Elem faculty training guide


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Elem faculty training guide

  1. 1. ELEM Faculty Training
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Two Ways to Access TaskStream o o Logging in via TaskStream Logging via GWeb Info System • Employee Information o TaskStream Link o LAT by TaskStream Link • Welcome to TaskStream • TaskStream Homepage as Faculty o o Evaluation Shortcut Link Evaluate by DRF Link • Evaluate/Scoring Work • Exporting a Rubric
  3. 3. Two Ways to Access TaskStream: 1) Logging on to TaskStream.com Enter in username and password Then click Login
  4. 4. 2) Single Sign On via GWeb Info System Enter in GWID and pin Then click Login
  5. 5. Click “Employee Information Menu” Tab
  6. 6. Click the TaskStream link
  7. 7. Click the LAT by TaskStream link LAT by TaskStream
  8. 8. Welcome to TaskStream
  9. 9. TS Home Page as Faculty “Evaluator” Or click evaluation shortcut link to access submitted work across ALL Programs Click link to access submitted work within a specific Program For help via phone contact Mentoring Services
  10. 10. Accessing Work Using the “Evaluation Shortcut” Link Search for one author to evaluate Or select by program to evaluate
  11. 11. Items Requiring Evaluation Click the Evaluate button to access the student work that has been submitted ELEM ELEM Assessment 3A Language Arts Elementary Education Elem Ed Folio Elem Assessment 3B Mathematics Methods Elementary Education Elem Ed Folio Elementary Assessment 4A Model Internship Assessment 1a Elementary Education Elem Ed Folio
  12. 12. Accessing Work Using the “Evaluate by DRF Program” Link Search by first name or last name Or select a group to evaluate
  13. 13. Search for Individual or Group to Evaluate Search for individual or group to evaluate and click continue
  14. 14. Evaluate Elementary Education Folio Click the Evaluate button to access the work that has been submitted Evaluate
  15. 15. Evaluate/Score Work Elementary Education Folio E To access the rubric for the work submitted, click the Evaluate/Score Work button and the image on the following slide will appear. Language A Language Arts Language Arts If you need to immediately unlock the author’s work without evaluating it, click the Send Back to Author button
  16. 16. Split Screen of Author Work & Rubric Click here to view the student/author response
  17. 17. Split Screen of Author Work & Rubric This window will appear, select open to view document
  18. 18. Split Screen of Author Work & Rubric This window will open so that you can review student/author response and score the rubric simultaneously.
  19. 19. Scoring the Rubric For each Rubric Criterion, enter appropriate score After scoring all of the rubric items, choose one of the three options from the bottom of the rubric. Click the “Submit Evaluation Now” button
  20. 20. Exporting a Rubric A new window with the rubric will open. To export rubric to Microsoft Word, click link.