food producers through signature conferences, an annual buyer’s guide to local and seasonal products, online social networking sites, and relationships built one handshake at a time. Edible Portland Ecotrust publishes Edible Portland, an award- winning quarterly magazine that celebrates the bounty of local products, season by season. Farm to School Ecotrust’s Farm to School program assists school districts in our region to source more local, seasonal and sustainable products for the lunch line, tracks this growing market, trains food service directors in local procurement and pursues a legislative agenda that prioritizes local food systems.
  14. 14. 12 Consolidated Balance Sheets Years Ending December 31, 2007 and 2006 Assets 2007 2006 Total cash $7,960,841 $2,835,519 Grants accounts receivable 754,961 357,083 Notes receivable (net allowance) 10,443,758 10,449,834 Investments 5,189,463 5,062,325 Investment in Ecotrust Forests LLC 1,123,238 1,178,331 Prepaid expenses and other assets 340,108 435,925 Property and equipment (net) 11,524,729 11,854,467 Forest property 12,631,372 12,732,923 Total fixed assets $49,968,470 $44,906,407 Liabilities Net Assets Accounts payable $128,603 $104,914 Accrued liabilities 550,635 551,577 Notes payable 29,874,978 24,223,598 Forest property purchase option 3,631,372 3,631,372 Total liabilities 34,185,588 28,511,461 Unrestricted net assets 10,543,921 10,333,768 Temporarily restricted net assets 1,800,777 1,988,657 Permanently restricted net assets 500,000 500,000 Total net assets 12,844,698 12,822,425 Investor member interest 2,938,184 3,572,521 Total liabilities, net assets and member interest $49,968,470 $44,906,407 Consolidated Statements of Activity Years ending December 31, 2007 and 2006 Revenue 2007 2006 Grants and contributions $3,471,294 $4,076,817 Contracts, services and special events 3,454,776 2,470,960 Transfer of investment member interest 432,271 Total revenues $7,358,341 $6,547,777 Expenses Native Programs 226,775 325,374 Fisheries 1,039,742 961,809 Forestry 623,090 485,812 Food Farms 443,410 624,702 Citizenship 70,034 209,799 Enabling tools Knowledge Systems 1,277,965 992,723 Natural Capital Fund 3,002,672 2,025,403 Supporting services Management and general 398,279 446,366 Development 258,934 319,796 Total expenses 7,340,901 6,391,784 Revenue in excess of expenses 17,440 155,993 Investment member interest in loss 4,833 288,259 Increase (decrease) in net assets $22,273 $444,252 financial statements 12
  15. 15. 13 Revenues and Expenses $0 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 $4,000,000 $5,000,000 $6,000,000 $7,000,000 $8,000,000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Revenues Expenses $0 $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 $250,000 $300,000 $350,000 $400,000 $450,000 $500,000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Surplus Total Assets, Liabilities and Net Assets $0 $10,000,000 $20,000,000 $30,000,000 $40,000,000 $50,000,000 $60,000,000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Total assets Total liabilities Net assets 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Earned Income, Percent of Total Revenue $0 $500,000 $1,000,000 $1,500,000 $2,000,000 $2,500,000 $3,000,000 $3,500,000 Native Programs Forestry Citizenship Natural Capital Fund Development 2006 2007 Fisheries Food Farms Knowledge Systems Management General Enabling Tools Supporting Services 2006 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 Program Spending 13
  16. 16. 14 Corporations Alima Cosmetics, Inc. Alling Henning Associates, Inc. Alora Property Art of Catering Artocracy Ashland Food Cooperative Bamboo Revolution Bank of America United Way Campaign Bansen Enterprises, LLC Barrs Genauer Construction, Inc. Bourquin Enterprises Catch of the Sea Classic Foods Columbia Oil Seed Cooperative Eco Consulting LA Efuego Corp. Food Front Cooperative Grocery Food Services of America Sara L. Gabin, P.C. Grand Central Bakery Hewlett Packard Company The Holland, Inc. (Burgerville) Ken's Artisan Bakery Kerr Pacific Corporation Kettle Foods, Inc. Lefever-Holbrook Ranch Maxwell Public Relations Microsoft Giving Campaign Monterey Gourmet Foods Nau, Inc. New Seasons Market Noble Rot Restaurant and Wine Bar Olsen Family Vineyards Organic Valley Family of Farms Organically Grown Co. Park Kitchen Pastaworks Pastini Pastaria Patagonia, Inc. Pelican, Inc. PNC Wealth Management Proper Eats Rivers Edge Chèvre Shepherd's Grain Siri Produce, Inc. Squidoo, LLC Stahlbush Island Farms Stoel Rives LLP (in memory of Jean Vollum) Susan Hebert Imports Tonkon Torp LLP (in memory of Jean Vollum) Truitt Brothers, Inc. Unger Farms, Inc. Vita Cafe W.R. Reed Co. (in memory of Jean Vollum) Walsh Construction Wieden + Kennedy, Inc. Willamette Valley Vineyards Willamette Week Your True Nature Educational Organizations University of California - Santa Barbara Foundations Anonymous Foundations Arntz Family Foundation The Barkley Fund Bauman Family Foundation The Bill Healy Foundation BP Foundation Matching Fund Programs Bullitt Foundation The Charles Engelhard Foundation Wiancko Family Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Anchor Point Gift Fund of Bradley A. Feld and M. Amy Batchelor of The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County The David Lucile Packard Foundation Deborah J. and Peter A. Magowan Family Foundation, Inc. Deer Creek Foundation Demorest Family Foundation Douglas and Maria Bayer Foundation The Dylan Todd Simonds Foundation, Inc. EcoTrust Ecoworks Foundation Esmée Fairbairn Foundation Fanwood Foundation/West Friedman-Cohen Fund at the Friedman Family Foundation Further Foundation Giles W. and Elise G. Mead Foundation The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Howard G. Buffett Foundation Mariposa Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund The Jim and Patty Rouse Family Foundation Jyn Foundation The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment Kinship Foundation Lamb Foundation The Lawrence Foundation Lighthouse Foundation Marisla Foundation National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Newman's Own Foundation North Star Foundation Northwest Health Foundation The NoVo Foundation (in honor of Ambassador Jack Vaughn) Oak Foundation David Axelrod and Marilyn Couch Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Eric Wan and Michele Goodman Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation The Philanthropic Collaborative Plum Creek Foundation The Robert C. Nani S. Warren Foundation Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust The Russell Family Foundation Ruth H. Brown Foundation Nancy G. Schaub Fund at the San Francisco Foundation Friedman/Kiehl Fund at the San Francisco Foundation Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving, advised by David G. 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Kellogg Foundation Government California Coastal Conservancy NOAA - Office of Habitat Conservation North Pacific Research Board Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grants Program USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research Education US EPA - Watershed Initiative Nonprofits Global Impact National Farm to School Network NatureServe Oregon Tilth Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute United Way of the Columbia-Willamette World Wildlife Fund Tribal Affiliates Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians - Portland Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians Individuals Deborah Accuardi Sallie Aldape Jtwros and Mark Aldape Heather Alhadeff Josh Alsberg Ariane Amstutz Marlys Amundson (in honor of Paul Amundson) Anonymous Donors Joseph Anthony Steve Apotheker and Diane Meisenhelter Ronelle Armstrong William and Helen Aron (in honor of John R. Donaldson) Jereme Axelrod David Bailey (in memory of Helen Louise Krull Bailey) Camille Bales Nancy and Howard Bales Michael Barrett Carol Baumann Laura Baxter Mac Beall Douglas Bean Lenka Becvar Mary L. Beebe and Charles Reilly Spencer and Jane Beebe Frances Beinecke and Paul Elston Jennifer Bell Natalie Bennon Carol and Robert Bibler Elizabeth Bieck James and Pat Binger Lori Biondini (in honor of Theodore Biondini) Arwen Bird Jennifer Bissig Daniel Blankenheim T. William and Beatrice Booth Dr. Edith Borie Sarah Breeze Jeff Bright Mrs. Elizabeth Brooke Ms. Barbara Brown Toni Brown Julie Bruning Kathleen Bulin (in honor of Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas Johnson) Patricia M. Burke Virginia Butler and Andrew Fountain Dylan Butler Michael Cannarella Kim Carlson and James Berry Caitlin Carlson David and Elizabeth Carroll Peter Carson Dagmar Carstensen James Cassidy Brian Cavoto John Chess Yvon and Malinda Chouinard Mary Clare Matthew Cleinman Maribeth Collins Robert Colman Charles R. 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  18. 18. 16 Board of Directors Spencer B. Beebe - President Portland, OR Gun Denhart - Vice Chair Portland, OR Mark Edlen Portland, OR Carol Edelman Portland, OR Ian Gill Vancouver, BC Ron Grzywinski Chicago, IL Cameron Healy - Chair Portland, OR William T. Hutton San Francisco, CA Jim Lichatowich Columbia City, OR Jack Loacker Portland, OR Antone Minthorn Adams, OR Nancy G. Schaub Half Moon Bay, CA Kathleen Shaye Hill Chiloquin, OR Dan Wieden Portland, OR Chairs Emeritus: Robert E. Friedman Jack H. Vaughn Ecotrust/Ecotrust Canada Advisory Council Andrea Alexander Seattle, WA Gerald Amos Kitamaat Village, BC Richard Atleo Nanaimo, BC Gordon Baskerville Qualicum Beach, BC Robert Bateman Salt Spring Island, BC Constance Best San Francisco, CA Clark Binkley Boston, MA Christopher Brand San Francisco, CA Stewart Brand Sausalito, CA Kay Brown Anchorage, AK Howard G. Buffett Decatur, IL John Castles Portland, OR Charles Collins San Francisco, CA Roberta Conner Pendleton, OR John Craighead Missoula, MT Sophie Craighead Kelly, WY Herman Daly College Park, MD Jack Dangermond Redlands, CA Wade Davis Washington, D.C. David Denecke Portland, OR Suzanne E. Edison Seattle, WA Amos Eno South Freeport, ME John R. Evans Toronto, ON Kathy Fletcher Seattle, WA Jerry F. Franklin Seattle, WA John Fraser Vancouver, BC Jhon Goes In Center Ft. Collins, CO David Harrison Seattle, WA Thom Henley Queen Charlotte City, BC Carsten Henningsen Portland, OR Mary Houghton Chicago, IL Julie Lewis Portland, OR Jane Lubchenco Corvallis, OR Patricia Marchak Vancouver, BC Ed Marston Paonia, CO David Martin Vancouver, BC Peter Meehan Santa Cruz, CA Gary Miranda Portland, OR Frederick F. Moon Cushing, ME Robert Naiman Seattle, WA Stephen Owen Vancouver, BC Alan Parker Olympia, WA George Patterson Tofino, BC Daniel Pauly Vancouver, BC T. Lester Purce Olympia, WA James Quinn Portland, OR David Rockefeller, Jr. Cambridge, MA George Russell Gig Harbor, WA Michael Sands Grayslake, IL Leslie Sauer Philadelphia, PA Peter Seligmann Washington, D.C. Samuel D. Skaggs Juneau, AK Leon Smith Chicago, IL Nicholas Sonntag Vancouver, BC Jeff Sullivan Seattle, WA Carl Walters Vancouver, BC Peter Warshall Tucson, AZ Greg Watson Westborough, MA Charles Wright Seattle, WA board and council
  19. 19. Management Spencer B. Beebe President Edward Backus Vice President, Fisheries Program Sheryllyn Dougherty Vice President, Strategic Relationships Craig Jacobson Vice President, Native Programs Deborah Kane Vice President, Food Farms Adam Lane Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Astrid Scholz Vice President, Knowledge Systems Bettina von Hagen Vice President, Natural Capital Fund and Forestry Program Staff Josh Ahmann GIS Technician Nancy Bales Development Manager Tamara Briggie Forestry Program Assistant Jon Bonkoski GIS Analyst Ericka Carlson Marketing and Sales Manager, Food Farms Dagmar Carstensen Receptionist, Human Relations Coordinator Brent Davies Director of Forestry Charlie Dewberry Senior Stream Ecologist Laleña Dolby Senior Event Coordinator Laura Ford Program Assistant, Food Farms Andrew Fuller Senior Designer Michael Geffel Natural Capital Center Gardener Malka Geffen Communications Associate Kent Goodyear Director of Market Connections, Forestry Matthew Goslin GIS Analyst Analisa Gunnell McKay Chief Cartographer and GIS Analyst Marcus Hecht Assistant Network Administrator/Webmaster Donna Marie Hicks Tribal Programs Coordinator, Copper River Program Nate Hildebrand Night Porter Raymond Hollander Controller Cathy Kellon Research Coordinator, State of the Salmon RJ Kopchak Director of Copper River Ecosystem Program Sarah Kruse Staff Economist Stephen Lloyd GIS and Database Technician Ernest McCarty Staff Accountant Elle McKay Development Coordinator Sydney Mead Natural Capital Center Programs Manager and Director of Events Michael Mertens Director of Spatial Analysis, GIS Manager Lola Millholland Program Assistant, Food Farms Leif Olsson Managing Director and CEO, Ecotrust Forest Management, Inc. Amanda Peden Executive Assistant, Ecotrust Forest Management, Inc. Aaron Racicot GIS Programmer Michelle Ratcliffe Farm to School Manager, Food Farms Pete Reed Conference Center Logistics and Security Manager Howard Silverman Director of Public Information Alex Speaks Network Administrator Charles Steinback Senior GIS Analyst Ofelia Svart Assistant to the President Erica McCall Valentine Assistant Director, Copper River Program Matt Weber Economic Analyst Amanda Weiman Events Assistant Tim Welch Applications Developer Elizabeth Woody Director of Indigenous Leadership Program Mariusz Wroblewski Fisheries Officer On Contract Angela Allen, Kevin Allman, Kathleen Bauer, James Brady, Amy Brown, Tana Butler, Nadjeeb Chouaf, Tim Crosby, Andrew Daddio, EcoFor, Karl English - LGL, Harriet Fasenfest, Teri Gelber, Karen Gibson, Paul Greenberg, Ashley Griffin, Christine Hyatt, Ellen Jackson, Jean Johnson, DeL'Aurore Pam Kyly, Ivy Manning, Jen Marlow, Joanna Miller, Carol Mollet, Naomi Molstrom, Diane Morgan, Kelly Myers, Kerry Newberry, Erika Polmar, Rachel Ritchie, Greg Robillard, Angela Sanders, Kristen Sheeran, Sean Stevens, Melissa Tatge, Rachael Torchia, Gregor Torrence, N. Scott Trimble, Trout Mountain Forestry, John Valls, Kristen Vanberg, Kumar Venkat, Rachel Wagner, Stephanie Waite - Prince William Sound Science Center, Lisa Weiner, Bryan Wolf, Tae Won Yu, Heidi Yorkshire Interns Chris Long, Sara Lozito, Candace McCarty, Aaron S. Paul, Sonja Swift, Darin Toy Volunteers Nancy Bales, Josh Billeter, Tamara Briggie, Jon Broderick, Jim Brunberg, Dagmar Carstensen, Lincoln Crockett, Harold Culpus, David Densmore, Aaron Derwingson, Patrick Dixon, Amie Edelstein, Ed Edmo, April Ann Fong, Delbert Frank, Katheryn Frederick, Erin Fristad, Andrew Fuller, Malka Geffen, Analisa Gunnell McKay, Amy Hillman, Dennis Hitchcox, Sarah Johnson, Michelle Corrine Kasta, Barclay Kopchak, DeL'Aurore Pam Kyly, Dennis Lakusta, Joy Lawrence, Geno Leech, Jennifer Lemelson, Chris Long, Sara Lozito, Lindsey Maser, Mimi Matsuda, Kate McClellan, Elle McKay, Poppy Milliken, Cassandra Mick, Jon Middleton, Andrew O’Keefe, Hunter Paye, Alexa Wiley Pengelly, Anne Philipsborn, Evelyn Pinkerton, Maria Richardson, Cassandra Robertson, Ivan Rosenberg, Seth Samuels, Cory Schreiber, Howard Silverman, Mariee Sioux, Cameron Smith, Jane Stack, Kathy Stack, Ofelia Svart, Aspen Switzer, Indigo Teiwes, Nell Tessman Best Wishes in 2008 Zoë Bradbury, Linda Delgado, Daniel Etra, Greg Robillard, Andrew Haden, Jerry Ledesma, Jen Marlow, Kristin Saxton staff Publication Credits Writers: Howard Silverman, Malka Geffen and Ecotrust Designer: Andrew Fuller Photos: front cover Craig Jacobson, Spencer B. Beebe, RJ Kopchak, Carole Topalian • inside cover map Jon Bonkoski Andrew Fuller • p2 Dallas Dick • p4 Spencer B. Beebe • p5 Frank N. Davis • p6 Dennis Schwartz • p7 Andrew Daddio • p8 Astrid Scholz • p9 Rik Bollman • p10 Spencer B. Beebe • inside covers Melissa Tatge • back cover Spencer B. Beebe Printed by Centerpoint Graphics in Portland, Oregon, on New Leaf Imagination 100 paper.
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