Responsible parenthood2


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presentation on responsible parenthood as well as child's rights

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Responsible parenthood2

  1. 1. ResponsibleParenthood
  2. 2. 1. What is parenthood?2. What are the characteristicsof a responsible parent?3. Give verses from the Qur’anand from the Ahadeethregarding parenthood in Islam.
  3. 3. Parenthood is an historic journeythat brings in challenge andreward in one‟s life. At the startof a journey every parent isexpected to know two essentialthings. Where is his destinationand how is he going to reachthere? Confusion or lack ofplanning in this process will endup with tragic consequences.
  4. 4. The importance of nurturingchildren, i.e., positive parenting,cannot be over emphasized.The plants in the nursery andthe children at the home andschool „nursery‟ have strikingsimilarities. The culmination of aplant is a healthy tree withflowers and fruits.
  5. 5. Parental care here does not simplymean providing children with goodfood, dress and shelter. It includesproper education and theinculcation of good behaviour andattitude toward human beings andother creation.
  6. 6. Islam wants all human beings togrow up as emissaries of Allah onearth.
  7. 7. Islam is a divine responsibility.Parental duty is at the heart ofMuslim life. In fact, every one in a Muslimfamily is jointly responsibleaccording to his role in thehouse.
  8. 8. Here comes the enormousresponsibility of the Muslim parents inthe western society. They have the twintasks or mission, which they need totake on board. Or else, they will facethe severe consequences in future.
  9. 9. On the one hand, they have toquickly improve theiradaptability in the newenvironment of the West withoutcompromising the basic Islamicprinciples, and on the other,they have to undertake greatburdens of raising their childrenin the prophetic model.
  10. 10. The goal of Islam is to createa world where man isliberated from the clutches ofJahiliyah. That includes theliberation of mind beforeanything. Islam challengeshuman mind and intellect tocome clean with objectivityso that it can think fresh.
  11. 11. Islam‟s assertive characterencourages Muslims to take a pro-active role in the intellectual andsocial enterprise. It urges Muslimsto participate, interact, engage andinfluence in society‟s commongood. It has an ultimate target ofleading humanity toward fullsubmission of Allah.
  12. 12. “O You who believe!Guard yourselves andyour households againsta Fire….[66:6]
  13. 13. If Allah guides anybody toIslam through your effort, itwill be better for you morethan red camels (i.e. betterthan any amount of wealth).Bukhari and Muslim
  14. 14. Teach your children prayersat 7 and beat them at 10and keep them apart intheir beds. (Ahmad)
  15. 15. “And those who pray ourLord grant unto us wivesand offspring who will bethe comfort of our eyesand give us the grace tolead the righteous.”(25:74)
  16. 16. When one dies his gooddeeds come to an end butthree things will go onbenefiting him. They are:an on-going charity, usefulknowledge and pious son.(Muslim)
  17. 17. "Seek God in caring forher, for if you do: you aregiven the rewards of hajj,umra and jihad. " (Anas)
  18. 18. On a similar occasion, a manconsulted the prophet on going tojihad.The prophet, knowing that themans old mother was alive said:"Then stick to her, for heaven is ather feet." (Nissa i)
  19. 19. SHUKRAN