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Evolution of Internet

Evolution of Internet

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  • 1. Web 1.02.0 3.0 The evolution
    Operations Management Project
    Submitted by:
    AnirvanSen (10P067
  • 2. Web 1.02.0 3.0 The evolution
  • 3. Web 1.02.0 3.0 The evolution
  • 4. Internet
    • Internet is a collection of interconnected computer networks
    • Search: With trillions of web pages it is tough to keep on searching
    the web manually and hence search facility became essential. It
    also provided chance to small and medium sized players to get
    noticed by the customer
    • Evaluation Activities: Companies like have started to
    evaluate and review products online, this helps in decision making
    for the consumer
    Value Added Services
  • 5.
    • Problem Solving Activities: Customers have online travel services which are served by firms such as travelocity etc
    • 6. Transaction activities: Online transactions are going to save trillions o rupees in future
    Value Added Services
  • 7. Web 1.0
  • 8. WEB 1.0
    • Internet during 1990s and early 2000s
    • 9. WWW divided into usable directories
    • 10. Websites with read only features
    • 11. Users had read only powers
    • 12. Static text and use of GIF buttons
  • It lacked
    We required
    WEB 1.0
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21.
    • It has lead to collective intelligence
    • 22. Its impact was so high that even the TV hours were decreased
    • 23. Offered more user-interface, software and storage facilities
    • 24. Other characteristics: rich user experience,, dynamic content, metadata, web standards and scalability
    WEB 2.0
  • 25.
  • 26. What are the new business models?
  • 27. WEB 2.0: Fundamental Characteristic
    • Social Networking: Structure of humans online
    • 28. It includes sub factors such as: Social Identity, Social trust, Virtual word of mouth, increased consume power
    • 29. Interaction Oriented: Ability to meet rising customer demand
    • 30. Includes: customer centricity, interaction configuration, customer response and cooperative value generation.
  • WEB 2.0: Fundamental Characteristic
    • Customization: Personalization
    • 31. It includes sub factors such as: Personal, Group and Social customization
    • 32. User Added Value
    • 33. Includes user generated content, user generated creativity, user generated innovation,
  • WEB 2.0:Characterisitcs Impacting Business Models
    • Firms need to understand different characteristics of Web 2.0 and than mould their Business Models around it
    • 34. Content: Very relevant for the firms, they should align the content on their latest offerings online with those provided offline
    • 35. Commerce: Smooth online transaction system will definitely attract more customers
  • 36.
  • 37. Sell your company
  • 38.
  • 39. How to position yourself ?
  • 40.
  • 41.
  • 42.
  • 43. Wikipedia
    • The most revolutionary project online
    • 44. It is the best example of Web2.0
    • 45. On Wikipedia, users consume as well as generate content
    • 46. There are moderators who check the quality of the content
    • 47. All the pages are interconnected and important words are hyperlinked
  • Wikipedia
    Discussion of the article
    Interactions available with the page
    Available in all these languages
    Highlighted texts are link to other Wiki pages
  • 48. IBM
    • New social networking tool called Pass It Along
    • 49. Expands the notion of social networking for employees and learners
    • 50. Advanced features such as learning paths, visual mapping and expertise profiling.
    • 51. Retain industry expertise and skills
    • 52. Integrates knowledge management, social networking and Web 2.0 concepts to
    simplify the way information is shared and consumed by users
    • Enables users to access, share and rate essential information; categorize
    • 53. Implemented a unique information access model
  • Pagalguy
    • Largest Online Community for
    MBA Aspirants
    • Admission Resources: The
    Helping Hand
    • Test Preparation Resources:
    The Learning Curve
    • Moderators: Volunteers at the
    • Moderating the Forum:
    Managing the Chaos
    • Offline Meetings: From Virtual
    to Real
  • 54. TATA Aria
    • Surprised people with a right buzz by unique marketing campaign
    • 55. Tata has used Digital expertise of Experience Commerce
    • 56. India’s first completely ONLINE teaser campaign for a vehicle was
    formulated – The Build A Dream Car Campaign.
    • Interactive platform where the participants will be asked to enter a
    contest and then be provided tools to assemble a car right from its
    engine and chassis interiors and then the whole car.
    • New website has been intuitively designed to let people know about the
    advantages and features of the components of the Aria while building
    the car
  • 57. SAP
    SCN Contributor Recognition Program
    • Over 2 million members
    • 58. Choose community - whether it's SDN,
    BPX, BOC, or UAC
    • Rewards for getting active and staying
    active on SCN
    • Topic Leaders are recognized at the end of
    each calendar year
    • SAP Mentors: Experts nominated by the
    Community and SAP
  • 59.
  • 60.
  • 61.
  • 62.
  • 63.
  • 64. WEB 2.0 Lackings
  • 65.
  • 66.
  • 67. Semantic Web Mobility
    Personalization Artificial Intelligence
  • 68.
    • Web 3.0 - the semantic web - is about the meaning of data
    • 69. Using those meaning, it can do intelligent search, reasoning and combining
    • 70. New technologies were used: RDF XML URI SPARQL XDI XRI
    WEB 3.0
  • 71.
    • Smarter Search engines will conduct specialized search and bring all the data that is most related to the user
    • 72. The context is “ME”
    • 73. Every interaction made online is recorded and search is made more personalized
  • 74.
    • We will see data being integrated and applying it into
    innovative ways that were never possible before
    • Imagine The new shopping experience
    • 75. Imagine The new travel experience
    • 76. Major web sites will be transformed into web
    • Major web sites will expose information to the
  • 77. WEB 3.0
    • Describe things in Language (use words) – XML
    • 78. Use grammar to make sense - RDF (Resource Description Framework)
    • 79. Add expression and logic to make good reasoning possible - OWL (The Web Ontology Language)
    • 80. To reason we need rules – Formulated in SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language)
  • WEB 3.0 Semantic Web
    This is a stamp
    In 1980 you could buy this stamp for 1 cent
    Now it’s worth 3 euros
    Semantic Web Example: The stamp is tagged with different phrases, which are logically connected to make sense
    This stamp is from the United Kingdom
    This stamp is used between 1978 - 1981
    The picture on the stamp is a PO Box
    This stamp is designed by John Bryan Dunmore
  • 81. Web 3.0 Artificial Intelligence
    • An extension of the Semantic web concept
    • 82. Academic research is being conducted to develop software for
    reasoning, based on description logic and intelligent agents,
    for example, the ''World Wide Mind'' project
    • Companies such as IBM and Google are implementing new
    technologies that are yielding surprising information
  • 83. Web 3.0 – Software Development
    • SaaS apps can be developed, deployed, and evolved far more
    quickly and cost-effectively than traditional software of the
    client-server era
    • CIOs finally break through the innovation backlog created by
    the cost and complexity of maintaining client-server apps
  • 84. Web 3.0 Global Development
    • All you need to create an application is an idea, others can
    then add their talent
    • Every developer around the world can access the same
    powerful cloud infrastructures
    • Because code lives in the cloud, global talent pools can
    contribute to it
    • Because it runs in the cloud, a truly global market can
    subscribe to it as a service
  • 85.
    • RSS and rich Internet applications can enter directly into networks
    • 86. Non-static Web content makes identification difficult
    • 87. High bandwidth use can hinder availability
    • 88. User-generated content is difficult to contain
  • 89.
    • Dynamic and Scripted Web Malware Protection-protects against legacy file-based attacks as well as Web scripts and dynamic threats that evade traditional antivirus
    • 90. Data Loss Prevention and Compliance Controls-establishes the controls needed to enable outbound communications to destinations like Web mail and social networks while meeting compliance mandates to control disclosure of sensitive data
    • 91. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) –reduce the number of appliances, management systems, and vendors that must be supported across the enterprise.
  • 92.
    • Which data will be trusted and which pieces of functionality actually do what they say they do?
    • 93. Challenges that remain open include revoking identities, privacy concerns, and figuring out how to evolve trust over time
    • 94. Attackers can literally play with the "minds" of Web 3.0 apps by falsifying XML data
    • 95. Control over data generated by interaction of several databases
    • 96. Chance of creating data ambiguity.
  • 97.
    • It puts the customer first in all respects
    • 98. tracks your browsing and buying trends
    • 99. creates a unique customer experience tailored to you
    • 100. Amazon S3: This is a highly scalable storage solution based on their proprietary technology.
    • 101. Self-publishing books: Need to self-publish? Use Amazon's platform to get a book out into the universe!
  • 102.
    • Amazon reviews: This feature encourages user interaction in rating different products and writing reviews. Amazon was among the first to offer reviews
    • 103. Mobile site: In addition to, the company operates a site that can be better viewed from a cellphone browser than can the regular site
    • 104. Testing: Its technology team is constantly tweaking and making things better
  • 105. iGoogle
    This search is tracked and the content that is mostly searched comes on the top
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