Olympic brochure irantzu and maite


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A brochure by ANITURRI BHI students

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Olympic brochure irantzu and maite

  2. 2. A NATION, A TEAMUNE NATION, UNE SELECTIONHERRI BAT, SELEKZIO BATBasque sportmen and sportwomen are not allowed to compete for the Basquenational team. Therefore, they compete for Spain or France. The Basque Country football team (Euskal First international Herriko futbol selekzioa) is considered the Basque Country 6 – 1 Catalonia national team of the Basque Country greater region as selected players from the Basque (January 3, 1915; Basque Country) Country Autonomous Community, the nearby Navarre and the Northern Basque Country in France play for it. They are not Biggest win affiliated with FIFA or UEFA and therefore are Denmark B 1 – only allowed to play friendly matches. As a result, when Basque football players play 11 Basque Country international matches, they compulsory play for Spain or France. ( August 29, 1937; Denmark) Biggest defeat SURFING. After competing for Mexico 8 – 4 Basque Country ten years for the Basque ( October 16, 1938; Mexico) National team, the European Committee forbade it in 2001. Basque Country 1 – 5 Hungary However, Basque surfers were (August 31 1980; Basque Country) invited to compete at the Celtic Games in 2003. Basque surfers were so good that they were invited them back again. As a result of winning each year the Celtic competition, they have taken part in the Games every year. The Basque PELOTA. Surfers National Team is waiting for a court decision toBasque Pelota was a demonstration sport at the 1968 Summer know if one day they will beOlympics in Mexico City. It was the third time that the sport was allowed to compete for theirincluded in the Olympic program; it was an official Olympic sport national teamat the 1900 Games in Paris, and a demonstration sport in 1924. Itwas included as a demonstration sport once again at the 1992Games in Barcelona. Basque Pelota has only once been officially competed for at theOlympics in 1900. At the 1900 Summer Olympics, a Basque pelota tournament was contested.Only two teams competed, so only one match was played. The score is unknown. Thecompetition was held on 14 June. 2
  3. 3. LONDON 2012This year, the olympic games are going to play in London. Theolympic games will have two mascots : Wenlock and Mandeville.Wenlock is the olympic mascot and Mandeville is the paralympicmascot. They have a web site where you can make your ownmascot, play games, watch the videos…A OF A BASQUE SPORTMAN : 3
  4. 4. There are some Basque athletes that have already participatedin the Olimpics, for example, Julien Abasolo.In 2008, the mountain bike Cups and two Olympic goldfactory Orbea produced a medals. He is also at his bestbike for Julien Abasolo. He in the rain.won gold at the BeijingOlympics and he has becomethe companys totem.Abasolo has been named theMichael Schumacher ofmountain biking - hedominates the sport, havingwon four WorldChampionships, 17 World Julien director says its a unique athleteNot only Julien Abasolo has taken part in the Olympics games,but Martin Fiz (Marathon), Leire Olaberria (cycling)and Naroa Aguirre (athletics). 4
  5. 5. VOLUNTEERSOur volunteers will make the Games happen – we call themLondon 2012 Games Makers.Volunteers have been integral to both Summer and WinterOlympic and Paralympic Games since they were used for thefirst time at London 1948. So in 2012, the volunteer programmewill be coming home to the city where it all began!There are 32 teams (also known as functional areas, or FAs) whoneed Games Makers and we have divided them into 10departments, below. Click on each of them to find out moreabout individual FAs and the sorts of volunteer roles withinthem.Each team needs a different number of Games Makers – somerequire fewer than 50 while others need a few thousand. Mostroles will be Games-time specific, but some will requirevolunteers to be available from spring 2012 for pre-Gamespreparation.LONDON AMBASSADOR: London Ambassadors will welcomevisitors from all over the world during the 2012 Olympic andParalympic Games. They are looking for volunteers to be theface of London; people who are passionate about the capital andwant to tell millions of people about the hidden treasures thatmakes London one of the best capital cities in the world. 5
  6. 6. STUDENTS LIKES/DISLIKES NAROA AGIRRE began doing athletics at Santo Tomas High School, in Donostia. She first tried long jump, and changed to pole vault with the help of Ramón Cid (Spanish Federation Technician) She has participated at two Olympic Games. In Athens 04 she was sixth (Olympic Diploma) and at Beijing 08, she ended 13. What’s more, she was at the 9th position at the World Championship 2005 (Helsinki) and7th in the European Championship 2006 (Goteborg)She likes reading, listening to music and going to the mountains. 6
  7. 7. OLYMPIC MESSAGEThrough truesportsmanship, weall are winners 7
  8. 8. 8