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  1. 1. Higher Education in USAProf. Anish Goel Prof. Megha Nagpal
  2. 2. Contents M.S. Degree University and Education System M.S. Options Costs and Expenses GRE General Test TOEFL Exam Application Procedure VISA Procedure Earning in $ 2 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  3. 3. M.S. Degree Information M.S. (Master’s of Science) is a graduate level degree that is awarded by the respective college in a USA university. A student holding a bachelor’s degree equivalent of a USA B.S. (Bachelor’s of Science) degree is eligible to apply for M.S. M.S. is a master’s level course that is related to advanced field of study in the chosen area. Candidate can pursue PhD directly after the M.S. degree has been awarded. Interested student may apply for an integrated program in M.S. PhD right from the beginning. 3 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  4. 4. M.S. Degree Master’s of Science can be pursued in the following areas of engineering:  Electrical and Computer Engineering  Civil Engineering  Computer Science and Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  Industrial Engineering  The degree requires 30 credits to be completed.  Each course/subject is for 3 credits and hence the degree requires 10 courses/subjects to be completed. 4 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  5. 5. Why to go for M.S.? Quality Institutes offering Technical Master’s education in India are limited with very few seats. M.S. seems to be a good option for those who are interested in technical master’s education but are not able to crack GATE and admitted to IIT’s or top NIT’s. Education system in USA is very flexible. All USA universities are world ranked well above IIT’s. It opens door to fetch a job abroad. 5 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  6. 6. USA Universities All the universities are excellent as far as the teaching, research and infrastructure is concerned. Rank is decided on basis of Ph.D level research. (Generally) Out of top 20 universities in world 13 are US universities.  Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cornell, Caltech, UPenn, Stanford, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Duke etc… 6 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  7. 7. University and Education System One university is a single geographical area and will consist of a single engineering college. Very few universities have multiple campuses. Like  Arizona State University (Tempe, West, Ploytechnic, Downtown Phoenix)  Rutgers (New Brunswick, Newark, Hoboken) For application you have to apply to the respective department/college in the respective university. Most of the university follow same set of rules and procedures. Universities are classified as private universities and public/government universities. 7 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  8. 8. Education System (Engineering) Cont… Some universities follow semester pattern while others follow quarter pattern. Normal duration of Semester will be around 14 weeks (3 and half months) Normal duration of Quarter will be around 10 weeks (2 and half months) An year would consists of 2 semesters Fall and Spring with period as Aug-Dec and Jan-May respective For quarter, an year will have three sessions as Fall, Winter and Spring with respective periods as Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb, Mar-May. All universities follow a credit based system to award degree. 8 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  9. 9. Education System (Engineering) Cont… Credits define the number of hours spent on a course per week. Each course/subject has been allocated a specified number of credits. Generally a semester pattern course has 3 credits while a quarter pattern course has 4 credits. M.S. Degree requirements:  In semester system 30 credits for graduation.  In quarter system 40-45 credits for graduation. So for getting an M.S. degree approximate of 10 courses are required. 9 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  10. 10. M.S. Degree Options Course Based: In this case one takes all 10 courses and completes M.S. Project Based: Here 9 courses and a Masters Project is required. Thesis Based: Here 8 courses are required and an M.S. Thesis is required. Choosing one of the options determines the time required to complete M.S. degree. The duration can vary from minimum time as 1 year (Exceptional) to as long as 4 year. 10 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  11. 11. Flexible Education System in USA The education system is quite flexible in two senses: It is time flexible and Course flexible. Time Flexibility: All you are required to do is complete required number of credits/courses spanning over multiple semesters/quarters.  Like courses taken in sem pattern can have combinations like: 3-3-4, 3-3-3-1.  As an international student you are required to take minimum of 3 courses per semester to maintain your F-1 visa status. 11 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  12. 12. Flexible Education System in USA Cont… Course Flexibility: You are required to take maximum 4 courses as mandatory courses in the respective field of study, all the others are elective.  Out of these others you are allowed to take maximum 2 courses outside your department provided the outside course has some relevance to your intended field of study.  Example, a student with ECE major can take Management course from School of Management or Robotics course from Industrial/Mechanical Department. 12 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  13. 13. Test of English as Foreign Language TOEFLSection Time Limit Questions Tasks Read 3 or 4 passagesReading* 60–80 minutes 36–56 questions from academic texts and answer questions. Listen to lectures, classroom discussions andListening 60–90 minutes 34–51 questions conversations, then answer questions.Break 10 minutes — — Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak basedSpeaking 20 minutes 6 tasks on reading and listening tasks. Write essay responses based on reading andWriting 50 minutes 2 tasks listening tasks; support an opinion in writing. 13 Higher Education in USA MEGHA NAGPAL
  14. 14. Graduate Record Examination GRE Measure Number of Questions Allotted Time Analytical Writing One "Analyze an Issue" (One section with two task and one "Analyze an 30 minutes per task separately timed tasks) Argument" task Verbal Reasoning Approximately 20 30 minutes per section (Two sections) questions per section Quantitative Reasoning Approximately 20 35 minutes per section (Two sections) questions per section Unscored¹ Varies Varies Research² Varies Varies14 Higher Education in USA MEGHA NAGPAL
  15. 15. Procedure to Go Appear for GRE. Appear for TOEFL. Complete Applications:  Fill up applications to universities.  Get your SOP’s, LOR’s transcripts and other documents.  Sent the documents to universities. Once you get a I-20 (Acceptance) from the university:  Apply for your VISA. Once you get the VISA:  Pack up your bags… Get going. 15 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  16. 16. Costs and Expenses Cost for exams and application (to approx. 8-9 universities) process is :  Rs. 80,000 – 1,00,000 Approx. Expense for VISA and preparation  Rs. 1,00,000/- Cost of Attendance:  Rs. 10 to 25 Lac. (Varies widely) Cost of living:  350$-750$ per month.  Including everything. 16 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  17. 17. Application Procedure Short listing of universities. Preparing personal documents like SOP, LOR’s, Resume. Gathering formal documents like Transcripts, Bank statement etc… Filling online application for each university. Sending application packet to each university. Ordering scores from ETS to each university. Checking status of application. Requesting for I-20. 17 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  18. 18. VISA Procedure Payment of VISA fees at HDFC bank. Filling online F-1 VISA form (DS-160 form) at the respective consulate and taking appointment for VISA interview. Submitting documents to the consulate. Payment of SEVIS fee online. Preparing all required documents. Preparing for VISA interview. 18 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  19. 19. F-1 VISA Rules and Regulations F-1 is students VISA for international students who wish to study in USA. F-1 VISA is generally given for 5 years. Your F-1 VISA status is valid as long as you are a registered students under any university or on OPT/CPT. You cannot stay back in USA for more than 3 months after graduating unless you are in OPT/CPT. 19 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  20. 20. Earning in $$$ On-Campus part time Jobs  Universities have plenty of on-campus jobs.  You can cover your cost of living by working part time.  Part time jobs will be like a library assistant, computer assistant, shift work in cafeteria etc…  TA/RA/CCA may also fall into the category of part time job. Internships  You can apply for internship or any job only after 1 year/2 semesters.  Internships can be converted into full time job if your employer has a post. 20 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  21. 21. Earning in $$$ cont… Full time jobs  During your final semester of graduation you may apply for full time jobs through respective company website.  Every semester/quarter university organizes “Career Fair” where interested companies come to campus on same day and shortlist students on basis of resume for telephonic interview.  Full time job requires H-1 VISA (Work permit in USA)  Filing for H-1 VISA will be taken care by your employer.  Package for a full time job will be 55K USD to 120K USA per annum. 21 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL
  22. 22. *DisclaimerAll information contained in this presentation are purely based on experiences of the authors besides some have been directly taken from internet. 22 Higher Education in USA ANISH GOEL