Children In Victorian Times
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Children In Victorian Times






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Children In Victorian Times Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Chidren in Victorian Times
  • 2. What was it like for children living in Victorian times?  It all depended on their family…
  • 3. Children from working class families...  Ate poor food  Worked long hours  Lived in terrible conditions  Many children died of disease.
  • 4. Children from rich families…  Ate healthy food  Had clean and good clothes  Didn’t need to work  Went on holidays  Had expensive toys
  • 5. Working children  At the age of 5 or 6 children started to work.  Children worked very long hours with little breaks and no fresh air.  They often worked in very dangerous conditions  Children were paid very little because they were young.
  • 6. Where did children work?
  • 7. Children worked...  In factories  As chimney sweepers  In coal mines  In the streets  In workhouses  In farms
  • 8. Children worked in factories  They had to clean machines while the machines were kept running and there were many accidents.
  • 9. In textile mills  Many children lost fingers in the machinery and some kids were crushed by the huge machines and died.
  • 10. In match factories…  Children had to dip matches into dangerous chemicals. Those chemicals caused problems with their teeth and lungs.
  • 11. Children worked as Chimney sweepers  Small children starting at the age of 5 or 6 had to climb up inside the chimneys to clean them.The work was dangerous and painful.
  • 12. Children worked in coal mines  What jobs did they do in the mines?  Were they dangerous?
  • 13. They worked as drawers or trappers…
  • 14. Children in the streets  They sold flowers, bootlaces, matches or buttons.  They polished shoes  They ran errands  They swept busy roads.
  • 15. When did children stop working?  Many efforts were made to finish with children labour and send them to school, but it wasn’t easy.  Poor families needed the extra money so many children continued working.
  • 16. According to the acts passed by the goverment…  In 1832 the use of boys for sweeping chimneys was forbidden by law.  In 1842 was forbidden the employment of woman and children in mines.  In 1878 was prohibited the employment of children under 10 years old in factories.
  • 17. What about now? What happen to many poor children?
  • 18. Today many children have to work and most of them don’t go to school…
  • 19. What can we do about this? Let’swork together!