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  • 1. Never let go ofbeing YOU...God madeYOU whoYOU are, soLove YOU, beproud ofYOU, andthank theAlmighty Godfor YOU...
  • 2. LOVE IS NOT THE RUBY DESTINY BUT Athe end. JOURNEY OF LIFETIME. It is not how much love we have in the beginning, but how much love we build until the end. CHERRY
  • 3. .Never be sorry about anyone in yourlife, good people give u happiness, badpeople give u experience, worst peoplegive u lessons & best people give umemories.
  • 4. .Let the past should be left in the past, otherwise itcan destroy your future. Live life for whattomorrow has to offer, not for what yesterday hastaken away.
  • 5. Dont settle for someone who buys you theworld. Settle for someone who is prepared toshare that world with you
  • 6. The measure of aperson is not on howwell she prepares foreverything to goright: but howgracefully she standsup and moves on wheneverything goeswrong.
  • 7. If you stickby my sidethrough myworsttimes, thenyou deserveto be withme throughmy goodtimes.
  • 8. making memorablemoments for urselfis not a big thing.but u being thereason behind someone elsesmemorable momentis an everlastingfeeling! :)
  • 9. never hate the timeRUBY when you failed, those were the times where you showed the world that failures didnt define you but made you stronger CHERRY
  • 10. Life they say isjjas touch and go. Some people you know may only be there for a time. Some may go away but people who find u special will always find ways to stay.
  • 11. I dont havetime to hatepeople... whohates me.because i amtoo busy inloving peoplewho loves me...
  • 12. Love me with my days and nights,love me not for my looks but for how you feel with me,because beauty fades w/age but inner beauty isjelly 4ever.
  • 13. Never leave something good to find something better, because once yourealize you had the best, the best has found better..
  • 14. The minute you think of giving up on any relation, thinkof the reason why you held it for so long..
  • 15. God answer prayers in three ways. Godsays yes and gives what you want..Godsays no and gives you something better.God says wait and give you the best.
  • 16. who should beblame when a leaffell from a tree?is it the wind thatblow it away? orthe tree that let itgo? or is it theleaf who grow tiredof holding on
  • 17. To luv sum1 doesntmean to commit withthatperson..sometimes ujust have 2 bsatisfied widwhatever connectionu have with thatspecial one
  • 18. Our attitudes define life. If people startcriticizing or hurting you, dont be bothered. Inany game, spectators make noise not
  • 19. I never asked forsomeone who couldoffer me the starsin the night. Justsomeone to lay downand watch themwith is enough.
  • 20. Im the same girl I was, Illbe the same woman infuture.No one knew methen, no one knows me now.Ill just walk in my ownpath, I dont wanna besomeone else
  • 21. Remember the fivesimple rules to behappy: Free yourheart from hatred.Free your mindfrom worries. Livesimply. Give more.Expect less.
  • 22. Remember the fivesimple rules to behappy: Free yourheart from hatred.Free your mind fromworries. Live simply.Give more. Expectless.
  • 23. Dont live by thestandards of thisworld, nor by theexpectations ofother people.Remember, she whofollows thecrowd, usually getslost in it.
  • 24. I dont need makeup to make mepretty, I already have a naturalbeauty. I dont have to be a size 0,Im perfect the way I am.