Six Interesting Online Research Tools


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These are some very useful online research tools I've come across during my career as a Strategist.

By compiling I do not intend to suggest that these tools or online research can replace traditional research methods, but they certainly do add more value to the overall research.

I plan to cover more interesting online research tools, so stay tuned!

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Six Interesting Online Research Tools

  1. 1. 6 OnlineINTERESTING Research Tools 1.17.11
  2. 2. BrandIndex BrandIndex tracks public perception of thousands of brands across the world every day. YouGovs BrandIndex is a daily measure of brand perception among the general public or target segment (from the BrandIndex panel) that tracks many brands across multiple sectors simultaneously.You can see how specific events,strategies and tactics are impacting onbrand perception as they unfold. You cancheck your brand’s performance againstcompetitorsAny changes in public perception can bespotted immediately (through the onlinedashboard) and acted on accordingly.BrandIndex operates at a national andinternational level.More: , res Im pression de x measu putation, BrandIn , Value, Re long Qu ality men dation a es ction , Recom tention scor Satisfa ll Buzz & At ra with ove
  3. 3. QualtricsQualtrics is a survey design package on steroids. If you have tried SurveyMonkey or Zoomerang, youare sure to be blown away by this tool.Qualtrics is an industry-leading provider of enterprisefeedback management and survey softwaresolutions.It offers a vast (& fantastic) array of question types, awell-designed survey development interface, goodfielding/survey promotion capabilities and a powerfulreporting engine.It has both panel managementfeatures and multi-userscapabilities. Qualtrics offers avery well executed library thatincludes dozens of surveytemplates, question templates,graphics, and messages.More:
  4. 4. QualMeetingIt is a web-based platform that takes advantage of webcam and video streaming to provide real-time“face-to-face” (online) research.In simple words - online qualitativeresearch tool.It is “developed for those who arecomfortable with in-person qualitativeresearch, but who also desire thebenefits that online studies bring”.The online nature of the tool does addlots of flexibility to conduct focus groups,IDIs, concept testing, product testing...without any geographic restrictions. Alsomakes it cost effective.More:
  5. 5. GutCheckDIY, online, qualitative research tool that connects you in one-on-one chats with your target segment.According to their website, GutCheck gives you anability to tap into a pool of over 3.5 million USconsumer respondents, aged 18 and older.GutCheck is like a mixture of online survey & atraditional focus groups.You begin with a recruitment engine to setdemographic,behavioral & other customer screeningfilters to identify the correct target segment.After creating a screener like you do in a usualresearch, you develop a chat guide to aid youduring the chat session. Add any media to yourchat guide and you’re good to go!Interesting part is that you have to moderatethe session. GutCheck enables you to programthe session and gives to access to their panel,that’s it.More: http://GutCheckIt.Com
  6. 6. Toluna QuickSurveyToluna QuickSurvey is a self-service tool that enables you to conduct market research quickly, easilyand cost effectively.You can create your own survey of up to 5questions, select up to 2,000 nationallyrepresentative respondents, pay onlineusing a credit card then receive the resultswithin 24 hours!You’re just 5 simple steps and 24 hoursaway from viewing results of your survey.It is a great tool to quickly and costeffectively get some inputs from the TolunaCommunity of over 3 million members.Toluna seems to be a very valuable toolduring the pitch process, or when previousresearch didn’t happen or was based onsmall or informal samples.More:
  7. 7. Ask Your Target Market (AYTM)Like Toluna QuickSurvey, AYTM is also an affordable and quick market research tool. There areobviously some difference in panel size, survey design, etc. but both serve the same purpose.Depending on the survey filters you set,most of the surveys are completed within72 hours.While working with AYTM you will need tobuy credits. 20 credits cost $29.95 which isenough to launch a 3-question survey to50 respondents with some target marketfiltering."Its a super-quick way to take the pulse ofwhat consumers are thinking. An intuitiveinterface, flexibility to define your targetand create open or close-ended survey.Fancy looking analytics at your fingertips,with the ability to play with and cut the dataany way you want. A brilliant site." - ElenaSukacheva, Sr. Director of Strategy, KraftFoods BeveragesMore: