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ASMC 2014 Technical Program
ASMC 2014 Technical Program
ASMC 2014 Technical Program
ASMC 2014 Technical Program
ASMC 2014 Technical Program
ASMC 2014 Technical Program
ASMC 2014 Technical Program
ASMC 2014 Technical Program
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ASMC 2014 Technical Program


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The 25th Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference – ASMC 2014 …

The 25th Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference – ASMC 2014
May 19-21, 2014
Saratoga Hilton/City Center
534 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 USA
Tel: 1-518-584-4000 Fax: 1-518-584-7430

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. th The 25 Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference – ASMC 2014 May 19-21, 2014 – Saratoga Hilton/City Center (Saratoga Springs, NY) 30Jan2013 Sunday, May 18, 2014 6:30-7:30 Registration Monday, May 19, 2014 7:30-8:30 Registration 8:30 Welcome to the Conference (Israel Ne’eman, Applied Materials / Oliver Patterson, IBM) and 2013 Best Paper Awards 8:45 Keynote: Dr. Been-Jon Woo, Vice President, Business Development, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Session 1: Yield Enhancement Chairs: Larry Pulvirent, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Raymond van Roijen, IBM Characterization techniques for driving yield are critical for successful semiconductor manufacturing. This session covers analysis of volume diagnostic data, an alternative array design to SRAM as a yield learning vehicle and a case study on eliminating a contact shorting mechanism. Session 2 - Advanced Metrology I Chairs: Sathish Veeraraghavan, KLA-Tencor; Alok Vaid, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Novel processes and complex materials are putting significant pressure on measurement tool-sets. Advanced metrology session that discusses novel applications and use-cases of metrology techniques including ellipsometry, X-Ray, MBIR, to characterize various advanced processes. 9:50 1.1 Successful Yield Ramp using Product Test, Scan and Memory Diagnosis Venkatesan Muthumalai, David Iverson, Aaron Sinnott, Himanshu Joshi, Rao Desineni, Ritesh Turakhia, Thomas Berndt, Nancy Bell, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 9:50 2.1 Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) Composition and Thickness Determination via Simultaneous Small-spot XPS and XRF measurements Benoit Lherron, Nicolas Loubet, Qing Liu, STMicroelectronics; Wei Ti Lee, Mark Klare, Heath Pois, Mike Kwan, Ying Wang, Tom Larson, ReVera, Inc.; Saiqa Farhat, Jennifer Fullam, John Gaudiello, Srinivasan Rangarajan, Bing Sun, IBM; Romain Wacquez, Sylvian Maitrejean, Emmanuel Augendre, LETI 10:20 1.2 Tristate Inverter Array: A new test structure that compliments traditional SRAM arrays as yield learning Ishtiaq Ahsan, Fred Towler, Carl Schiller, Zhigong Song, Robert Wong, David Clark, Felix Beaudoin, IBM Systems and Technology Group 10:45 Break 11:00 1.3 Novel Process Window and Product Yield Improvement by Eliminating Contact Shorts Yuan-Chieh Chiu, Shih-Ping Hong, Fang-Hao Hsu, Hong-Ji Lee, Nan-Tzu Lian, Tahone Yang, Kuang-Chao Chen and Chih-Yuan Lu, Macronix International 11:25 1.4 DiagBridge: Analyzing Scan Diagnosis Data in a Yield Perspective Yan Pan, Atul Chittora, Kannan Sekar, Shobhit Malik, Lim Seng Keat, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 11:50 1.5 The Importance of Reporting both Composite and Maze Yield for Process Split Yield Learning Fan Zheng, Amanda Piper, Yongchun Xin, Jang Sim, Jason J. Mazzotti, IBM 10:20 2.2 Benefit of Combining Metrology Techniques for Thin SiGe Layers Delphine Le Cunff, T. Nguyen, R. Duru, F. Abbate, STMicroelectronics; N. Laurent, J. Hoglund, SemiLab; F. Pernot, M. Wormington, Jordan Valley Semiconductors 10:45 Break 11:00 2.3 New Interferometric Measurement Technique For small Diameter TSV Padraig Timoney, Daniel Fisher, Yeong-Uk Ko,, Alok Vaid, Sarasvathi Thangaraju,, Daniel Smith, Himani Kamineni,, Dingyou Zhang, Ramakanth Alapati, Wonwoo Kim, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Ke Xiao, Holly Edmundson, Nigel Smith, Brennan Peterson, Hemant Amin, Jonathan Peak,Timothy Johnson, Nanometrics 11:25 2.4 Broadband Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for cSiGe process control Saiqa Farhat, Srinivasan Rangarajan, Timothy J. Mcardle, Michael Steigerwalt, IBM; Dawei Hu, KLA-Tencor 11:50 2.5 MBIR Characterization of Photosensitive Polyimide in High Volume Manufacturing Taher E. Kagalwala, Yuri M. Brovman, Brian M. Erwin, Victoria L. Calero-DdelC, IBM; Jonny Hoglund, SemiLab 12:15 Networking Lunch 1
  • 2. Session 3 – 3D/TSV Chairs: Sagar Kekare, KLA-Tencor; James Lu, RPI; Thuy Tran-Quinn, IBM This session will cover key innovation in the field of 3D/Through-silicon via technology (TSV) including TSV processing, wafer thinning, and metrology. Session 4A – Advanced Process Control (APC ) Chairs: Agnes Roussy, EMSE; Philippe Campion, STMicroelectronics Innovations for advanced process control, including prediction of deposition rates,predictive maintenance and virtual metrology. 1:15 3.1 A Successful Void Free Gap Fill of 3µm, High AR Via Middle, Through Silicon Vias at Wafer Level S. Thangaraju, R. Alapati, D. Smith, A. Selsley, M. Wien, R.R. Giridharan, V. Seshachalam, G. Kumarapuram, C. Wang, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 1:15 4.1 First Time Right Deposition of embedded SiGe in new Products E. Harley, M. Linskey, A. Herbert, M. Fayaz, M. Brodfuehrer, A. Mocuta, M. Steigerwalt, C. Snavely, IBM 1:40 3.2 Wafer Thinning for High-Density 3D-LSIs: 12 Inch Wafer-Level 3D-Integration at GINTI M. Murugesan, T. Fukushima, J.C. Bea, H. Hashimoto, Y. Sato, K.W. Lee and M. Koyanagi, GINTI, Tohoku University; NICHe ohoku University 1:40 4.2 Addressing The Chamber Matching Lifecycle With Predictive Maintenance, Equipment Health Monitoring, Virtual Metrology And Run-To-Run Control James Moyne, Manjunath Yedatore, Jimmy Iskandar, Parris Hawkins, John Scoville, Applied Materials 2:05 3.3 Use of Optical Metrology Techniques for Uniformity Control of 3D Stacked ICs D. Le Cunff , M. Tardif , N. Hotellier, K. Le Chao, L.L. Chapelon, P. Bar, S. Eynard, STMicroelectronics; J.P. Piel, G. Fresquet, Fogale Nanotech 2:05 4.3 FDC Run-to-Run Variation Monitoring for Sensor Level Diagnosis in Tool Condition Hierarchy Jakey Blue, Agnès Roussy, École des Mines de Saint Etienne; Jacques Pinaton, STMicroelectronics 2:30 BREAK 2:30 BREAK 2:55 3.4 Analysis of TSV Geometric Parameter Impact on Switching Noise Power Distribution Network Huanyu He, J. -Q. Lu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Xiaoxiong Gu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Session 4B – Factory Optimization Chairs: Dave Gross, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Thomas Beeg, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Semiconductor equipment and manufacturing is increasingly complex and driven by strict economic constraints, making it essential for IC makers to maximize fab productivity and efficiency. This session discusses new strategies and solutions to optimize fab layout, production logistics, and equipment maintenance. 3:20 3.5 RF Characterization of Through Silicon Vias Test Structures in a 3-Tier Stacked Wafer Min Xu, Robert Carroll, Harika Manem, Robert Geer, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, University at Albany, SUNY 3:45 3.6 3D Technology Applications Market Trends & Key Challenges Thibault Buisson, Rozalia Beica, Yole Développement 2:55 4.4 300mm+ Factory Design and Innovations for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Yih-Jan Huang, Chia-Yin Kuo, Ming-Te Kao, Rich Huang, Fiona Lee, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company 3:20 4.5 Emerging Challenges to Carrier Logistics Jan Rothe, Gabriel Gaxiola,GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Terry Asakawa,Tokyo Electron Ltd.; Kenji Yamagata, Daifuku; Makoto Yamamoto, Murata 3:45 4.6 Ipm- A Fab Preventative Maintenance Forecasting & Downtime Management Tool Guy Senerman, Intel Corporation 4:30-5:30 Tutorial (DSA): Dr. Michael A. Guillorn, Research Staff Member/ Manager, Nanofabrication and Electron Beam Lithography T. J. Watson Research, IBM 2
  • 3. Monday, May 19, 2014 - 5:30-7:30 Session 5 - Poster Session Chairs: Alan Brightman, Edwards Vacuum; Russell Dover, Lam Research; Eric Eisenbraun, CNSE; Larry Hennessy, CHM2 Hill; Dick James, Chipworks; Jason J. Mazzotti, IBM; Kazunori Nemoto, Hitachi High Tech; Jan Rothe, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Patrick Varekamp, IBM; Naomi Yoshida, Applied Materials 3D ICs in the Real World (3D) Dick James, Chipworks Accelerated technology development by the use of Critical Point Inspection SEM Dominique Sanchez , Remi Le Tiec, Benoit Hinshberger, STMicroelectronics; Loemba Bouckou, Olivier Moreau, Paolo Parisi, KLA-Tencor Advancement of Microelectronics-Grade Carbon Nanotube Materials for NRAM® Device Manufacture James E. Lamb III, Stephen Gibbons, Yongqing Jiang, Kay Mangelson, Kathryn Kremer, Dan Janzen, John Bledsoe, Mathew Boeser, Brewer Science Challenges in Atomistic Doping Profiling Using Capacitance-Voltage Measurements Petru Andrei, Samira Aghaei, Mohit Mehta, Florida State University; Mark J. Hagmann, NewPath Research Correlation Study of spatial ESC temperature profile and optical CD measurements Marcus Wollenweber, Robert Melzer, Giampietro Bieli, John Newby, KLA-Tencor;Thomas Nogatz, Joerg Sobek GLOBALFOUNDRIES Correlation Study of White Light Interferometer Measurements with Atomic Force Microscope Measurements for Post-CMP dishing Measurements Applied to TSV Processing Daniel Fisher, Padraig Timoney, Yeong-Uk Ko, Alok Vaid, Sarasvathi Thangaraju, Daniel Smith, Sung Pyo Jung, Ramakanth Alapati, Wonwoo Kim, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Hemant Amin, Jonathan Peak, Tim Johnson, Nanometrics Defect Engineering for Carrier Lifetime Control in High Voltage GaAs Power Diodes Vladimir A. Kozlov, FID-Technology Ltd.; F.Yu. Soldatenkov, Power Semiconductors Ltd.; I.L. Shulpina,V.G. Danilchenko, V.I.Korolkov, Ioffe Institute of RAS Early Detection of Pattern Defect on ADI Wafer Robert A Teagle, Frank Wilhelm Mont, GLOBALFOUNDRIES;Erin C Mclellan, Nicole Saulnier, Carol Boye, Dong-Ryul Lee, IBM; Fei Wang, HungYu Tien, Amy Chiang, Hermes-Microvision The Effect of H3PO4 Processing on Power DMOS Gate Oxide Integrity in Poly Buffered LOCOS Isolation Tan Chan Lik, Cheng Chin Siong, Ng Cheah Ling, Infineon Malaysia Effective Testing for Wafer Reject Minimization by Terahertz Analysis and Sub-Surface Imaging Anis Rahman, Applied Research & Photonics Evaluation of FKM/PTFE Hybrid Material Seal Ippei Nakagawa, Nippon Valqua Industries, Ltd Fluorine interaction on SICN and SIOC layers detected by fault detection Jean-Rene Raguet, Laurent Blaya, STMicroelectronics FOUP Purge with Diffusers for FOUP Door Seong Chan Kim, Bo Liu, Entegris Hidden Equipment Productivity Opportunities Jochen Kinauer, AIS Automation Highly-stable Four-Point-Probe Metrology in Implant and Epitaxy Processes Franz Heider, Walter Petersmann, Martin Haberjahn,Infineon; Qing Ye, Jianli Cui, Lu Yu, Tetyana Shapoval, Florian Flach Ronny Haupt, KLA-Tencor Improvement of Characteristic of Redistribution Layer (RDL ) on Mobile Application C.S. Liu, Ann Hsu, C.T. Ni, Ponder Pang, Justin Lo, Wallace Su, Harry Ku, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Improving Yield through Elimination of Nitride Stringers in 180nm EEPROM Process Technology Moshe Agam, Santosh Menon, Sorin Georgescu, Roger Young, Peter Cosmin, ON Semiconductor Modeling the Impact of Supply Contract Modifications in Mid -term Master Planning of Semiconductor Manufacturing (Student) Marwa Attiya, Dr. Ali Diabat, Dr. Irfan Saadat, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Mueller Matrix Optical Scatterometry of Directed Self-Assembly Block Copolymer Line Arrays (PS-b-PMMA) (student) Dhairya J. Dixit, Alain C. Diebold, CNSE; Vimal Kaminen, Richard Farrell, Erik Hosler, Moshe Preil, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Joe Race, Brennan Peterson, Nanometrics Multivariate Method for the Monitoring of Etch Chamber Insitu Cleaning Suradej Promreuk, Freescale, Inc. Novel Metrology and Wafer Grinder Technologies Combine for Improved Capability Russ Dudley, Thomas Brake, David Grant, Bill Kalenian, Michael Kirkpatrick, David Marx, Rajiv Roy, Rudolph Technologies Optical Technologies for TSV Inspection Arun A. Aiyer, Nikolai Maltsev, Jae Ryu, Frontier Semiconductor People Productivity Improvement via Cloud Machine Monitor Y.H. Chen, C.J. Huang, C.L. Wang, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Rethinking the Approach to Higher 450mm Process Gas Flows: A Case Study William Corbin, Adrienne Pierce, Edwards Vacuum Scanning frequency comb microscopy (SFCM): A new method showing promise for high-resolution dopant profiling in semiconductors Mark Hagmann,Shashank Pandey, Ajay Nahata, University of Utah; Petru Andrei, Florida State University Screen Printed Flexible Sensors Electronic Skin Saleem Khan,University of Trento; R. S. Dahiya, Unversity of Glasgow; L. Lorenzelli, Fondazione Bruno Kessler Short-Interval Scheduling of Litho Area with Ezdfs Myoungsoo Ham, Siyoung Cho, Liberty University Six Sigma in a Semiconductor Company Karen D. Riding, Michael J. Cifaratta; Dirk Alexander Bruedern, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Smart Feature Selection Development for advanced Virtual Metrology Benjamin Lenz, Bernd Barak, Julia Mührwald, Infineon; Carolin Leicht, Eberhard-Karls University Tuebingen Surface Metal Contamination on Tool Components – a Case Study for Evaluating Acid Extraction ICP-MS Measurement Process (CFM) Shi Liu, Bin Liu, ChemTrace Trench Multiplication Process by a sacrificial SiGe Epitaxial Layer Thomas Popp, Rudolf Berger, Stefan Pompl, Infineon Technologies AG Uniformity Control for High Selective DownFlow Plasma Etching on Silicon Oxide Fang-Hao Hsu, Kuo-Feng Lo, Xin-Guan Lin, Yuan-Chieh Chiu, Hong-Ji Lee, Nan-Tzu Lian, Tahone Yang, Kuang-Chao Chen and Chih-Yuan Lu, Macronix Using in-line Film Measurement as a Proxy for Device Matching to Speed up Process Change Qualification Chienfan Yu, Shailesh Shah, Eric Woodard, Raymond Van Roijen, Javier Ayala, Edward Sziklas, IBM 3
  • 4. The 25th Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference - ASMC 2014 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 (Day Two) 7:30-8:00 Registration 8:00-9:00 Keynote: (Invited) Naga Chandrasekaran, Vice President, Process Research and Development, Micron Session 6 - Advanced Metrology II Chairs: Alok Vaid, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Amiad Conley, Applied Materials Novel processes and complex materials are putting significant pressure on measurement tool-sets. The advanced metrology session that covers novel applications and implementation of metrology techniques including CD-SEM, Kelvin Probe, CV probe to characterize various advanced processes. Session 7 – Defect Inspection I Chairs: Jeanne Bickford, IBM; Jeff Barnum, KLA-Tencor Defect inspection is integral to the development and manufacture of semiconductor devices. This session will feature papers describing various optical techniques to detect defects in advanced designs and materials, including 2x nm CMOS, 3D NAND, and IIIV epitaxial layer growth. 9:05 6.1 CD-SEM Metrology Evaluation of Gate-All-Around Si Nanowire MOSFET with Improved Control of Nanowire Suspension by Using a Buried Boron Nitride Etch-Stop Layer Shimon Levi, Ori Shoval, Ofer Adan, Maayan Bar Tzi, Amiad Conley, Applied Materials; Guy M. Cohen, Leathen Shi, Sarunya Bangsaruntip, Alfred Grill, Deborah Neumayer, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center 9:05 7.1 Advanced Optical Inspection Methodologies for Discovery and Monitoring of YieldKiller Defects at 2x nm Design Nodes Abhishek Vikram, Peter Lin, Aleister Mraz, Victor Lim, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Ravi Sanapala2, Rahul Lakhawat, Ankit Jain, Sumanth Kini, Satya Kurada, KLA-Tencor 9:30 6.2 Air Gap CV Measurement for Doping Concentration in Epitaxial Silicon Franz Heider and Johannes Baumgartl, Infineon Technologies; Peter Horvath, Thomas Jährling, Semilab 9:30 7.2 A Novel Approach for improving the Inspection Sensitivity using Design Context information Young Su Kim, Chul Woo Kim, Jong Tae Won, Kwang Il Shin, Ki Ho KIM, Jin Woo Kim, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd; Satya Kurada, Mingwei Li, Raghav Babulnath, Gangadharan Sivaraman, KLA-Tencor 9:55 Break 9:55 Break 10:15 6.3 Addressing Thin Film Thickness Metrology Challenges of 14nm BEOL Layers Alok Vaid, Michael Lenahan,GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Zhiming Jiang, Ronny Haupt, Carlos Ygartua, KLA-Tencor 10:15 7.3 Detection Sensitivity Improvement in Key Layers in the STI and Via Modules in 28 nm process foundry logic node Dan Koronel , Govinda Soni, Vijeet Gupta, Mirko Beyer, Applied Materials 10:40 6.4 Assessment of Minority-Alloy Component Segregation (e.g. Mn , Al) in Back End of Line Copper Trench Structures Using Kelvin Probe Technique Joyeeta Nag, Shishir Ray, Felipe Tijiwa-Birk, GLOBALFOUNDRIES;Kriti Kohli, Andrew Simon, Siddarth Krishnan, Christopher Parks, IBM 10:40 7.4 Investigation of Novel Inspection Capability for 3D NAND Device Wordline Inspection Soon Kyu Lee, Seong-Min Ma, IlSeok Seo, Hyeon Sang Shin, Hyeon Soo Kim, SK Hynix; Andrew Cross, Oksen Baris, DoOh Kim, Steve Lange, KLA-Tencor 11:05 6.5 450mm Metrology and Inspection: The Current State and the Road Ahead Rand Cottle, CNSE, Katherine Sieg, Intel Corporation; Nithin Yathapu, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Jeffrey Lee, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation 11:05 7.5 Progress on background signal analysis of bare wafer inspection systems based on light scattering for III/V epitaxial layer growth monitoring Sandip Halder, Yves Mols, Dieter van den Heuvel, Jan van Puymbroeck, Matty Caymax, Eric Vancoille, Nancy Nieuborg, imec; Gerhard Bast, Gavin Simpson, Milko Peikert, Marco Polli, Seong Ho Yoo, KLA-Tencor 11:30 Boxed Lunch 11:30 Boxed Lunch 4
  • 5. Session 8 – Equipment Reliability and Productivity Enhancement Chairs: Stefan Radloff, Intel Corporation; Gary Green, Alphray; Adrienne Pierce, Edwards Vacuum The challenges of current and future semiconductor process technologies require a higher level of equipment reliability, quality, repeatability and productivity. Optimizing equipment performance will help improve fab metrics, minimize wafer costs and maximize competitiveness. Papers in this session will review ideas and successes which helped optimize equipment utilization and tool performance. 12:00 8.1 Implementation of an Advanced Recipe Management System in a 28 nm Fab Andrew Lu, Jeff Hanan, Kevin Drinkwine, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Andreas Weber, Matthias Hanisch, Dan Cogut, Vrunda Bhagwat, camLine; Robert Sinn, Gary Green, Alphray 12:25 8.2 - Study of Central Supply Methodology for Silica-Based CMP Slurry CN Chang, SS Lien, HC Hsiao, KT Tsai, JP Yu, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company 12:50 8.3 Extending Dry Pump Reliability on High-k ALD Furnaces Kastumi Nishimura, Maiku Boger, Edwards Japan, Ltd. 1:15 8.4 Laser Marking Equipment Process & Productivity $0 Improvement Darin Moreira, Anthony Vincent, Intel Technology (M) Sdn Bhd; Bhuvenesh Rajamony, University Malaysia Perlis UNIMAP Session 9 - Contamination Free Manufacturing (CFM) Chairs: Chris Long, IBM; Matt Wagner, Pall Contamination Free Manufacturing: Control of the local wafer environment is vital to achieving critical rapid yield ramps. This session will feature papers focused on next generation carriers, wafer edge defectivity mitigation, and environment control. 12:00 9.1 450mm Carrier Interoperability Effects on Particle Generation Angelo Alaestante, G450C (Intel assignee; Christopher Borst, G450C (SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering assignee) 12:25 9.2 A study on the Defect induced by Ambient Moisture and Ammonia During Perhydropolysilazane Spin on Glass Process Jeongin Yoon, Jinho Kim, Juhyun Park, Joonho Jang, Kwangshin Lim, Jongsu Kim, Samsung 12:50 9.3 Surface treatment against bromine defectivity in plasma etch reactor Yoann Goasduff, Patrice Laurens, Marylaine Nguyen, STMicroelectronics; Giuseppe Distefano, Lam Research Corporation 1:15 9.4 Optimized BARC Films and Etch Byproduct Removal For Wafer Edge Defectivity Reduction Mohamad Boumerzoug, Freescale, Inc. 1:40 BREAK 1:40 BREAK 5
  • 6. Session 10 – Data and Yield Management Chairs: Franz Heider, Infineon; Dieter Rathei, D R Yield Semiconductor engineers are continuously striving to improve data capture and analysis techniques to speed up yield ramps and extract the last possible yield in the fab. In this session, we explore hard and soft SRAM bit fail analyses for faster ramp, yield optimization using scribe referencing and advanced data mining techniques for consumables. 2:00 10.1 Integrated System for Consumable Yield Analysis Zhuqing Zong, Ute Nehring, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 2:25 10.2 Methodology of Utilizing Inline Defect Data Overlay to SRAM Bitmap Failure and Logic Diagnostics for Fast Yield Ramp in Limited Engineering Resources Venkatesan Muthumalai, Yoong Ern Ling, Ryan Lockwood, Ryan Ross, Robert Schkade, Christian Hobert, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Michael Wu, Steve White, Synopsys 2:50 10.3 Line Centering Yield Optimization Method Jeanne Paulette Bickford, Erik Hedberg, Kevin Dezfulian, Troy Perry, IBM 3:15 10.4 Advanced Soft Fail Characterization Methodology for Sub-28nm Nanoscale SRAM Yield Improvement Jianhua Yin, Sherwin Fernandes, Yinzhe Ma, Sheng Xie, Xuemei Liu, Qiushi Wang, Mark Dexter, Meixiong Zhao, Randy Mann, Chong Khiam Oh, Mark Tay, Seng Keat Lim, Dapeng Sun, Paulo Chao, Jeffrey Lam, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Session 11 - Discrete Power Devices/Emerging Technologies Chairs: George Kong, Peregrine Semiconductor; Rob Pearson, Rochester Institute of Technology Emerging Technologies must address trades offs and challenges to solve problems such as power density, communication and integration. This session presents improvements and potentially disruptive technologies in power device parametrics, photonic integration with CMOS, discrete semiconductor and novel material characterization which address these challenges. 2:00 11.1 Impact of High Voltage LDMOS process added to a 0.18um CMOS flow (ET) Moshe Agam, Tracy Myers, Agajan Suwhanov, Yutaka Ota, Sallie Hose, Thierry Yao, Matt Comard, ON Semiconductor 2:25 11.2 Improved Deep Body Implant on Breakdown Voltage in Super Junction of Vertical DMOS Transistors Tan Chan Lik, Marc Strasser, Infineon 2:50 11.3 Plasma-Assisted Printing and Doping Processes for Manufacturing Few-Layer MoS2-Based Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Xiaogan Liang, Hongsuk Nam, Sungjin Wi, Mikai Chen, University of Michigan 3:15 11.4 Challenges for Photonics Integration in a CMOS Foundry Thomas N. Adam, Gerald Leake, Douglas Coolbaugh, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering; Michael Watts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3:40 Break 3:40 Break 4:00-5:30 Panel Discussion ‘25 Years of Semiconductor Manufacturing: Accomplishments, Current Challenges, Future Directions - From the Internet to the Internet of Things’ Moderator: Paul Werbaneth, 3D InCites • • • • • Daniel Armbrust, Chief Executive Officer, SEMATECH Lynn Fuller, Professor, Microelectronics Dept., Rochester Institute of Technology Dave Gross, Director, Manufacturing Systems Technology, GLOBALFOUNDRIES William Miller, Sr. Director of Engineering, Qualcomm (invited) Charlie Pappis, Group VP, General Manager, Applied Global Systems, Applied Materials 6:00-7:30 Saratoga Reception 6
  • 7. 25th Annual IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference - ASMC 2014 Wednesday, May 21, 2014 (Day Three) 7:30-8:00 Registration 8:00-9:00 Tutorial (Silicon Photonics): Dr. Haisheng Rong, Sr. Research Scientist, Intel Corporation Session 12 - Advanced Patterning/DFM Chairs: Jacek Tyminski, Nikon Research; Anton deVilliers, Tokyo Electron Advanced patterning and design for manufacturing (DFM) are key elements of leading edge semiconductor fabrication. This session covers innovations in improving double patterning, in DSA metrology, and in a DFM methodology exploring how local proximity can affect device performance. 9:05 12.1 Environment Dependence of Analog Matching and Improvement through Design and Process Optimization on a 28LP SoC Technology for Smart Mobile Devices M. Cai, S. Sengupta, J. Choi, W. Qi, H. Wang, V. Huang, D. Alladi, D. Yuan, PR. Chidambaram, G. Yeap, Qualcomm 9:30 12.2 Incorporation of Direct Current Superposition (DCS) as a Means for High Quality Contact and Slotted Contact Structures utilizing Lith-FreezeLitho-Etch (LFLE) Jeffrey Smith, Anton deVilliers, Nihar Mohanty, Tokyo Electron Technology Center Session 13 – Advanced Equipment and Materials I Chairs: Russell Dover, Lam Research; Brett Williams, ON Semiconductor Advanced memory, analog and logic manufacturers face daunting challenges as the next generation device nodes come on line. These challenges are being met by the development and applications of innovations in equipment, materials, and processes. This session will focus on and will highlight some of the latest innovations that are being implemented in leading edge high volume manufacturing. 9:05 13.1 The Effect of Backside Roughness on Al Interconnect Dimensions for RF CMOS SOI Devices Shawn Adderly, Jeffrey Gambino, Matthew Moon, Jeff Hanrahan, IBM 9:30 13.2 Improvement for 200 mm APCVD Epitaxial Si Films Enabled by Retrofit of Applied Materials Epi Centura Matthias Künle, Johannes Baumgartl, Infineon Technologies; Thomas Ackermann Applied Materials 9:55 12.3 Advanced Lithography Process Control Strategies Prashant Aji, Wing-Shan Ribi Leung, Catherine Perry-Sullivan, KLA-Tencor 9:55 13.3 A New Systematic Approach for Etch Chamber Matching To Meet Leading Edge Requirements Stephen Hwang, Lam Research Corporation 10:20 Break 10:20 Break 7
  • 8. Session 14 – Defect Inspection II Chairs: Jennifer Braggin, Entegris; Anand Subramani, KLA-Tencor Defect inspection is integral to the development and manufacture of semiconductor devices. This session will feature papers describing new ways to utilize e-beam and bare wafer inspection data while leveraging complementary defect inspection techniques. 10:35 14.1 Full-Wafer Electron Beam Inspection Richard Hafer, Oliver D. Patterson, IBM; Roland Hahn, Hong Xiao; KLA-Tencor 11:00 14.2 High-K Metal Gate Contact Process Optimization for Yield Improvement via Innovative Defect Inspection Technique Polly Lan, Chang I Lin, Charles CY Tsai, Jung Yan Yang, Garry Chen, White Pai, United Microelectronics Corporation 11:25 14.3 Sub-threshold Defect Detection using Advanced Inspection Methodology Sandeep Gaan, ZhiGuo Sun, Sipeng Gu, Yang Bum Lee, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Chandar Palamadai, Joey Li, Lingyan Zhao, Lucy Fan, KLA-Tencor 11:50 14.4 Use of Diodes to Enable mLoop® Test Structures for Buried Defects and Voltage to Intensity Calibration Oliver Patterson, IBM Session 15 - Advanced Equipment and Materials II Chairs: Holly Magoon, Nikon; Scott Lantz, Intel Corporation Advanced memory, analog and logic manufacturers face daunting challenges as the next generation device nodes come on line. These challenges are bei ng met by the development and applications of innovations in equipment, materials, and processes. This session will focus on and will highlight some of the latest innovations that are being implemented in leading edge high volume manufacturing. 10:35 15.1 Comparison Study Between Optical Emission Spectroscopy and XRay Photoelectron Spectroscopy Techniques During Process Etch Plasma M. Rizquez, Y.Goasduff, A.Roussy, Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne; J. Pinaton, A. James STMicroelectronics 11:00 15.2 Etch Planarization – A New Way of Correcting Post CMP Non-Uniformity Meihua Shen, Baosuo Zhou, Yifeng Zhou, John Hoang, Andrew Bailey, Eric Pape, Harmeet Singh, Lam Research Corporation 11:25 15.3 CMP Solution for Enabling STT-RAM Fabrication using Via-less Process Flow Sajjad Hassan, Mahendra Pakala, Motoyo Okazaki, Garrett Sin, Applied Materials 11:50 15.4 High-k/Metal Gates in the 2010s Dick James, Chipworks 12:30 Keynote: From Germanium, to Gallium Arsenide, to Silicon and back again: a Perspective on the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Dean Freeman, Vice President of Research, Gartner 1:15 Closing Remarks 8