Online passport Registration


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This is a presentation showing the layout , Description and the tool used in the same project.

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Online passport Registration

  1. 1. ANIMESH KUMAR MISHRA CSE-IIIrd Year (1150110002)
  2. 2. (Includes: Registration page & Its Backend)
  3. 3. Contents • Introduction • Complete Layout of the Application to be Designed • Technologies used • Backend Queries • Implementation methodology • Conclusion
  4. 4. Introduction to “Online Passport Registration Process” The purpose of the project is to present the requirement of the Computerization of passport registration. It does almost every work which is related to passport registration such as addition of new record manipulation, authentication.., It has been proposed to reduce manual work, improving work efficiency, saving time and to provide greater flexibility and user-friendliness as the system previously followed was totally manual one with lots of errors.
  5. 5. Layout: Frontend (Registration page for the “online Passport Registration”) Home Online Services Contact Us The Homepage of Website Shows the Complete Salient features of online passport with its useful links. And, Also it will describe the History & About us links for the same. This Link will Include the further three Links, this link is purposely to visit the online registration page or to check the status of the same. This Link includes the Address of Communication cum telephone nos.
  6. 6. Online Services Update information on Existing passport Register online for a new passport Check Status for your passport
  7. 7. Register online for a new passport 1.) Given Name (Max. 35-characters)*: 2.) Surname (Max. 35-characters)*: 3.) Have you ever been known by other names? (aliases)*: 4.) Have you ever changed your name?* 5.) Date of Birth*: 6.) Place of Birth (village/town/city)*: 7.) State/UT (if born in Nation): 8.) District (If born in Nation): 9.) Country (If born abroad): 10.) Gender*: ○ Male ○ Female 11.) Marital Status*: ○ Widow/Widower ○ Divorced ○ Married ○ Single ○ Separated 12.) Citizenship of the Nation*: ○ Birth ○ Registration/Neutralization ○ Descent 1/2
  8. 8. Register online for a new passport 2/2 13.) PAN (If available): 14.) Voter Id (If available): 15.) Employment Type* : ○ Government ○ PSO ○ Statuary Body ○ Retired Government Servant ○ Student ○ Self Employed ○ Others 16.) Is Either of your parent (in case of minor)/ Spouse, a government servant?* ○ Yes ○ No 17.) Educational Qualification*: ○ Graduate and Above ○ 5th pass or Less ○ Between 6th and 9th Standard ○ 10th Pass and Above 18.) Aadhaar Number (If available): Submit
  9. 9. Tools & Technologies Used ASP.NET for the Frontend Web Designing. SQL Server 2012 for the Backend (or database) Designing.
  10. 10. Backend Design On SQL Server Language Used :- SQL (Structured Query language) Query used:-  Create table Client_passport (GivenName varchar2(35), SurName varchar2(35), Date_of_Birth varchar2(10), Place_of_Birth varchar2(25),State varchar2(25), District varchar2(25), Country varchar2(35), Gender varchar2(10), Marital_status varchar2(25), Citizenship_of_India varchar2(25), PAN varchar2(25), Voter_Id varchar2(35), Employement_type varchar2(45),Educational_Qualification varchar2(35), Aadhaar_no. varchar2(45));  Insert into Client_passport values (‘&a’,’&b’,’&c’,’&d’,’&e’,’&f’,’&g’,’&h’,’&I’,’&j’,’&k’,’&l’,’&m’,’&n’,’&o’);
  11. 11. Implementation Methodology (Connectivity of Frontend with Database) abaseDatabase Frontend (Web- Page) Connectivity
  12. 12. Conclusion This web Application is Suitable for the purpose of Online passport Registration.
  13. 13. References • detais#ixzz2erTrBjoN • • ASP.NET 2.0 (Willey Dreamtech Publications) • • • My Class coordinator : Er. Maalvika Gupta • Head of Department (CSE/IT, RVIT): Ms. Pooja Verma • Rajat Kumar •