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  • Without trying to keep a cool light head things can get a little bit two sticky and nobody wants to help an angry person so keeping the peace would be a good way to try and work things out.
  • I think that in many ways Kate Chopin’s was a cross between a naturalist and a realist with a touch of feminism, she spoke of family and tradition then you also see a side of feminism discussing the role of women in society.
  • American literature now

    1. 1. Andrea Diaz, Robert Chavira, Nancy Garcia-Montes Marcelo Gomez, Kristen Saiz, Mara Sippel ENG/492 January 5, 2011 Dr. Eugene Finke
    2. 2.  Origins were European Vital literary movement from 1890s – 1920s “For the naturalist, it is the duty of the writer to present to the reader reality without illusion, to offer a scientific, detached view of it rather that to adorn or mislead or simply please the reader” (PBS, 2007).
    3. 3.  Naturalist authors included:- Jack London- Edith Wharton- Frank Noris- Stephen Crane Mirrors what American literature should be and do through themes such as:- Forces of individual and environment- Identification of survival, determinism, and violence- Attempt of humans to exercise free will
    4. 4. A general term applied retrospectivelyto the wide range of experimental and avant‐garde trends in the literature (and other arts) of the early 20th century.
    5. 5. “The Kiss”Edouard Manet “Nana” Pablo Picasso
    6. 6. T. S. Eliot Virginia James Joyce“The Hallow Men” Woolf“Prufrock & Other “Jacob’s Room” “Exiles”Observations” “A Room of One’s Own” “Dubliners”“The Wasteland” “Mrs. Dalloway” “Ulysses”
    7. 7. Igor Stravinsky Anton Webern Arnold Schoenberg“The Faun” “Chamber Symphony No. “The Light of The Eye”“The 2” “5 Canons”Shepherdess” “Suite For String “In Swift Light Vessels“Fireworks” Orchestra” Gliding” “String Quartet #2, op.10”
    8. 8. What is Realism in American Literature? portray life Civil WarAmerican Literature spanned the years 1865-1900 William Dean Howells said“Realism is nothing more and nothing less than the truthfultreatment of material”(1047).
    9. 9. Realistic movement was lead byMark TwainWilliam Dean HowellsHenry James Literature in the presentMichael ThomasMan Gone Down
    10. 10.  Sarah Winnemucca. was born around 1844 in Nevada. negotiate with the Americans with her lectures and her writings. Sarah Winnemucca worked really hard to keep the peace.
    11. 11.  Kate Chopin. The Awakening” (1899). This novel speaks and addresses the issue of gender, sexuality, and the American family. Kate Chopin was really trying to convey that it is ok to not be a housewife and you could be much more, a new voice for American literature.
    12. 12.  “The Negro Movement” (1920’s-1930’2) African American voices rise Becomes a base for the Civil Rights Movement Hubert Harrison (1883-1927) Funder of The Voice (1917)
    13. 13.  Slavery -The authors and artist of the era were children of parents who had been enslaved. Equality Racism Stereotyping Social integration
    14. 14. • Contemporary American Literature• Historical actions• Language skills
    15. 15. • Internet• Electronics• Blogging
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