Using Skype to Connect international teachers to learners in Malaysia


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A project by Megabase Academy in Malaysia to improve spoken English skills of ESL Malaysian learners.

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Using Skype to Connect international teachers to learners in Malaysia

  1. 1. Anita Adnan ELT Consultant Trainer Megabase Academy, Malaysia
  2. 2. Which country are you from?
  3. 3. Overview of talk  About myself and my work  Why use SKYPE?  How do I use Skype?  About Malaysia and how English is taught  The problems? Linking the learners to the teachers  A solution to it – what I have been trying to do.  Skype Sessions with pictures and links to videos  The feedback from learners  Reflections  Conclusion
  4. 4. Poll 1 Have you used Skype for teaching purposes?
  5. 5. Poll 2 Your level with using SKYPE? 1. Beginner – i only use video calls 2. Intermediate – i know how to make group calls and send files 3 Advanced – i know all the features in skype, sharing screens and managing a presentation in skype
  6. 6. Introduction  Who am I?  About Megabase Academy  Why use Skype?  Learning English via Skype?  Who has been doing it?  My experience while in Nottingham and London
  7. 7. My family
  8. 8. Megabase Academy
  9. 9. Malaysia and ELT
  10. 10. Types of ESL learners in Malaysia
  11. 11. The problems? 1. Learning English the traditional way – using Chalk and Talk method – with teachers have to manage 30-35 students in a classroom 2. The quality of local teachers can be improved if they are trained continuously, using technology which are readily available in schools. Computer labs and internet connections are present. 3. Most syllabus concentrate on writing and reading. Very little percentage of the assessment is given to spoken skills. 4. Government try to bring in Native teachers – which can be costly! Why not connect these teachers via skype, at a fraction of the cost. 5. So far, learning is normally done in institutions – school, colleges, universities. What about those who cant attend formal lessons? Those who are studying part time? Mothers who wants to get back to universities? Or mature students?
  12. 12. (some) solutions... Megabase Academy Skype Facebook Wiziq BbC LMS ESL learners in schools, colleges. universities International teachers from all around the world Part time students who can access internet at home Small business who want to retrain their employees University teachers / lecturers who want to improve their spoken English
  13. 13. Skype session in SMSAH with Matthew Teed from England with Sylvia Guinan from Greece
  14. 14. Total number of students : 80 Teachers who joined : 3
  15. 15. Skype in UPSI – a public university with Jason West, founder of
  16. 16. Skype in UPSI with Nina EnglishBrno link to video
  17. 17. Skype in UPSI with Sylvia Guinan
  18. 18. Skype in UPSI Total number of participants : 120 undergraduates
  19. 19. we want more skype lessons!
  20. 20. Skype in the government office
  21. 21. Skype lesson in Langkawi Island
  22. 22. Total number of participants : 40 officers
  23. 23. Skype for teacher training Teacher training session with Genius Aulad Malaysia
  24. 24. The Feedback?  Awesome!  Interesting new approach  I feel nervous at first, but feel okay after a few times  Genius idea! Why haven’t we done this before?  I need to prepare myself, but i think after few session, i should be ok.  I think everyone can become better speakers after this.  I like the teacher. She is so sweet!  Handsome teacher. We want to meet him again 
  25. 25. Reflections  Skype is an inexpensive tool to connect English to ESL learners from all around the world.  Although we may have been using it, some learners may still not know about it – as in Malaysia  There need to be local trainers to connect these learners to teachers who can teach online.  This approach can help revolutionize ESL learning.  More authentic conversations, and more connections and collaborations online between the teachers.
  26. 26. What now?  Join me : in Malaysia  Will connect the learners to you  Revolutionize the ELT scene  Any teachers on Skype can teach anywhere!  and hopefully – can earn a decent living and stay sane 
  27. 27. Contact me Anita Adnan anitaadnan anita.adnan
  28. 28. Questions?