Where Angels Fear to Tread: Prologue pt.1


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Every event has to start somewhere...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Prologue pt.1

  1. 1. I can’t say I was surprised when the order came down, it was time. We had known for decades that this event would soon change the course of history for everyone. “You need to end something before you can begin anew.” They told us that time and time again, but never once was I expecting them to call on me to be the one who ends it all. I had chosen the woman who would bring into the world the one who would begin to rebuild things as we had predicted so long ago. She would be the mother of the Founder, the one being of all the mortals who would have the power needed. I was just supposed to plant the seed in her and then let things take their natural course and that was the end of it, I didn’t expect that I would learn to care for her…an angel of death is not supposed to succumb to the temptations of mortals…but I did. How was I supposed to know she wasn’t an ordinary woman? I mean she isn’t even mortal herself, she’s a being called a simself. No one told me that when I planted the seed in her…that changes everything. The Founder will be born with more power than we had predicted he’d have, and how will that change things? What can I do now? What should I do now? This wasn’t in the plan…
  2. 2. Did I know that she was special? Of course not, my job was to plant the seed and let it be. We needed a Founder to be born with the power to stop the Apocalypse that was coming. She was the mortal link to them, the one who would raise the Founder so the restoration could begin. Michael chose me to be the angel who would “father” the Founder in the mortal world via my Grim Reaper form. That meant someone had to die so I could get close to her to begin…
  3. 3. So why can’t I stop watching her? The job is done, the seed has been planted; but yet I can’t stop watching her. Her music is beautiful, she has a true talent for it. And she can dance, I’ve seen her dance; it’s incredible. But I have to remember, I’m an angel of death we aren’t supposed to get attached to the mortals. Although, she’s no mere mortal is she?
  4. 4. If Michael finds out that I’m still obsessed with her, he’ll cast me out of Heaven. I’ll be stripped of my power and made mortal, a Fallen Angel. We angels of death are never really put high on the priority list of angels that Heaven needs, so the loss of one is hardly going to matter much. Would I give up my wings for her? I want to say yes…
  5. 5. Until I get to know her, all I can do is watch. Watch her and my child grow…
  6. 6. I saw her out in the backyard, taking care of the newly fallen leaves. She stopped before she finished, I knew it was time to see my child come into the world he would eventually grow up in and try to restore…
  7. 7. Don’t worry my love, the pain is almost over. It will be worth it in the end I promise you…our child has a special destiny to fulfill; he will save the world.
  8. 8. The night you were born was blessed my son, all of the angels watched and waited for you to take your first breath. The Saviour, the Founder of a new world…one shaped by your hands my son… Castiel.
  9. 9. Ani-Mei: I still don’t know where he came from, one day I was suddenly sick and the next thing I knew I was pregnant. I came here looking to start a life for myself, meet someone nice, get married and have kids, and raise a family here in Pleasantview.
  10. 10. Ani-Mei: I adopted a little girl named Caryl as soon as I was settled and had a job. She was the cutest little thing, I was looking forward to spending time with the little girl. Then my son came along, I didn’t know how it happened I hadn’t met anyone yet, let alone known them well enough to have a child with. Although I was confused about how he got here, I didn’t mind. I knew from the minute he was born that Castiel would be special…I felt it.
  11. 11. Ani-Mei: I’m sure the two of you will get along great. I wanted more than one child anyway, I just got lucky early on with two for the price of one.
  12. 12. Ani-Mei: Pleasantview is a small town, and it was only a month before Castiel’s first birthday that I met him. He was new to town as well, looking to find his place here. He was also quite handsome too, I think you could say it was love at first sight with Kaze. He had such beautiful deep blue eyes and raven coloured hair, and that voice of his…it was heavenly to hear…
  13. 13. Ani-Mei: I was smitten with him from the moment he laid his hand on my face. Kaze…he was so mysterious.
  14. 14. Kaze: If only she knew…if only she was aware of what I gave up for her…if it meant that I had to lose my wings to be with her then so be it. I have no regrets. I love her and now I get to see my son grow up first hand and not through a portal. Our son…
  15. 15. Ani-Mei: Alright my sweet boy, let’s get you ready to grow up. Your sister is anxious to play with you too.
  16. 16. Ani-Mei: Kaze is coming over later to see you, he’s just as excited as I am to see you all grown up. You remember Kaze right? I hope so because I think he’ll be around for a while.
  17. 17. Castiel Angel Aquarius 7/1/7/10/10
  18. 18. Ani-Mei: Mommy didn’t forget about her little girl Caryl, she could never do that. I even baked an extra special cake just for you, your favourite chocolate cherry.
  19. 19. Caryl Angel Aries 5/8/6/3/3
  20. 20. Caryl: Are you ready little brother? Let’s sing… The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout… Down came the rain and washed the spider out… You try!!
  21. 21. Caryl: Ohh…this is going to take forever…mommy, what do I do? Ani-Mei: Give him some time honey, he’s still young. Caryl: Okay.
  22. 22. Caryl: Ready? The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout… Down came the rain and washed the spider out… Then out came the sun and dried up all the rain… And the itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout again.
  23. 23. Ani-Mei: I know Caryl wanted to be up to see you Kaze but she has her first day of school tomorrow and I don’t want her to be tired. Kaze: I’m sorry I couldn’t come earlier, I would have liked to meet her too. Ani-Mei: There will be other chances I’m sure.
  24. 24. Kaze: At least I got to meet this little guy. Ani-Mei: He should be put to bed too, he’s tired. Kaze: Can I? I’d love to if you don’t mind. Ani-Mei: Sure, I don’t see why not. Castiel seems to like you a lot. Kaze: Yeah, he does; doesn’t he?
  25. 25. Ani-Mei: You see honey? It’s not that bad once you understand how to do the equation properly. Caryl: Yeah, I know but I still hate math mommy. I want to play music and dance just like you!! Ani-Mei: You can, but you still have to learn math. Caryl: Oh…boo.
  26. 26. Caryl: Where’s sissy? Where’s sissy? Castiel: Sissy? Caryl: Where am I? Castiel: Sissy gone?
  27. 27. Caryl: A-Boo!! Castiel: *squeals* There sissy!! Caryl: A-Boo!! I got you!! Castiel: Got me!!
  28. 28. Castiel: Again!! Again!! Caryl: Where’s sissy? Where’s sissy?
  29. 29. Ani-Mei: Come on baby, come to mommy. You can do it… Castiel: Mommy…I come… Ani-Mei: Good boy, come on…
  30. 30. Ani-Mei: You did it!! I’m so proud of you!! Castiel: I do it!! I do it!! Ani-Mei: You really did…such a good boy.
  31. 31. Ani-Mei: Keep going and you’ll get it in no time my baby. Castiel: Want to!! Ani-Mei: One more time then? Castiel: Yeah!! *baby high five*
  32. 32. Before this point I should have told her, once a child of an angel reaches childhood they begin to grow their wings…I wish I could have told her before this point what I am, I don’t want her to be scared if Castiel suddenly has his wings…I’ve lost mine so I can’t show her myself.
  33. 33. Maybe it won’t be so bad, it seems like this family is more than willing to accept whatever may happen. His sister, she genuinely adores Castiel and in what’s to come, that will be very important for him. That closeness he shares with her may be what helps him make it through the Apocalypse…I only hope nothing happens to her between now and then. It would destroy Castiel if his sister had an accident. We were aware that the demons of Hell might take the opportunity to make sure things stay in chaos. I pray that they will not use Caryl as a means to ensure that the Apocalypse never ends…
  34. 34. Castiel: Mommy, why do I have to learn cursive writing? It’s hard…I like printing. Ani-Mei: It’s part of learning honey, everyone has to know how to write cursively. It can be quite pretty if you like it. Castiel: Really? Maybe it won’t be so bad then…
  35. 35. Ani-Mei: You have the soul of a musician Cas, I would love to see you express that beauty in other areas as well, like writing. Castiel: I don’t know why, I mean I kinda just knew how to make music. I could always hear it in my head. Ani-Mei: That’s wonderful honey, I’m so happy you found a talent for music!! I hoped you would. Caryl seems to have adopted the talent for it as well.
  36. 36. Caryl: It sucks we can’t take music in grade 5, we have to wait until we reach grade 7. I want to play now. Castiel: We don’t get it in first grade either, mommy says we have natural talent for music. Caryl: We should protest. I think we should be allowed to play music now!! Castiel: I do like singing too, that’s fun. Caryl: I can’t, I’m just not good at it.
  37. 37. Castiel: We can play the piano and violin here at least. Mommy lets us touch her instruments. I can teach you how to sing if you want. Caryl: You can? But you’re younger than me. I’m supposed to teach you stuff. Castiel: Is that weird? Caryl: No, I’m just the older sister it’s kinda supposed to be me who teaches you stuff.
  38. 38. Castiel: No one said that had to be true all the time. Caryl: I guess not. Castiel: You got anymore red blocks? Caryl: A few…here.
  39. 39. Caryl: Mommy bought a stereo!! Castiel: It’s so cool!! It has all sorts of things in it!! Caryl: I love it!! Castiel: We can dance now!!
  40. 40. Castiel: This is fun. I want to dance all day! Caryl: Me too, school is no fun I want to stay here. Castiel: Mommy wants us to go to school though… Caryl: I know…
  41. 41. Caryl: I can feel the music, can you? Castiel: Yeah!! That’s weird isn’t it? Caryl: No, it’s not. I think it’s cool. Castiel: Really?
  42. 42. Castiel: Mommy! So glad you’re back. It’s my birthday tonight and I didn’t want you to miss it. Ani-Mei: I would never miss it baby. Especially since it’s your sister’s birthday too. Castiel: Is Kaze coming? Ani-Mei: Yes he is, don’t worry.
  43. 43. Caryl: I can’t wait to be a teenager! They have a music course at the high school! Castiel: Awesome, I’m signing up for it as soon as I get there tomorrow. Caryl: Me too!!
  44. 44. Ani-Mei: You should have gotten dressed first… Kaze: Sorry my love, I got excited. Ani-Mei: Still though… Kaze: Yeah, I probably should have.
  45. 45. Caryl: Hey, I like this outfit. Castiel: At least you do…I hate this colour. Caryl Angel R/PO Aries 5/8/6/3/3 LTW: Have 20 Lovers Castiel Angel K/FA Aquarius 7/1/7/10/10 LTW: Max 7 Skills
  46. 46. Kaze: Now that Cas is a teenager I think it’s time to make this arrangement official: Will you marry me? Ani-Mei: Oh Kaze…
  47. 47. Ani-Mei: Of course I will!! Kaze: You have no idea how much that makes me happy. Ani-Mei: You are like a father to Caryl and Cas, I guess now it’s official. Kaze: I love them like they were my own.
  48. 48. Kaze: It was a nice mid spring day when we got married, the last one we would probably see for a long while. I wanted Ani-Mei to have the best of the best on this day most of all. Marriage is one thing the mortals created that a former angel like myself, has always wanted to experience. One day I will tell my lover what I am…one day.
  49. 49. Ani-Mei: I love you. Kaze: And I love you too…my wife. Ani-Mei: Wife, sounds nice…I like it.
  50. 50. Nina: Aww…makes me want to get married now. Melody: Free cake, awesome. Castiel: Way to go mom!! Kaze!! Caryl: That was so beautiful!!
  51. 51. Everyone: Toast!! To the bride and groom!!
  52. 52. Adrian: To the bride and my good friend, Ani-Mei. Everyone: Ani-Mei!!
  53. 53. Castiel: Too bad we didn’t think to play at the wedding huh? Caryl: Yeah, we would have brought the house down. Castiel: They had a nice wedding anyway though, and we have a dad now. That’s so weird. Caryl: I know, tell me about it. I’ve never had a dad before. Castiel: I never knew mine.
  54. 54. Caryl: Maybe you got your wings from him. Mom sure doesn’t have them. Castiel: I wouldn’t doubt it, but why would he have wings in the first place? Caryl: I don’t know…if you ever find him maybe you can ask. Castiel: I think I will.
  55. 55. Elsewhere… “I stand by my decision and you above all should be with me on it.” “Yes, but to cast Kaze out, down there…with the event that is soon to start…why Michael?” “He fell for her, he knew the consequences of that.”
  56. 56. “He was one of our best death angels. Their leader…” “And he made a poor decision Gabriel, someone had to show him that we cannot tolerate failures like that.” Gabriel: Why did you have to let him marry her…you know who she is. Michael: I do, and that’s all the more reason why he should be punished.
  57. 57. Gabriel: Ani-Mei is my sister…why did you have to choose her? Michael: What better way to create a powerful Founder than to breed two Fallen Angels? Gabriel: You just made them all a huge target, if the demons ever find out who they are, they will go after Castiel…or kill him. My nephew.
  58. 58. “I can watch over him if you want. I know I’m young and not very experienced yet but I would like to try.” Gabriel: Alright, consider this your first assignment Raphael; watch over Castiel, keep him safe at least until the Apocalypse begins. Raphael: I won’t fail you sir, I’ll protect your family…at any cost. ******