Brand audit idea!


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Brand audit idea!

  1. 1. Brand Audit QuestionnaireDear Sir/MadamWe are MBA students of School of Management, KIIT University, working on Brand Audit of Idea Cellular .We would be grateful if you could spare few minutes and answer this questionnaire. This is solely foracademic purpose.Name: Age:Occupation: Sex:1. What Cell phone service provider do you subscribe to? a) Idea b) Vodafone c) Airtel d) Reliance e) Tata f) Other2. If you are unhappy with your cellular operator then what action you take up? a) Change your sim b) Number portability c) Tell customer care d) Tell others not to take that sim3. If you are willing to switch cellular operator then which operator will you prefer? a) Aircel b) Vodafone c) Idea d) BSNL e) Tata Docomo f) Airtel g) Other____________________4. Try filling up the missing letters below for these brand names a) Id __ a b) B__N__ c) A__rt__l d) __o__af__n__ d) A__rc__l f) D__CO__o5. Try to associate the logos with cellular operator
  2. 2. 6. What comes to your mind when you think of Idea cellular? ________________________________________________________________________________7. If the brand were to come alive as a person, what would it be like (You can give the name of any known personality with his or her characteristics)? What would it talk about? _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________8. Rate the Idea Cellular service on the scale of 1-5 (where 1- worst and 5 - Excellent) over following parameters: a) Call charges b) Roaming facility c) Schemes d) Customer care e) Coverage f) Quality of service g) Problem of call drop or connectivity9. What impedes Idea Cellular from being the best Cell phone service provider? a) Coverage & Voice clarity b) Customer Service quality c) Pricing d) Schemes e) Others________________________10. Please rate Idea Cellular on following parameters? a) Quality of connection b) Quality of customer care c) Coverage Strength d) Quality of billing service e) Availability(Obtaining new connection and recharge vouchers) f) Cost of new connection g) Cost of continuing existing connection12. Rank the following Cellular service providers in order of preference from 1 to 5? a) Airtel b) Vodafone c) Idea d) Tata Docomo e) Aircel13. Identify the brand based on their Tagline Tagline Brand NameExpress YourselfMake the most of nowAn idea can change your lifeConnecting IndiaDo the new14. Which brand personality traits do these following brands describe?
  3. 3. Personality traits Vodafone Idea Aircel Airtel BSNLDown to earthCheerfulImaginativeUp to dateReliableIntelligentSuccessfulHonest15. For which brand or brands are the following statement true?Statements Vodafone Idea Aircel BSNL AirtelAlways maintains a high level of qualityWorth its priceI prefer this brandI recommend this to othersIt has something that other brands do not haveIt gives me a feeling of pride and confidenceI am a loyal user of this brandI trust this brand very muchI intend to go on using this brand in future16. What suggestions do you like to give to the Idea Cellular?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________We are very thankful to you for this cooperation. We hope all the information that you have given in thequestionnaire is in accordance to your best expertise. Thank You!