Thoughts from PHD UK on the personalisation of data


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Thoughts from PHD UK on the personalisation of data

  1. 1. PHD UK CHEAT SHEETThoughts on data personalisationJanuary 16, 2011
  2. 2. PHD UK Cheat Sheets are concise thoughtsfrom PHD UK on topics of interest to themedia industry.--Here, we discuss the impact of personalisation ofdata; specifically, using technology to trace aperson‟s actions online and consequentlymodifying content intended for them. Whatissues should we be thinking about?
  3. 3. People have always used filters forinformation to personalise what they see- the internet has made this easier (this isboth good and bad)
  4. 4. Personalisation is good but thecontext has to be right(We still go to the BBC or the Guardianfor news though we get a personalisedversion from Twitter or Facebook)
  5. 5. The footprints people leave behind canbe used by brands in a myriad of ways  Brands should use this to add value to consumer experiences, not just because they can  Works best when used to surprise or delight instead of trying to second-guess people
  6. 6. One person = many need states  People are weary of brands using too much information about them  The ‟work me‟ is different from the „weekend me‟ and brands need to acknowledge this better  Think about where personalisation stops being social and useful
  7. 7. Broadcast media still has its benefits  Sometimes you *want* to watch a show with family and friends – everything doesn‟t need to be personalised
  8. 8. Always think „behaviour first, technologysecond‟  Just because something is the topic du jour does not make it important – think of gravity and how it is scientifically actually a weak force  “The ultimate test of an advertising medium is its ability to contribute in a critical manner to the building of the brand” – Bob Hoffman
  9. 9. Data vs. culture  Will a focus on data and personalisation be achieved at the risk of giving up the chance to influence culture?  Think of where you need to stop looking at the past (measuring clicks online, for example) and thinking of the future (generating actions people will adopt naturally)
  10. 10. Contributors:Rupert Britton - @rupertbrittonTom Blaza - @teblazaHugh CameronSimon Harwood - @sharwoodsterMark W. Holden - @ibu7979Anjali Ramachandran - @anjali28Suneil Saraf - @aboycalledsuJennifer Smith - @jenny1997Steve Taylor - @shakeandvacFollow PHD UK on Twitter @PHD_UK
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