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Moving to another job destination and do not know the cost of living? Well, don’t oppress yourself. Here, the personal salary calculator report does the cost of living comparison for you. Cost of living comparison is immensely of paramount importance for expats who move to destination country to take up work assignments. Cost of living is considered as the monetary cost of maintaining ones standard of living.

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  1. 1. ROAM AROUND THE WORLD NOW WITH COST OF LIVING CALCULATOR Moving to another job destination and do not know the cost of living? Well, don’t oppress yourself. Here, the personal salary calculator report does the cost of living comparison for you. Cost of living comparison is immensely of paramount importance for expats who move to destination country to take up work assignments. Cost of living is considered as the monetary cost of maintaining ones standard of living. It is generally measured by calculating the average cost of a number of goods and services. It Is imperative to measure the cost of a minimum standard of living in any city so as to determine the minimum salary required to maintain the standard of living. It also measures the differences in cost of living between geographical locations in terms of purchasing power parity rates. The cost of living is prepared and published by the Economist Intelligence Unit bi-annually. This survey helps many candidates who are willing to relocate to other parts of the country to compare their compensation with destination country. This sounds so informative that one can compare the prices of above 160 products and services in 140 cities worldwide. This is equally beneficial for employers who send their employees overseas due to client assignments and oblivious of the prevailing cost of living indices, cost of living calculator plays its role This way employers don’t miss cashing on with sending the potential employees overseas and abilities to design a lucrative compensation package for them. Perhaps relocation is not that painless but with duly preparation before you fly to destination country, can significantly lessen the burden. Since there can be huge differences in prices of commodities and services in destination city or country, the cost of living calculator is a unique tool that accurately tells you the minimum salary or allowances required for expats. Furthermore, this works as an empowering tool that lets expats negotiate a higher salary to enjoy a better standard of living. According to the recent survey published by EIU, Tokyo topped the list of ‘World’s most expensive cities for expatriate employees’. One of the published fact says, a cup of coffee in Moscow can cost $8.29 compared to $1.54 in Managua, Nicaragua. Nevertheless, worldwide salary calculator gives you access the cost of living facts and information from the prices of food to utility bills across 140 cities.
  2. 2. SALARY NEGOTIATION IS NEVER A STRUGGLE Many a times we hear that salary negotiation is an art. We could always find pundits around who share the tips to negotiate a higher salary. There are candidates who have acquired the negotiation skills over a time period and play safe across the table. Candidates have to compromise at the initial stages when they get a placement with a good company. In the beginning they are in a weaker position to negotiate a relatively higher salary. There are ample factors on which the salary negotiation depends on like one's experience, education, leadership skills and other factor like this. Salary negotiation experts say that one must be mindful of the usage of ‘’yes’ and ‘’no’’. Salary negotiation makes it all the more arduous for the candidates who have to relocate for overseas work assignments. At times potential candidates have to let go the remunerative offer just because they presume salary negotiation standards varies from country to country. Many of us are oblivious of the prevailing cost of living indices in other countries and cities. Even at times employers find the relocation daunting while they send their potential candidates to overseas for on-site assignments. But thankfully, accessing the cost of living information is no more a trouble. I have been able to tell all these facts only when one of my close pals, who has been an expatriate for nearly 6 years or told me that getting a cost of living report has immensely benefitted him.He has recently shifted his base in Vietnam. Salary Expectation is the leading partner that specializes in International salary Calculator, has designed a first of its kind Cost of living calculator for expatriates. This unique calculator empowers the expatriates to access the cost of living information to get a detailed insight of the prevailing indices across 93 countries. What does one all need if he has an access to the information on the prices of the basic necessities from bread to 2BR apartments. Sounds great, isn’t it ? This salary calculator comes as a boon for employers as well as employees. Now, employers won’t have to compromise on potential employees, nor it is grueling for employees who had to weigh pros and cons before the relocation across the countries. This mighty calculator increases the salary that eventually maintains the standard of living, covering the cost of living differences. So the next time you must know the cost of living of the respective country for the higher salary when you relocate.
  3. 3. PERSONAL SALARY CALCULATOR HELP YOU GET THE BETTER SALARY Potential employee is always competent enough to make the wiser salary negotiation. With the showcase of the talent and the relevant past experience, they are in a better position to bargain for the salary they deserve.Well, there are many pieces of content available that is flooded on the pages. A candidate may practice the unique tips to bag a good salary deal for himself. Perhaps, there are many other things which the salary depends on. Telling my story here, may prove informative and useful to many of the candidates who are looking to relocate to another country or maybe another city. Lately, while sipping coffee at nearby Barista, I got to meet accidentally, my old friend, Robin who once happened to be my colleague in the previous company. We sat together and talked aimlessly, discussed with one another the current work assignments and aim for the future. He told me that he has recently relocated the base to Arab country and here in India for work commitments for a week. He continued me telling that aspects related to salary has bothered him so much initially but a dedicated research on the cost of living calculation from bread to 2BR apartments has immensely helped him plan his budget. Getting a Personal Salary Expectations Report has immensely benefited him get the best salary that covers the cost of living differences in Arab and better purchasing power with net disposable Income at pocket friendly rates. Like Robin, many of us yearn for the overseas opportunities with a handsome pay packet that maintains the standard of living and at the same time increase the standard of living. There are lot many benefits of getting a Personal Salary Expectation Report enormously help you know the prices of 22 essential items in remote countries. Go ahead, plan your career and Cost of living Report would get you the best salary you deserve.
  4. 4. GET THE BEST SALARY YOU DESERVE It is right to say that salary negotiation is an art. I would say this is one of the most neglected and under –rated aspects of a job hunt process. Seldom, I get to meet the people who are complacently says, “It's okay, buddy, not bad for a beginner, it is just enough for an entry level candidate like me’’. And they perceive the things like, ‘’I can have a good increment in a short amount of time’’. But, what I recommend is,ideally, that accepting a position at a lower pay than what you what deserve is like playing with your aspirations for the future. I can hope this blog content can be informative and helpful to many of the aspiring candidates who have been struggling in the corporate industries to reach at the desired level to earn a handsome salary. Though, many of the times your salary depends on varied number of factors such as total experience, Education, geographical location and the like. Employees also can exercise some commandments to bag a best deal across the table. Though, I won’t say that there are some special standards or a unique skill set is required for salary expactations but understanding your needs and the prospective employer make the difference. Negotiating for a salary and bagging a deal you aspire for is like winning a war. Employee negotiation is different from other negotiations. Its like may be your career may get the wings with the help of the one you just have ended the negotiation deal. Sometimes, an employee comes with a great talent and immensely experienced that is in sync with the employers’ needs. In such a scenario if the employee gain an upper hand to bargain for the desired compensation. Employment’s salary negotiaton is stepping stone for your career within the company. This negotiation process set the base for your employment relationship. This always makes a huge impact the way you handle your salary negotiations to have a successful tenure with your future company. Following the simple guidelines pertaining to salary negotiation can significantly improve the negotiation skills of an employee and helps to bag a deal for a good salary he always desire. Moreover, it can significantly open up the job avenues for a potential candidate in the future. So money really does matter. Get more money in your future job.
  5. 5. FACTORS THAT AFFECTS YOUR BARGAINING POWER Many a times, potential employees leave no stone unturned to bag a better deal with an employer while negotiating for the best salary. Certain questions are attached with this phenomena, like Does the employer pay the right price for the skills and experience? Well, many a times it happens when employees find themselves in a weaker position to negotiate for the salary they deserve. There are some factors that affect the salary negotiation power of a potential employee that includes: 1. Experience: Ideally, employee with a rich experience will be in a better position to bag a good deal for himself.If the desired experience matches up with the candidates’ experience, it normally results in higher salary. 2. Education: Earning a degree from a top notch school always make a big difference. It always helps to bag a good deal whilst pass-out from a school that is considered to be a weak may leave in a situation wherein the candidate is not able to bargain for the salary he deserve. Here, the tip for the potential candidates is to enhance the knowledge basket so as to have a good job with a handsome salary. 3. Performance based pay: In many leading organizations, there is a criteria of fixing the salaries in accordance with performance. Higher the performance is better the salary would be. Performance at work has a direct and a greater impact on salary. 4. Immediate Supervisor: This could be the immediate boss or the one who team mate directly reports to. Furthermore, if the reporting manager has a direct stake or say, a great saying on the company’s decision, then this really affects your pay packet. A person who stands for the higher rank on a corporate hierarchy always has the discretion to influence the important decisions. 5. Leadership traits: The more leadership skills you reflect, better you are considered to be a good leader. And, as a matter of fact, good leader handles the team. Team handling skills always fetch the employees a handsome salary,thus, improving the salary negotiation. Simple techniques and planned strategies negotiate the salary they always deserves. could help the potential employees to In such a scenario, the Personalized Salary Report supplies with the data and assists the employees, pertaining to the difference between the salaries in different cities and to cover up the cost of living differences that eventually increases the purchasing power with net disposable income.