Beginner's guide to blogger


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Beginner's guide to blogger

  1. 1. Blog= ‘Web’ + ‘Log’ A page on the internet where an individuals post or upload records of personnel or public opinions
  2. 2. • • • • • • • • Improve Writing Skills Time Management Knowledge Sharing Getting Feedback Express Yourself Build Trust Online Help Others Improve Your SEO
  3. 3. Easy for Beginners, Free Open Source Mostly paid and little difficult for beginners Not Free and helpful for the beginners
  4. 4. Title You can’t go without a name, the same is true for a blog Domain This is how people will come to your blog Intended Visitors Who will be your intended audience? Blog Content Useful Content Blog Comment Comment Moderation
  5. 5. • Originality & Useful • Blog content needs to be useful, unique or original to the readers • Post Length • Min: 300 Words • Max: 900 Words • Quality • Quality content help to increase the rank in SEO • Quantity • More blog post derive more traffic
  6. 6. Different theme & design are available in the blogging market. A good and relevant design makes visitors interested towards your content in the website or blog. Bad design keeps visitors away from the blog. First Impression is the last impression They are the way they dress. Untidy cloths reflects untidy concepts
  7. 7.  Blogging Schedule: Daily/Weekly Social Media Promotion Search Engine Optimization
  8. 8. Promotion Tips & Ideals • Share your post on Facebook • Invite Your Friends to visit your Blog • Follow others blog
  9. 9. For social media profile of your blog online, select unique and consistence name through all social media platform For Examples Blog: Has same name @ SEO404 @ SEO404 @ SEO404 @ SEO404
  10. 10. Promotion Through Girls • Compare the result on the post share or invite by girls as compare to boys • Link all the different social media account together with blogs • Place Visitors link such as
  11. 11. Affiliated Marketing Making Money through commission by referring a visitors who buy product. Advertising Display ads from others companies in your blogs Sponsorship Search your own sponsorship.
  12. 12. • Social Media Promotion 1. Like For Like Promotion 2. Share For Share Promotion • Blog 1. Follow Others Blog 2. Ask Questions 3. Answers others query 4. Be Helpful • Search Engine Optimization 1. Practise SEO for higher page rank
  13. 13. Started: 2007 Email: Income: Google AdSense & Affiliated Marketing Started: 2010 Email: Income: Google AdSense & Affiliated Marketing
  14. 14. A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging “Tips & Tricks” The Smashing Knight & The SEO Girl