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Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
Google Wave Intro
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Google Wave Intro


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  • 1. Google ave Anjesh Tuladhar Nov 2009
  • 2. What is Google Wave?
    • Personal communication and collaboration tool
    • Designed to merge
      • E-mail
      • Instant messaging
      • Wiki
      • Social networking
    • Real time spelling/grammar checking
    • Automated translation among 40 languages
  • 3. Google Wave made simple
  • 4. Issue around Wave Invitation
    • Thousands of users waiting their invitation
    • One invite found its way to eBay
      • Attracted 19 bids
      • Pushing the price up to $70
  • 5. Google Wave Program Policies
    • Users are prohibited to
      • “ Sell, trade, resell or otherwise exploit the Service for any unauthorized commercial purpose”
  • 6. Waves in Internet
  • 7. Paradigm shifter?
    • Game changer
    • Disruptive product
    • Email killer
  • 8. Paradigm shifter! How?
    • Wiki-style functionality
      • Works a lot like email or IM,
        • But with a huge difference
        • You can edit not only your messages, but the messages of Anybody within your wave
  • 9. Planning a group dinner
    • Want to see who can come or not
    • With email, you have a string of emails with yes or no
      • It can get messy
    • With wave, you can edit the original message with a section with who can or cannot go
  • 10. Paradigm shifter! How?
    • Drag-and-drop file uploads
      • In email,
        • Search for files
        • Attach them before sending
        • Then receiver open them up on receiving
      • Google Wave not only a communication platform
        • But a useful project management system
        • Companies may use Google Wave as their communication and file-sharing platform
  • 11. Paradigm shifter! How?
    • Playback
      • In email, you’re added to a conversation late
        • Pain to parse all of the back-and-forth within it
      • Playback clarifies any conversation and makes it simple to get anyone up-to-speed.
      • Instead of “check your email,” it will become “just playback the wave”
  • 12. Google Wave Presentation
    • Google I/O conference on May 27, 2009
    • Trimmed down version of 1 hour presentation
    Full length: Trimmed (10Min):
  • 13. Potentials
    • Wave powered Forums
      • Each thread, instead of being multiple different posts, would just be a google wave
  • 14. Potentials
    • Wave-powered Commenting System
      • Each blog post or YouTube video could have a new wave
        • Users could converse in real-time
      • Anybody who comes in late can just play back the wave
      • Could be a whole new era for commenting
  • 15. Potentials
    • Wave for Education
      • Interactive tutoring from home
      • Collaborative Environment for Cyber Schooling
      • Brainstorming potential project ideas
  • 16. Critics
    • Noisy
    • See dozens of people all typing to me in real time
      • Don’t know where to look
    • Far worse than email
      • New email always shows up at the top of my inbox
      • Google Wave can bring me new stuff deep down at the bottom of my inbox
  • 17. Critics
    • - Live typing is fatal flaw
      • Every misspelling, half-formed sentence, and ill-advise is transmitted instantly to the other person
  • 18. Google Wave Help
    • Because waves happen in real-time , each participant can see any changes you make to a wave, as you make them. This includes typing -- if another participant is looking at a wave as you're editing, he or she will see your keystrokes . It is not possible to disable live typing , so keep this in mind before you type anything you might not want others to see !
  • 19. Thank you