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Ak softtech profile

  1. 1. • AKSofttech provides professional services for clients all over the world. We payattention to the details and provide the technology and tools with the speed andefficiency to help you meet your goals. Analysis of your business processes gives us abetter understanding of your business targets, so our products and services arealways targeted and helps you achieve goals faster.• AKSofttech provides services like software development, online projects,programming, web designing, hardware & networking and consulting to projectimplementation and support.•AKSofttech provides you with wide range of proven utilities for managinginformation, taking control over your business, analyzing different statistics andsetting access levels for different aspects of it.
  2. 2.  Well developed Infrastructure for round the clock working and round the clock customer support. Technically Sound Team of Designers, Software Developers, Testers & Business Development Authorities. Specialize in e-commerce solutions, custom application development and application integration in ASP. Net , Ms Active-X technology, Ajax Extension, Web Grid, JavaScript Languages. A K Softtech is being supported by Strong R & D team of experts for innovative software product development, that allows you to cut production costs without the need to compromise on working speed or quality of your business operations.
  3. 3.  Assistance to Client throughout the software development phase and whenever required. Training to client’s Staff as & when required. A K Softtech team offers those solutions that will benefit the Clients with tractability, cycle time reduction and flexible application delivery capabilities.
  4. 4.  Developed Ongoing
  5. 5.  Lifestyle  Logistics CCBS  Online examination R & B Services (Manpower  PKM Network marketing Recruitment Solution).  Driving school A1 Greetings.  Tiles Money care  Treading software NSIC  Hotel Management System College atomization software  And many more…….
  6. 6. This Web based application is developed for online shopping of Cloths forgents, ladies and kids and it also provides bill of purchased items. Basically theproject can be used by both the administrator and the user according to their needsand convenience. It is an online shopping application of an existing Store, added toexpand its network and also to increase sales of his product. The whole system will be controlled by an administrator who can changeinformation’s and details on the site whenever required. Detail’s includes change inprices, discounts, special season offers etc. All these changes will affect the prices ofproducts immediately. Due to ample availability of internet now a days in every part of the world theprocedure is very economical.
  7. 7. This Web based application is developed specially to cater the need of allConstruction & Real Estate Companies . CCBS is basically Database based web application. CCBS has recently achievedencouraging results from construction & Real estate companies .CCBS performs all database operators which facilitates in various department such asFinancial management, Property management, Client management, Materialmanagement , Transport management, Legal Management etc.CCBS manages all records which is required for storing and performing necessaryoperations on the data. CCBS has an enormously reduced complexity and time whilehandling large amount of data. This Web based application is developed in ASP. Net using C# & SQL server2005 to enable not only the User to easily View useful information from databasebut also performs necessary operations on database.
  8. 8. This Web based application is to be developed for the Clients andJobseekers . It provides list of desired jobs to Jobseekers. This web based application is used by Administrator, clients and Jobseekers,But only Administrator has rights to go through the resumes posted by jobseekersand requirements posted by clients. Admin matches the requirements withresumes of jobseekers and send reply to respective jobseekers. Using this web based application clients can post job requirements toadministrator and get reply from admin regarding the same. Using this website Jobseekers can post resume and search for currentopenings for area of interest. He/she can apply for jobs in particular field and getalert of current openings for similar kind of vacancies.
  9. 9. This Website is being developed for Sending Online Greeting Cards.This website is used by Administrator, Normal Users and Registered Users.Administrator has rights to change Greetings & its related Information andUpload New Greetings on the site. Greeting cards can be used for almost all occasions, only thing is thatyou should select the appropriate card, attractive color, design or picture alongwith the printed message or your own massage, which will reveal youraffection. As Greeting cards are available for many reasons, occasions andhence there are many types of Greeting Cards available on this Website. A1-Greetings can be as simple or creative as you like With thecontinually growing popularity of the Internet and the advancements made intechnology, it makes perfect sense that E-greeting cards have become a usualway to keeping in touch with Loving Ones.
  10. 10. This is windows based application. Money Care is a Financial Engineerssolution. Its single minded dedication is towards Portfolio Management in itstrue sense, devoid of frequent churnings and unwanted clutter in the name oftrading opportunities. Various modules of this project are Contacts, Portfolio,Utilities, Reports & Email. In money care we have provided 3 levels of authentication i.e. Userwho can view his profile , Admin who can make entry of user and view reportsas per requirement and Superadmin who can create, modify and delete therecords i.e. he is having all the rights. In this project client details aremaintained and various reports are shown as date wise, area wise criteria. Money Care believes that safety, Liquidity Returns and Tax efficiency arethe four pillars of Financial Engineering.
  11. 11. This is windows based application for National Small scale IndustriesCorporation. In this application we have covered the client details and the loandetails of the client. In our application the interest will get calculatedautomatically according to the interest rate set by the superadmin. Using thisapplication we can view various reports such as Clients yearly interest paid,bank guarantee and outstanding reports and many more. We have given the same 3 level of authentication in this applicationalso. We have also given the alert messages about the clients whose due dateis coming closer to the current date. This is very user friendly applicationdeveloped in C# .NET as front end and SQL server 2005 as back end.
  12. 12. This Software is specially designed for colleges to maintain their numerous records and database on their finger tips. College management has to manage a lot of events and activities at the same time and this leads to shortfall of time. We have provided 3 levels of authentication in this application as below superadmin (add, edit, view, delete) admin (add, edit, view) user (add, view)Various modules which we have covered in this applications are:- Management  Library section  Training and Placement Administration section Accounts section  Storage Section Students section  Miscellaneous Section Staff section
  13. 13. This web based application is developed for transportation of goods. theelements of which include inventories, packing, forwarding, freight, storageand handling. Logistics is responsible for all the movement that takes placewithin the organization whether it is inbound logistics of incoming, rawmaterials or movement within the company or the physical distribution offinished goods, logistics encompasses all of these. This website is not only tosatisfy the employees but also to help “E-Logistics management”. Logistics has reduced redundancy & time. Logistics provides easymaintenance of clients, employee database.
  14. 14. This Website is being developed especially for the students. By usingthis web site students are able to register online and by selecting the particularcourse he / she will get the online e-material for the study purpose and on thatsyllabus he / she can give exam online and the result of which is get displayedafter the exam. As in case of other application here in this application also the 3 levels ofauthentications are provided. In this application we are also given the facility to download theparticular course e-books which are required for the students on any oneonline.
  15. 15. PKM Network Marketing is a chain marketing, which gives opportunityto earn money and to build an exclusive business. PKM Network Marketingaspire to enrich our distributors - our people to become fully insured andfocused to achieve financial freedom through PKM Network Marketing.Together we are committed to provide you with time tested, global brands infinancial solutions that provide you all the security and best returns for yourinvestments PKM Network Marketing provides software application for Memberssuch as online registration, calculating & viewing members pairs, commissions& gifts. PKM Network Marketing has enabled people to have a business of theirown. The Company mission is to provide a better tomorrow, the security andinfusing quality of life to our Members and their families
  16. 16. Driving School is a web based software, which maintains all records ofvehicles. This application used to add records related to vehicles, student &employee. All daily transactions are also handled through this application anddebit, credit & salary part are done through account section. It provides facilityto take printout of RTO forms through this application and user can also getinformation of driving rule from RTO forms. This software provides the registration of new student entry and alsomaintains batch timing of students & employees. It provides employeemanagement and account management also. This software maintains in timeand out time of students and employees.
  17. 17. Tiles is a web based software. This software makes various designs oftiles as per users choice. This software maintains all records of tiles designwhich had bought to costumer. Each design has pattern number. So that usercan easily find selected pattern of tile designs. In this software user can select different tiles and see preview of thatdesign. This software also shows zoom images of tiles, as per clientsrequirement it has given formula to calculate approximate quantity of tiles asper room size. Calculation of bill is also done by very simple & accuratemethod. This software is very user friendly, any user can easily use thissoftware without any difficulties. This project is a guideline for InteriorDesigning purpose.
  18. 18. This is web based application. In this application also we have given the3 levels of authentication as other web based applications. In the treadingapplication we maintain the records of client & supplier, and various modulesin the treading application are as follows  Customer and supplier details  Sales  Purchase  Inventory  Accounting  Various reports.
  19. 19.  This application is specially for Hotels. There are number of departments and we can provide different authentications to them. This Web based application is mainly for hotels to manage the various departments to serve their main motive “Customer Satisfaction”. We are suppose to provide following features in this web based application.  Easy maintenance of customer database.  Time saving.  User friendliness .  Accounting.  Inventory control.  Reduce redundancy.
  20. 20.  Software for Petrol Pump & Gas station. Project for transportation agency. Vidharbha youth Organizations (“Yuva sansad”) Roster Automation System
  21. 21. This Software is being develop for Managing Transactions on Petrol Pumpand Gas stations . This software maintains all the data related to Purchase, Sale& Accounting throughout . This Software gives alert to the Admin when stockgoes below cut off level. Account Management maintains the account of Purchase & Sale of Stock,Employee Salary & Other. Expenses. This Software also provides Bill to Consumer as & when Required.
  22. 22.  This application is specially for transportation industry to maintain the records of the daily transactions total accounting and various aspects. We are suppose to handle the accounting part in this module, which include Bank related transactions, loan details, agent or broker details etc. We are also going to manage the cost incurred on the maintenance of vehicles. This Web based application is being developed in ASP. Net using C# & SQL server 2005 to enable not only the User to easily View useful information from database but also performs necessary operations on database.
  23. 23.  This web site is developed for the searching solutions of various problems in Vidharbha Involving youths of Vidharbha in main development flow To give direction to Intellectual man power, otherwise motivation, youth by giving education about Parliamentary System .
  24. 24. This system is mainly developed for the calculation of the allotment of seats and promotion order according to the government rule for the bifurcation of seats.Once the government criteria is submitted in the database using the rule system will automatically calculate the seats bifurcation andIn this system we will generate various reports as Total sanctioned posts, total category wise bifurcation and many more.We are also maintaining the records of the employees.
  25. 25. http://www.aksofttech.com mail us at: sales@aksofttech.com hr@aksofttech.com Call us at +91 0712-2227415