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Reaching relevant people online   nasscom

Reaching relevant people online nasscom






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  • http://www.comscore.com/Insights/Press_Releases/2012/5/Introducing_Mobile_Metrix_2_Insight_into_Mobile_Behavior
  • Right hand ads will no longer be available with YouTube re-design

Reaching relevant people online   nasscom Reaching relevant people online nasscom Presentation Transcript

  • Reaching relevant people online Aniruddh Jain
  • Intro • Graduated with a B.Tech from IIT-G • Started first company in fuel cells at CIIE, IIMA • Pivoted to Power Data Analytics firm by end of first year working with Tata Power and Reliance Energy • Exited in 2012 • Joined as Marketing head for an education startup • Left startup to join Google Large Customer Sales
  • Clients I work with
  • Current State of the Internet
  • Internet in India – Significant Mass & Growing Source: Comscore; Indian Census; IAMAI Reports Indians across the country are online Internet users are from tier 2/3 towns Penetration in Urban India 150mn 51%30% Mobile Internet Users in India 87mn
  • 60%40% Online Users – India’s core consuming class Source: IAMAI Report Of urban internet users are SEC A/B 60%15-24 yrs, 37% 25-34 yrs, 38% 35-44 yrs, 16% 45-54 yrs, 6% 55+ yrs, 3% Total Pop : 1.2B Urban (12+) : 240M Urban Internet : ~99M SEC A/B (15-44): 50M Women’s presence online is increasing Key consuming class is already online 75% are between 15- 34 years of age
  • And their consumption of digital is increasing at a phenomenal pace Source: Google Internal Data 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 10x growth in the last 5 years 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 250x growth in the last 5 years
  • 60mn people will have Smartphones in 2013 Source: Canalys Q3’12 APAC PC Client Forecast 22M 36M 58M 91M 134M 181M 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  • Source: Google Internal Data 1 video played for every 2.5 search queries 28% of all videos are being consumed on mobile devices
  • The Many Faces of Marketing Online • SEO • Blogs • Paid Reviews • PR • Search • Display Banners • Video • Mobile
  • Paid Vs Free (Pros and Cons) • Precise reach (demographic, location, device) • Efficient (more bang per buck) • Leveraging different mediums/devices instead of sticking to just blog posts/articles • Extended reach beyond organic • It’s paid  • May sometimes lead to ad blindness • For some people, less convincing than inbound content • Only resources required are time and effort • Pays over multiple times • In some cases, is more convincing than paid marketing, hence a better rate of qualified leads • Very limited volumes • Tougher and tougher for good content to get heard • Not targeted enough, spillover issues • Process largely not predictable Free ConsPros Paid
  • Types of Marketing • Awareness/Brand Building (Metrics: Impressions, Reach, SEC A/B, GRP/CPRP; Mediums: TV, Radio, OOH, Online Video) • Strategic/Lead gen (Metrics: CPA, Conv Volume, Quality of leads; Mediums: Search, Print)
  • Collecting leads online
  • Anatomy of an online conversion Impressions Clicks/Site traffic/Visitors Sign- ups/Conversions Increase no. of impressions - By increasing reach through broader targeting - By higher budgets/bids Increase no. of clicks (CTR) - Through better/convincing/more relevant ad copy - Showing more site entry points per ad or per impression Increase sign-ups (conversion rate) - Better landing page quality (design, social proof, free trial) - Increasing site speed - Reducing bounce rates by being relevant
  • What products to use? • Google Search [Search] • Sitelinks [Search] • RLSA [Search] • PLA [Search] • DSA [Search] • Affinity/In-market [Display] • Call extensions [Mobile] • Location extensions [Mobile]
  • Google Search – 3 pillars Brand • Low Volumes • Best Conversion rate (~2-10%) Category • Very high volumes • Average conv rate (~0.5-1%) Competition • Medium volumes • Minimal conv rates (~0.1-0.2%)
  • Ad Rank ∞ Q.S. X Max C.P.C. CTR Ad relevancy LPQ Conv Rate Better position = better CTRs Top slots = 5-10x Side slots
  • Three line: 40% average CTR lift One line: 17% average CTR lift Help customers navigate to your site faster, driving more volume at higher conversion rates Ad Sitelinks Mobile: 30% average CTR lift
  • Diversify your messaging and direct customers to the most relevant online destinations Ad Sitelinks Give customers a choice of offers (demos, whitepapers, videos, tr ials) to align with their stage in the purchase process Help customers self- identify business size or industry
  • An easy, scalable and convenient way for advertisers to display their products to interested customers on Google.com Product Listing Ads • Can be up 5 PLAs on the top ad slot and up to 8 in the right hand ad slot • PLAs display a product title, price, image, merchant and promo messages (optional) Top Right
  • Social Extensions • Social extensions link your Google+ page to your ads to combine +1’s and follows from your ads, searches, Google+ page, and homepage • Extensions available for search and display ads 5-10% avg. search ad CTR uplift Source: Google Internal Data, March 2012 “Socialize” your ads and harness the power of personal recommendations by connecting your Google+ Page with search ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads Drive incremental site traffic without building long lists of keywords AdWords for Video adwords.google.com/video Want to grow your business? Create your ad campaign today! Headline dynamically generated Ad template written by you • Instead of choosing keywords, ads and landing pages, advertisers develop an ad template and a max CPC bid, and their sites are crawled and indexed using similar technologies to Google natural search • When a relevant search occurs, Google dynamically generates an ad with a headline based on the query, and the text based on your most relevant landing page
  • Remarketing for Search Ads Ads are mocks used for examples purposes only Optimize search ads based on customers’ past site behavior Create a list of users who visit your site by inserting a few lines of code onto key pages, that will create lists of users who visit these pages. Click Collect Customize Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Remarket to users who visited the Google Jobs site when they later perform relevant searches on Google.com. Apply a user list to a Google search ad group to restrict traffic to only that list of users. When they search on Google.com, serve an ad with a customized message
  • Remarketing for Search Ads Segment your messaging based on a searcher’s previous actions How it works Pixel placed on your site (or Google Tag Mgr – see Appendix) “Audience” list of visitors RLSA Targeted AdWords search campaigns Targeted GDN ads
  • Remarketing for Search Ads Ads are mocks used for examples purposes only Segment your messaging based on a searcher’s previous actions IT Decision Maker Business analytics1 SAS Business Analytics www.sas.com/analytics Deliver Actionable Insights. Download Whitepaper Today to Learn More! Business analytics SAS Analytics Demo www.sas.com/analytics Watch a Demonstration of SAS Business Analytics Solution in Action! Key Benefits: Expand your reach, improve targeting, enhance performance and avoid duplicative ads Business analytics2 Business analytics
  • Remarketing for Search Ads Optimize search ads based on customers’ past site behavior Remarketing for Search Ads enables advertiser to adjust their based on whether a customer has previously visited a specific page Bids Creatives Keywords Keyword 2 Keyword 1 Keyword 3
  • Google Mobile Advertising Solutions Ads in Search Ads in Apps Ads in VideoAds in Sites
  • Mobile Targeting Capabilities Remarketing Demographic & Psychographic Content CategoriesDevice, OS, Carrier Keyword TargetingLocation
  • Help customers find your locations with an ad extension that shows your businesses as a blue pin directly within a map on Google.com Location Extensions Mobile Example Format Desktop Example Format
  • Airport Targeting Target customers in transit at specific airports • Over 350 airports available to target • Available for search and display ads across desktop, tablet and mobile phone
  • Mobile Conversion Strategies Generate leads with Communication Ads Showcase inventory with Product Listing Ads Direct customers to specific pages with Sitelinks
  • “AdMob CPC” app targeting Reach Them Leveraging Existing Ad Units Tablets use most of the standard IAB ad units including 300x250, 468x60, 728x90, and can be text based or image Run banner ads across the AdMob app network to drive traffic and engagement Reach Them Where They Are For every 5 minutes spent on a mobile device, 4 of them are spent in apps Source: ComScore Source: ThinkB2B Google/Compete Tech B2B Study, 2010 Reach C-Level Executives The C-Suite averages 4+ devices; compared to all other executives who average 2.28
  • Click to Call Ad Formats Connect with customers directly over the phone, making it easy for customers to reach you Display Text Landing Page Search Ad
  • Click to Call for Mobile Show a clickable phone number and url, making it easy for customers to reach you Search In App Reach customers who want to call your business when searching or when in an app
  • Drive Digital Downloads with Google Elevator Pitch Key Products to Use • 70% of Android & iOS users spend an average of 81 min a day using apps* • Reach high-intent consumers who are searching for your business or browsing the mobile web and using apps • Click-to-download ads allow users to click through to the app market to download your app or digital product. Works across Search & GDN • App Extensions allow users to click through to your website from the ad headline or to the app market via an ad extension to download your app Drive downloads or sales of digital goods such as apps, books, music, and movies Best Practices • Use AdWords Conversion Tracking to track app downloads resulting from your ads • Reach the right audience with granular mobile-specific targeting: OS, OS version, device, carriers and specific apps • Track and optimize ROI across keywords and placements Source: comScore, Alexa and Flurry Analytics, 2011
  • Mobile Remarketing Click & App Remarketing enables advertisers to reengage customers Customer clicks your ad and performs x Retarget for additional desired action Automatically generate retargeting lists Customer installs and opens your app Remarket for in-app activity Automatically generate remarketing lists Click Remarketing App Remarketing
  • Building a Brand Online
  • Which products to use? • Video • Banner Ads • Remarketing
  • Reach the right person at the right time in the right place Interest Categories: Show ads based on inferred interests & demographics Geography: Show ads on based on city or state Placements: Show ads on websites that you select Keywords: Precisely match messaging to page content Topics: Show ads on sites that cater to specific topics Remarketing: Show ads to those who previously expressed interest
  • The art of brand building meets the science of performance marketing Control Reach the perfect audience Targeting Use multiple formats to tell your brand’s story Creative Receive real-time reports capturing user feedback Measurement Bid and pay only for user engagement Bidding
  • Google Display Network Can Target Both Content & Audience Placement Targeting Topic Targeting Remarketing Interest Category Marketing Target Content Target Audience AwarenessDemandGeneration Keyword Contextual Targeting
  • • Ads are served on premium and long-tail sites you hand pick • Example Placements: Forbes.com, allbusiness.com, nytimes.com, businessinsider.com Hand select the sites where your ads will show Placement Targeting
  • Target ads based on categories of interest to your customers Topic Targeting Enterprise Technology 1Alternative to selecting individual sites Data Management Networking 2 Over 1750 Topics
  • • Google uses keywords and themes to find the right placements, showing your ads on pages that are the most suitable match for your message • Leverage search keyword to build comprehensive targeting lists based on advertiser defined themes Target ads to consumers based on the content they’re reading Keyword Contextual Targeting
  • Interest Category Targeting 500M+ daily global internet users 1000+ interest categories All Ad Formats including text 100s of Billions impressions monthly It’s Big It’s Intelligent Types of sites Frequency of visits Recent visits Pricing Real-time auction No added cost for audience data
  • Reach those who have previously visited related sites Interest Category Targeting Suggested Interest Categories: • Data Management • Enterprise Technology • Business Operations – Management • Business and Productivity Software
  • 500Musers served hundreds of billions of impressions every month Instantly Re-engage lost customers 84%of people on a typical remarketing list And At ScaleReach Them QuicklyReach More Users… 97% of new site visitors don’t convert on the first visit to your site Remarketing
  • Remarketing Advantages Reach, Frequency, Diversity Pricing, Transparency, Control Google Remarketing: A Complete Solution to Find Your Customers Performance Levers Auto Optimization Dynamic Creative Similar Users Custom Combinations Share of Users List Splitting Audience Intelligence Audience Composition Reports Share of Users Real Time Enhancements Real Time Lists Real Time Bidding Real Time Optimizations
  • YouTube Ad Products
  • 80%60%40%20% 100%0 Female Male Total Internet YouTube YouTube Demographics in India 80%60%40%20% 100%0 55+ 45-54 35-44 25-34 15-24 Gender Persons -Age YouTube in India YouTube India Total Unique Visitors per Month 42 Million Total videos views every month 2.1 Billion Average Daily Visitors per Month 5.2 Million Average Minutes per visit 13.6 minutes Average visits per visitor per month 6.5 % Reach 54% % SEC AB 70% Source: YouTube Internal Data, ComScore Total Internet YouTube YouTube: Fast becoming the global video destination
  • DailyWatchTime(MillionHours) 4.3 2.8 1.6 1.6 1.2 0.7 0.3 YouTube poised to be among top 5 TV channels in 2014
  • TrueView Product Suite Efficiently ignite video views with cost per view media where customers have a choice whether to view the video TrueView IN-DISPLAY Users choose to view or skip your In Stream ad Users choose to view your ad out of three ads shown Users choose to click through to view your video while searching on YouTube Users choose to view your video while on relevant sites across the web
  • TrueView In-Stream Give potential customers a choice when and how they view your message with this skippable video ad • Before their selected video play, viewers see a video ad for 5 seconds and then can choose to skip or continue watching the ad • Advertisers are charged only when viewers watch 30 seconds of the ad and/or watch the entire ad • Targeting options: Keyword, Category, Placement, D emographic and Interest-based (IBA)
  • TrueView In-Search Promote videos against relevant search results to reach customers who are searching for related videos • Ad appears above YouTube organic search results • Advertisers only pay when people click the ad and begin watching the video • Targeting options: Keyword (incl. language and geographic) • Bonus Call to Action ads can appear in watched video ads
  • TrueView In-Slate Give potential customers a choice when and how they view your message with this skippable video ad • Before video plays, viewers choose either to watch an ad from one of three different advertisers, or to see regular commercial breaks during the video • Advertisers are charged only when viewers watch their ads • Targeting options: Keyword, Category, Placement, Demographic and Interest- based (IBA)
  • TrueView In-Display Target relevant video Watch Pages to capture the attention of an already- engaged audience • Ads appear on the YouTube Watch page where viewers are already watching videos • Advertisers only pay when people click the ad and begin watching the video • Targeting options: Keyword, Category, Placement, Demographic, and Interest- based (IBA)
  • Thank You 