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Bislery water

  1. 1. Mineral water under the name ‘Bisleri’ was first introduced inMumbai glass in two varieties – bubbly & still in 1965 by Bisleri Ltd., acompany of Italian origin. This company was started by Signor feliceBisleri who first brought the idea of selling bottled water in Indsia. Parle bought over Bisleri (India) Ltd. In 1969 & started bottlingMineral water in glass under the brand name “Bisleri”. Later Parleswitched over to PVC non-returnable bottles & finally advanced to PETcontainers. Since 1995 Mr. Ramesh. J. Chauhan has started expanding Bislerioperation substantially and the turn over has multiplied more than 20times over a period of 10 years and the average growth rate has beenaround 40% over this period. Presently we have 8 plants & 1 growth ratehas been around 40% over this period. Presently we have 8 plants & 11franchises all over India. We have our presences covering the entire span ofIndia. In our future ventures we look to put up four more plants in 06-07.We command a 60% market share of the organized marked.Overwhelming popularity of Bisleri’ & the fact that we pioneered bottledwater in India, has made us synonymous to Mineral water & a householdname .When you think of bottled water, you think Bisleri. We at Bisleri value our customers & therefore have developed 8unique pack sizes to suit the need of every individual. We are presenting25ml cips, 250ml bottles, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, 2L which are the non-retureablepacks & 5L, 20L which are the returnable packs. Till date the Indiaconsumer has been offered Bisleri water, however in our effort to bring toyou something refreshingly new, we hae introduced Bisleri Naturemountain Water – water brought to you from the foothills of the
  2. 2. mountains situated in Himachal Pradesh. Hence our product range nowcomprises of two variants : Bisleri with added minerals & Bisleri Mountainwarter. It is our commitment to offer every Indian pure & clean drinkingWater. Bisleri Water is put through multiple stages of purification,ozonised& finally packed for consumption. Rigorous Reasearch&Developmentstringent quality controls have made us a market leader in the bottledwater segment. Strict hygiene conditions are maintained in all plants. In our endeaour to maintain strict quality controls each unitpurchases performs & caps only from proved vendors. We produce ourown bottles in – house. We have recently produced the latest world classstate of the art machineries that puts us at par with international standards.This has not only helped us improve packaging quality but has alsoreduced raw material wastage & doubled production capacity. You can berest assured that you are drinking safe & pure water when you consumeBisleri. Bisleri is free of impurities & 100% safe. Enjoy the sweet taste ofPurity ! We,at Bisleri value our customer & therefore have developed 8unique pack sizes to suit the need of every individual recently. We arepresent in 250ml cups,250ml bottles, 500ml, 1L, 5L,2L which are the non-returnable packs & 5L, 20L which are the returable packs.BISLERI WITH ADDED MINERALS : Bisleri mineral water contains minerals such as magnesium sulphateand potassium bicarbonate which are essential minerals for healthy living.They not only maintain the pH balance of the body but help in keepingyou fit and energetic at all times.
  3. 3. BISLERI MOUNTAIN WATER : Bisleri Natural Mountain emanates from a natural spring, located inUttaranchal and Himachal nestled in the vast Shivalik Mountain ranges.Lauded as today’s fountain of youth, Bisleri natural Mountain waterresonates with the energy and vibrancy capable of taking you bake toNature. Bisleri Nature water is bottled in its two plants in Uttaranchal andHimachal Pradesh and is available in six different pack sizes of 250ml,500ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litre anf 5 litres.RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT : Rigorous Research and Development and stringent quality controlshave made us market leaders in the bottled water segment. Bisleri hasalways been committed to offering every Indian pure and clean drinkingwater. Hence Bisleri water is put through multiple stages of purification,ionisation and is hygienically packed for final consumption. To maintain strict quality control in every unit, we not only purchasecaps from approved vendors, we also manufacture our own bottles, in-house. To be at par with International Standards, we have recentlyprocured the latest state-of-the-art machinery which has not only helpedus improve packaging quality but has also reduced raw material wastageand double production capacity. You can rest assured that your are drinking safe and pure waterwhen you consume Bisleri. Bisleri is free of impurities and is 100% safe.Enjoy the sweet taste of Purity!
  4. 4. BISLERI TODAY: The Indian consumer today enjoys the sweet and pure taste of Bislerimineral water. However in an effort to offer something special to out loyalconsumers we have recently introduced Bisleri Natural Mountain water –water brought to you from the foothills of the mountain situated inHimachal Pradesh. This newly launched offering has widened our productrange to two variants; Bisleri with added minerals and Bisleri MountainWater.VISION: Our vision is to be the dominant player in the branded waterbusiness where the second player is less than 20% of our business.MISSION: We are in the business to serve the customer. He is the mostimportant. He is the only one who pays. He deserve the best quality andpresentation at a worth of the price. We must have world class quality, atthe lowest production & distribution cost. This must will make us anunbeatable leader, and will have satisfied loyal cu7stomers.CORE VALUES: Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Co-operation, Quality, Passion,Operrness & Transparency.
  5. 5. Why is water important? Water is more than 75% of our body weight. It plays a major role inalmost all the metabolic functions like blood circulation, digestion,excretion, temperature regulation etc. For normal functioning of our body systems, our drinking watershould contain the right proportion of packaged drinks and no toxicmaterial or pathogens. In fact, inadequate intake of our water is a vital fluid for our bodyfunctions and no other fluid can replace it.How much is enough? We should consume about eight glasses (250ml) or more of waterevery day.Why bottled water” This brings us to the fact that we cannot ignore the quality of waterwe drink. When we are outside, or drinking water straight from the source,we can never be too sure about it purity. Bottled water therefore is the bestway to ensure your safety.Why harm can impure water do? The impurities in water can cause Cholera, Kidney, Damage, Variousskin diseases and other Gastro – intestinal disorders. Due to increasingwater pollution, fresh water resources are shrinking.
  6. 6. The water provided by the Municipality is not safe and pure. Meresupply of water is not sufficient. Safe and pure drinking water supply is what required. In most of the houses, boiling and filtering water has become routineand compulsory. In the rect years, even while going on journey, in hotels, duringoccasions etc, buying bottled water has increased country wide. The water contained in those bottles and puches is called “NaturalPackaged Mineral Water” and also mostly known as Packaged Drinkingwater”. It is simply the water from an under ground source purified to someextent so that some of the heavy elements in that are reduced or removed. During bottled water has become a trivial habit in many people’slives. Bottled water may even be necessary, for instance in case oftemporary tap water contamination. Whatever the reasons, the trendtowards consuming bottled water will keep increasing in the coming years. The above reasons gave Aprajitha Agencies an ample opportunityto serve the growing need of Kurnool City by proudly introducing theirproduct BISLERI.
  7. 7. OBJECTIVES To know why and when consumers make their purchase decisions with regards to mineral water. To study the opinion of the consumers whether mineral water is good or not from health point of view. To know the consumers brand preference. To know the factors that influence the Consumers to purchase mineral water. To study the market situation like brand awareness competition among various brands in mineral water. To study the consumers attitude regarding price, packing and purity of mineral water. To study the modifications or suggestions that the consumers suggest for the improvement of the product. To study the opinion of consumers regarding mineral water consumption taking into accounts our Indian Economic conditions.
  8. 8. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research is a systematized effort to gain new knowledge in otherwords research is careful investigation or enquiry through search for newfeets in any branch of knowledge. Redrran and mory, research as a “Systematized Effort to gain newknowledge”.Data Sources 1. Primary data 2. Secondary data.DATA SOURCE: Primary data refers to the data collected by the researcher on hisown which is the first band information and is more relevant. The normalprocedure is to interview some people individually or in groups. For thisstudy, respondents were given well-structured QUESTIONNARIE, withclosed as well as open – ended questions. The first section of the questionnaire was prepared in order to askthe respondents about their personal details like name, gender, occupationand so on. The second section of the questionnaire was related to actualstudy asking respondents about the details of MOBILE / WLL they use.SECONDARY DATA: Secondary data refers to the collection of already processed dataavailable the researcher through various sources like newspapers, journals,magazines, reference books, internet etc.
  9. 9. SAMPLING: A sample size of 100 has been chosen for the project study. Thesample choice is quite a comprehensive one as it has respondents from allwalks of life. The respondents are of gender, varied income groups and soon, but all are residents of KURNOOL CITY.SAMPLE PROCEDURE: Sample random sampling method has been adopted for the study. Inrandom sampling each element of the population has an equal chance forbeing selected for the sample.INSTRUMENTS USED: A questionnaire has been developed with an in-depth interview witha few Mobile / WLL consumers. The questions are structured andalternatives are provided for each question. The questions are simple anddirect so that the respondents can figure them out easily.
  10. 10. LIMITATIONS Through every effort has been to make the project studycomprehensive , there have been limitations like.  The study restricts to KURNOOL CITY.  Time has been another constraint.  The study has been centered to only 100 customers rather than millions of customers around the nation.  The study is based on the response of the respondents and is assumed that they are honest in their response.  The methods used in this project are random sampling method and results obtained mat not be fully accurate ajnd believable.  Some of the customers were indifferent to answer some of the questions in the questionnaire. This might make the data incomplete and hence may not be accurate.
  11. 11. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Today in the customer driven economy, all firms are engaged in a ratrace to attract customers and build a long term relationship with their loyalcustomer. The key to customer loyalty is through customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer will act as a spokes person of the company’sproduct and bring in more buyers. There is also a high correlation betweenloyalty and profitability. There is the pareto principle or te 80/20 rule. Itsays that 80 percent of one thing comes from 20 percent of another. That is to stay a small percentage of loyal customers will lend a largeweight to the company’s sales. So, marketers have to ensure customersvalues satisfaction. For this, they have to ensure.  Products are developed to meet customer requirements.  Brands are positioned so as to convey DISTINCTIVENESS.  Communications are used to convey consumers to experience that goes on using “Value” added product.  Delivery to reinforce the promptness in main available to the consumers a “Value Added” productr.  Relationships are built to offer lifetime customer value to enable the customer to experience “Value Satisfaction”.
  12. 12. All the efforts of the marketers at trying to understanding buyingmotives, organizing buying behaviors and working out suitablepromotional strategy to suit the consumer behaviour is to ensure costumersatisfaction. In today’s competitive environment, where companies are adoptingvarious methods to woo the prospective consumers, marketers have tomake all efforts to understand all the complexities, which go into thebuying behaviour and grame marketing programmes suitable to the targetmarket.
  13. 13. RESPONDENTS USING MINERAL WATER PERCENTAGE OF RESPONDENTS SUBSCRIBERS SUBSCRIBERS YES 80 80% NO 20 20% From the 100 respondents being surveyed, it is found that 80% ofRespondents are the users of Mineral Water. 20% of the Respondents areNot using. From the above details we can say that there is an ampleopportunity for the mineral water business to grow in the years to come.
  15. 15. PREFERENCE OF MINERAL WATER NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF REASONS RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS III Health 20 20 During Journey 20 20 Occasion 25 25 Non Availability of 35 35 Municipality Water From the above table it is found that 20% of the respondents preferMineral Water due ill Health. 20% of the respondents prefer duringjourney. 25% of the respondents of occasion. 35% of the respondents due tothe Non-Availability of Municipal Water.Data Source : Questionnaire
  16. 16. PREFERENCE OF MINERAL WATER 20 35 20 25III Health During JourneyOccasion Non Availability of Municipality Water
  17. 17. REASONS FOR PREFERENCE NUMBERS OF PRECENTAGE OF REASONS RESPONDENTS RESPONDENT Health concern 56 50 % Necessity 25 25 % Occassion 10 10 % Others 15 15% From the above it is found that 50% of the respondents preferMineral Water for Health concern. 25% of the respondents prefer becauseof necessity. 10% of the respondents prefer at times of Occasions. 15% ofthe respondents prefer for other reasons.Date Source : Questionnaire
  18. 18. REASONS FOR PREFERENCE60 56504030 2520 15 1010 0 Health Necessity Occassion Others concern
  19. 19. SOURCE OF AWARENESS NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF SOURCE RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS T.V 40 40% News Paper 40 40% Friend & Relatives 10 10% Shopkeepers 10 10% From the 100 respondents being surveyed, it is found that 40% ofthem are aware of BISLERI through T.V. 40% them are aware of BISLERIthrough NEWS PAPER. 10% of them are aware of BISLERI throughFRIENDS & RELATIVE. 10% of them are aware of BISLERI throughShopkeepers.Data Source : Questionnaire
  20. 20. SOURCE OF AWARENESS 40 40403530252015 10 101050 T.V News Paper Friend & Shopkeepers Relatives
  21. 21. FACTORS INFLUENCING PURCHASE NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF FACTORS RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS Purity 45 45% Price 35 35% Accessibility 10 10% Brand Image 10 10% From the 100 respondents it is found that 45% of the respondentsprefer BISLERI because of purity 35% of the respondents prefer BISLERIbecause of its reasonable 10% of the respondents prefer BISLERI because ofAccessibility 10% of the respondents prefer BISLERI because of BrandImage factors such as necessity safe side of health and so on.Data Source : Questionnaire
  22. 22. FACTORS INFLUENCING PURCHASE 10 10 45 35 Purity Price Accessibility Brand Image
  23. 23. OPINION ABOUT PRICING NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF OPINION OF PRICING RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS Highly Satisfied 50 50% Moderate Satisfied 15 15% Satisfied 20 20% Not Satisfied 15 15% From the 100 respondents it is found that 50% of them feel the priceHighly satisfied 15% of them feel the price is Moderate satisfied 20% ofthem feel the price is satisfied. 15% of them feel the price is satisfied. 15%of them feel the price is not satisfied.Data Source : Questionnaire
  24. 24. OPINION ABOUT PRICING 50504540353025 2020 15 151510 5 0 Highly Satisfied Moderate Satisfied Not Satisfied Satisfied
  25. 25. QUALITY OF BISLERI NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF OPINION OF PRICING RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS Highly Satisfied 40 40% Moderate Satisfied 30 30% Satisfied 20 20% Not Satisfied 10 10% From the 100 respondents surveyed with quality of Bisleri 40% of therespondents are highly satisfied. 30% of the respondents have moderatesatisfaction, 20% of them respondents feel that quality is satisfied. 10% ofthe respondents are non-satisfiedData Source : Questionnaire
  26. 26. QUALITY OF BISLERI45 404035 303025 202015 101050 Highly Satisfied Moderate Satisfied Not Satisfied Satisfied
  27. 27. AVAILABILITY OF BISLERI NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF CONSIDERATION RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS Highly Satisfied 70 70% Moderate Satisfied 15 15% Satisfied 10 10% Not Satisfied 5 5% Out of the 100 respondents surveyed 70% of the respondents are ofhighly satisfied with the availability. 15% of them respondents havemoderate satisfaction 10% of them are satisfied. 5% of the respondents arenot satisfied with the availability of bisleri.Data Source : Questionnaire
  28. 28. AVAILABILITY OF BISLERI 70706050403020 15 1010 50 Highly Satisfied Moderate Satisfied Not Satisfied Satisfied
  29. 29. OPINION ABOUT PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF OPINION OF PRICING RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS Highly Satisfied 40 40% Moderate Satisfied 30 30% Satisfied 25 25% Not Satisfied 5 5% Out of the 100 respondents surveyed 40% of the respondents arehighly satisfied with the promotional activities. 30% of the respondents aremoderately satisfied and 25% of them are satisfied and where as only 5% ofthe respondents are not satisfied.Data Source : Questionnaire OPINION ABOUT PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES
  30. 30. 404035 3030 2525201510 5 5 0 Highly Satisfied Moderate Satisfied Not Satisfied Satisfied
  31. 31. ADVERTISMENT OF BISLERI NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF CONSIDERATION RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS Highly Satisfied 50 50% Moderate Satisfied 25 25% Satisfied 15 15% Not Satisfied 10 10% Out of the 100 respondents surveyed 50% are highly satisfied withthe advertisement;moderate satisfaction can be seen among the 25%,15%ofthe respondent are satisfied and 10%of then are totally not satisfied withadvertisements of bisleri.Data Source : Questionnaire
  32. 32. ADVERTISMENT OF BISLERI 505045403530 252520 1515 1010 5 0 Highly Moderate Satisfied Not Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied
  33. 33. HEALTH POINT OF VIEW NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF OPINION RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS YES 85 85% NO 15 15% Out of the 100 respondents surveyed,It is found that 85% of themfeel that MINERAL WATER is good from health point of view. 15% ofthem feel that MINERAL WATER is not absolutely good from health pointof view.Data Source : Questionnaire
  35. 35. SUITABILITY OF INDIAN ECONOMIC CONSIDERATION TO OPTION FOR MINERAL WATER NUMBER OF PERCENTAGE OF OPINION RESPONDENTS RESPONDENTS YES 30 30% NO 70 70% Out of the 100 respondents surveyed. It is found that 30% of themopinion that INDIAN ECONOMIC CONDITIONS are suitable to optMINERAL WATER. 70% of them feel that INDIAN ECONOMICCONDITIONS are not suitable to go for MINERAL WATER.Data Source : Questionnaire
  37. 37. SWOT ANALYSIS The overall evaluation of a company’s strengths, weakness,opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis.STRENGTH  Market potential is very high and simply unimaginable.  Even rural areas are giving sufficient sales.  Low seasonal fluctuations in sales.  Less working capital required for the firm.  Once the brand attains popularity, sales increase automatically.  Prevalling market terms are cash.  The biggest advantage of Mineral Water business is the availability of the only raw material – water, which is plenty and free of cost.  Poor quality of water supplied by local municipality is forcing people to option for mineral water, increasing the market share.  Poor quality of water is available in some areas like fluoride affected, excess iron etc.  Marketing is very easy and simple, provided manufacturer operates in right segment, which includes bottles, pouches, bubbletops, etc.
  38. 38. WEAKN ESS  Large distribution network is required.  Low Profile (image)  Advertising is essential to push the brand to make it highly successful.  Necessary to invest in high distribution set up.OPPORTUNITIES  One can sell in bottles and pouches for increased margins and concentrate in a particular area to maximize profits.  The increasing awareness of Packed Drinking Water even among uneducated.THREATS  Increasing growth of duplicate brands. The terms MINERAL WATER is misleading.  The reason is contents of minerals in such bottles have no standards.  There exists mere competition between Regional & National brands and among themselves.
  39. 39. FINDINGS1. From the survey conducted, it is found that consumers belong to Different occupations are using Mineral Water.2. From the survey I have conducted in Kurnool city, it is found that a majority of the respondents are male and the rest are Female.3. From the study conducted, it is clear that consumer’s main reason “Why they have option for Mineral Water is” Necessity, growing standard of living, Fashion, awareness and growing competition”.4. From the survey, we come to know that price and services are considered as the major factors for option to a Particular Brand.5. From the study we come to know that other brands like AQUA FINA, KINLEY are mostly preferred by consumers.6. From the study we come to know that most of the consumers feel the prices are reasonable.7. From the survey conducted most of the consumers feel that unreliability and irregular supply of municipal water them sift to the concept of “Mineral Water”.8. The survey reveals the awareness of consumers towards “Mineral Water” which is a very good opportunity for the manufactures.9. The survey predict the growing need of “Mineral Water” in the coming days and also the level of competition to be faced.
  40. 40. SUGGESTIONS1. Improve the promotional activities.2. Maintain the reasonable prices.3. More advertising of the product is needed.4. Improve awareness among people about the importance of MINERAL WATER.5. Save the product from duplication.6. Maintain the same taste and quality.7. Spread the distribution network to some more areas.8. To make a good health.9. Safety the packing.10. To maintain good quality.11. More taste of water.12. People can change them decision mineral water drinking.13. Any where availability of Bisleri.14. Almost all using the mineral water.15. They do use people the mineral water is anything.16. To decrease the ordinary branded mineral water.
  41. 41. QUESTIONNAIREName : Age : [ ]Gender : Male : [ ] Female [ ]Occupation :1) Do you consume mineral water? [ ] (A) Yes (B) No2) When do you prefer mineral water? [ ] (A) III Health (B) During Journey (C) Occasions (D) Non-Availability or Municipal Water3) Why mineral water is preferred to ordinary drinking water? [ ] (A) Health Concern (B) Necessity (C) Occasion (D) Others4) How did you come to know about “BISLERI”? [ ] (A) Television (B) Friends and Relative (C) News Paper (D) Shop-Keeper5) The main factor that influences you to prefer “BISLERI”? [ ] (A) Purity (B) Price (C) Accessibility (D) Brand Image6) Are you satisfied with price of “BISLERI” [ ] (A) Highly Satisfied (B) Moderate Satisfied (C) Satisfied (D) Not Satisfied
  42. 42. 7) Are you satisfied with quality of “BISLERI”? [ ] (A) Highly Satisfied (B) Moderate Satisfied (C) Satisfied (D) Not Satisfied8) Are you satisfied with availability of “BISLERI”? [ ] (A) Highly Satisfied (B) Moderate Satisfied (C) Satisfied (D) Not Satisfied9) Are you satisfied with promotional activities “BISLERI”? [ ] (A) Highly Satisfied (B) Moderate Satisfied (C) Satisfied (D) Not Satisfied10) Are you satisfied with the advertisement of “BISLERI”? [ ] (A) Highly Satisfied (B) Moderate Satisfied (C) Satisfied (D) Not Satisfied11) Any Valuable Suggestions Regarding improvement of product. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________