A Prayer For a New Year
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A Prayer For a New Year



May 2012 be a year of blessings

May 2012 be a year of blessings



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A Prayer For a New Year A Prayer For a New Year Presentation Transcript

  • A PrayerFor a New Year
  • Good and gracious God,2011 was not the year we hoped it to be.
  • Before we begin this new yearremind us that we should never besatisfiedwith any year.
  • Remind us that the pursuitof heaven on earth should always beour goal.Remind us that while that goalalways seems to be beyond our reach,we are called to reach for it non-the-less.
  • Remind us that when our armsseem to be about to fall out of theirsocketsbecause we must stretch ourselves so farto reach and pull this planet towardyour peaceable kin-dom here on Earth…
  • Remind us that you are with us,that you will strengthen us,that you still call us,to a better,higher,more acceptableway.
  • Giving God,May 2012 be a year of blessings.Not necessarily on ourselves,but on those in need.
  • For too many peoplecome into the new yeareating black-eyed peas and leafy greensas a way to bring about prosperity-failing to recognize the abudanceyou have already planted in their lives.
  • In this false sense of lacking,all too frequently, we find ourselvesholding back from giving as freelyas you call as to do.
  • May 2012 be a year of blessings.May we recognize the blessings we have,and share so abundantly of themthat others, whose lives might be trulylacking,may more fully know the abundanceand blessings of your creation,and the extent of your graciousness.
  • Healing God,Far too many in this world,lack the basics of life.Basics that should be consideredhuman rights.In 2012 may we open our eyes to theconnectednessof life.
  • By your design, in the words of Dr. King,“We are caught in an inescapable networkof mutuality...”which means “Injustice anywhere isa threat to justice everywhere.”
  • Far too many suffer from the injusticeof not having their basic needs met,their fundamental human rights met;
  • clean water,enough food,safety,a roof under which to sleep,access to health care,the right to be treated withdignity,the right to be treated equally,
  • freedom from slavery,freedom fromdiscrimination,access to education,reasonable privacy,life,the pursuit of happiness.
  • Help us to not only recognize these rights,but to recognize that whenany lack in them,it is a threat to all of your Creation.
  • Encourage us to pursue access for allpeopleto these basic human rights...May we “not be satisfieduntil justice rolls down like watersand righteousnesslike a mighty stream.”
  • God of all wisdom,guide us in 2012, .for we have lost our way.In the fundamentalism of this world,we have lost sight of the fundamentals ofwho you call us to beand the fundamentals of a peaceable kin-dom realized.
  • Call us back from our Earthly desires ofpower, prestige and self-promotionand return us to the pursuit ofthe Divine image in whose likenesswe were formed.
  • May 2012 be the year of our pursuit ofhope,grace,peace,love....May 2012 be the year of our earnestpursuit ofYou.AMEN
  • Prayer by Mark A. Sandlin Used with permission thegodarticle.com Music: Secret Garden PPS A..a