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Elos standard powerpoint english
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Elos standard powerpoint english


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What is ELOS?

What is ELOS?

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Elos –education stretching borders BHIAgurain, ArabaTHE BASQUE COUNTRY
  • 2. World of today• Globalized world• International world of workBut internationally oriented education?
  • 3. What is Elos?• A school conceptand• A European network (with support of LLP of EU)
  • 4. Elos• Creates a curriculum of European and International Orientation (EIO)• Based on the Common Framework for Europe Competence (CFEC)• Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • 5. Elos• Elos - Education stretching borders (2010) Elos = Europe as learning environment inschools (but not limited to Europe) (2004-2009)
  • 6. Priorities European Council• Strategic Objectives (ET 2020) Strategic Framework for European cooperation in Education and Training• Key competences European Framework for Key Competences for Lifelong Learning
  • 7. European CouncilStrategic Objectives:• Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality• Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training• Promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship• Enhancing creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels of education and training
  • 8. European CouncilKey competences:• Learning to learn• Entrepreneurship• Social and cultural awareness• Communication in foreign languages
  • 9. Why internationalisation?• Students benefit!• Teachers benefit!• Schools benefit!
  • 10. Students benefit!• Elos prepares the students for learning, working and living in a globalized world• Helps to form their identity: “The shortest way to yourself is a journey around the world”• New motivation for students
  • 11. Students benefit!• International cooperation with peers• Knowledge of one or more modern foreign languages• Informed and critical citizens of Europe and the wider world• Key Competences: - Learning to learn - Entrepreneurship - Social and cultural awareness
  • 12. Teachers benefit!• Exchanging best practices with colleagues from Europe• Training and further education abroad• Take a look over the borders: how do they operate?
  • 13. Schools benefit!• Elos = Unique selling point = marketing tool• Internationalisation is firmly rooted in schoolplan + curriculum (not dependent on individuals)• Elos is suited for all programmes of learning and schooltypes• New motivation for staff and students
  • 14. Schools benefit!• International recognition of competences and knowledge of students• International acknowledgement of quality of internationalisation in your school• Cooperation with like-minded schools in international network• Continuation of learning curriculum
  • 15. School standard• Including a European and International Orientation (‘EIO’) in a variety of lessons and through activities abroad  development of Europe Competence (use of portfolio)• Striving towards embedding the Elos goals in the school curriculum and in the school policy to ensure coherence and sustainability
  • 16. School standard• Building the institution’s internal capacity to achieve these goals (f.e. facilitate ‘Elos School Team/Coordinator’ to develop lesson plans and materials; etc.)• Being involved in structural international exchange activities with international partner schools/colleges and –if applicable- other organisations abroad• Taking part in general monitoring and evaluation activities at school level, national level and international level, and other relevant studies (when requested)
  • 17. Elos (vehicle) Education stretching borders EIO (content)European and International Orientation coherence Learning cross curriculum Activities
  • 18. How to implement Elos?Implementation of Elos/EIO:• in curriculum, schoolplan, school information guide• in year programmes• in activities plan• in programmes of examination• in programmes of quality assurance
  • 19. Elos/EIO in the classroomIn lessons:• making an investigation of all European themes in your programmes and• rearranging the themes over the schoolyear(s) and avoid overlap• working together in lessons and projects with other subjects and schools (abroad) in order to create a cross curricular, coherent offer for students
  • 20. Elos/EIO in activitiesIn activities:• including an international perspective• visits abroad• email and internet projects (eTwinning)• students and teachers exchanges• projects with partner schoolsPrepared and evaluated in school/lessons
  • 21. Elos! Then what?• Check/reallocate EIO subject contents• Building international network• (Cross-subject) projects• Coherence between EIO and activities• Development of tests• Incorporation of Elos in curriculum, schoolpolicy, PR• Certification of school and student
  • 22. Support for schools• Advice on grants/Comeniusprojects• National network meetings (school coordinators, school heads, teachers)• (Inter)national conferences• Quality evaluation based on a standard• Support for implementation of Elos/EIO in schools• Website and eTwinning
  • 23. Elos Europe• + 250 Elos schools, 17 countries• 125.000 students• In 12 countries: national Elos centre and national Elos coordinator• European association and network• Links to enterprises and schools for further education
  • 24. Certification• For schools• For students
  • 25. Certification• School:- Signing of Letter of commitment + selfevaluation- Participation in network- Awarded by national coordinator- External evaluation every 3 yearsIf approved, then:- Elos school-certificate
  • 26. Certification• Student:- Student portfolio based on CFEC, relevant to level of education followed- Awarded by certified Elos school- Elos student certificate- At the end of schoolcareer
  • 27. Information••
  • 28. Favour your pupils with an international start!
  • 29. Follow ANITURRI BHI Blog: pages: NEW!!! Comenius web pages:  2012-2014: NEW!!  2010-2012:  2008-2010: