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  • 1. I am anIntegrator
  • 2. Brand  Media  Technology  Crea2vity  Culture  Commerce iintegrate to create conversation & experience
  • 3. Academic  Crea2ve ideas  With self belief &  exposure in  Equipped to  Imagina2ve &  that solve  passion to deliver  communicate in  unrestric2ve  business &  business problem  engaging  the language of  nature blended  communica2on  & add value to  content… I am  crea2ves, brand/  with inspira2on  management.  the consumers is  contagiously  product  from diverse  Prac2cal exposure  my mantra  op2mis2c   in building strong  managers &  perspec2ves  technologist  brands    CREATIVE IDEAS  STRATEGIC INTEGRITY  OPTIMISM  INSIDE‐OUT PERSPECTIVE  MULTI‐LINGUAL pillars to strengthen my integration
  • 4. helloI am Anish Shah; I am intrigued by the ever evolving communication modes and how theyaffect our behavior. Behavior. I study it and attempt to change it, mostly in favor of the brand.Brand. I think that only the relevant survives! Be relevant, be remarkable & add value in thelives of the consumers.Consumers. They are not the same and don’t conveniently fall into pre-determined buckets.And they have changed the way they consumer media. Media. Consumer generated contentand platforms emerged in the last few years changing the way we think, communicate andgenerate conversations. Conversations. I try my best to start an honest & contagiousconversation through brand experience on every project I work on.
  • 5. Erwin-Penland Advertising | Account Planner Aug09 – Present | Greenville, SC VCU Recreational Sports| FreelanceHamilton Beach | Consumer Marketing Intern Dec08 – March09 | Richmond, VAJan09 – May09 | Richmond, VA Sportz Interactive | Management Intern May05 – Jul05 | Mumbai, India Mt. Calvary Cemetery | Freelance Dec08 – March09 | Richmond, VA Draft FCB | Account Executive Jun06 – Jul07 | Mumbai, Indiapracticed integration at work
  • 6. Data Convert data from  data diverse sources  Data DATA DATA into meaningful  Data DATA Data insights &  opportuni2es to  $! $! shape strategy &  drive profitability CreativeCatalyst at Erwin-Penland
  • 7. Source: http://tinyurl.com/sourceWSJ
  • 8. Exploration Of Digital CultureConsumer Behavior & Psychology Food Enthusiast Love Formula 1 & Ping-Pong Product Development Interior Designing Travel & Adventure Passionate Photographer Marketing Curiously engaged in Freelance American Sportsinterests expand my imagination
  • 9. e Brandcentered@gmail.com  c 804.426.4384  w www.anishvshah.com  t Twi<er: @anishvshah Contact I’d love to answer any questions
  • 10. Will be delighted tohear from you