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Ross powerpoint presentation


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  • 1. Changing the English Language
  • 2. Learning Targets , . arrow001.jpg. . Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 3. Old English• 500-1100 A.D.• Angles, Saxons, Jutes• Englisc• 850 A.D. Vikings
  • 4. Middle English• 1100-1500 A.D.• 1066 A.D.• Anglo-Norman• Anglo-Norman and Old English combined Wagner, David. 1066_battlfield.jpg. 11/13/2006. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 5. Early Modern English • 1500-1800 A.D. • Renaissance • William Shakespeare Canipe, Dr. globetheatershakespeare79445.jpg. 2004. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <> • 1476-printing press • 1604-Table AlphabeticallCanipe, Dr. globetheater54405.jpg. 2004. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 6. Late-Modern English• 1800-Present• Industrial Revolution• Trade and exploration• Wars, immigration, new discoveries leonard, jeri. img_163812.jpg. October 2011. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 7. Foreign Words and PhrasesAd nauseamThe lecturer rambled ad nauseam, and I almostfell asleep. Smith, Russell. projector4small.jpg. 13-Oct-99. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 8. Bona fide She has pretended to cry to get out of doing her homework, but I think shes crying bona fide tears right now.Rua, Jack. graphing-calculator-math-homework(1280x960).jpg. 9/10/2012. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 9. Bon voyage I heard that you are going to leave tomorrow for your family vacation. Bon voyage!Ricardo. beach1234567.jpg. 2007. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 10. Carte blanche Mrs. Brewer gave me carte blanche and said I could decorate the gym for the school dance however I want.DeSandies, ManYee. moosestatue.jpg. 07/01/2001. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 11. Caveat emptor Mom bought a clock online from a seller who had a no-refund policy. After she saw that it didnt work, she sighed and said, "Caveat emptor."Oro, Ann. 2009clock.jpg. November 24, 2007. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 12. Cest la vieUncle Mark is such a laid-back person. When the$10,000 copier brokedown at his business, hesaid, "Oh, well. Cest lavie." Image: in Spire Jump Found on
  • 13. Coup de grâceSergio’s old car died. Thecoup de grâce happenedwhen he got $600 for it atthe junkyard. Image: carcacha Found on
  • 14. Du jourOur server Matt told usthat the soup du jour ischicken noodle. Image: Cafe du Mond Found on
  • 15. ErgoYolanda wants to be adoctor when she growsup; ergo, shell need toattend college. Image: The Stethoscope Found on
  • 16. Ex post facto Sandra received a note ex post facto, saying a package will arrive soon, but she received it yesterday.Image: æ•£æ-¥ on flickrcc.netImage: æ•£æ-¥ on
  • 17. Fait accompli Roger told his boss Mrs. Kreger that he wanted his old job back. She said that she had already hired someone else in his place, fait accompli.Image: Three amigos Found on
  • 18. Faux pasI committed a faux paswhen I called the personon the other line "sir," butDad told me later that theperson was a woman. hagemann, judy. phonebooth.jpg. December 2007. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 19. GaucheOur neighbor can be verygauche. When they firstmet, Mr. Peabody askedmy mother if she wouldget divorced anytimesoon. Image: Its a Cozy Home in My Neighborhood Found on
  • 20. Hasta la vista When Brad told me good- bye, he decided to practice his Spanish, so he said, "Hasta la vista."Hoffman, Denise. pinata.jpg. 2/16/2002. Pics4Learning. 1 Oct 2012 <>
  • 21. Unit 1Lesson 9Classics for Young ReadersPages 43-44
  • 22. Surf Time