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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 2

Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 2



Kids start growing up and plots are continued.

Kids start growing up and plots are continued.



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    Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 2 Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 2 Presentation Transcript

    • The first two of the second generation have been born and a third is on the way. What is in store for the Children of the Apocalypse next?
    • Kojiro: It’s just you and me, candlelight and our own home… Caryl: Yes…I would have loved to help my brother out with those restrictions though. Kojiro: I know, but what can we do? Caryl: I can think of something…
    • Kojiro: Now THIS I can get used to. Caryl: Was that a lullaby I heard? Kojiro: I don’t know, was it?
    • Caryl: Frammit. I’m Romance, we don’t DO babies… Kojiro: What did you say honey? Caryl: Nothing dear…if I wasn’t perma-glowy this would suck.
    • Kojiro: Holy!! Caryl??! Caryl: Hmm?
    • Caryl: You want something? Kojiro: You’re naked… Caryl: Yes and? Kojiro: Why? Caryl: I’m dirty, why else?
    • Caryl: Well with no showers or baths I have to get clean some how. Nothing stopping you from doing this too Koji-berry. Kojiro: Umm, yes there is. I’m too shy and neat to do that. Caryl: Your loss then.
    • Caryl: Koji-berry?? OWWW!! Kojiro: I’m right here baby. Caryl: That’s what’s hurting me!! OWWIEE!!
    • Kojiro: Honey? Caryl: Aww look, he has your eyes and my hair I think… Kojiro: He? Caryl: Yes your son. What do you want to call him?
    • Kojiro: How about Satoshi? I like that name. Caryl: Hmm, I like it. Satoshi it is then.
    • At the main house, Mimete continues to plug away at Military so the roads will soon be cleared and made safe again for travellers. Because soon enough little Eve will need to meet the man who will carry on the family’s mission and until the military clears the roads it will have to wait. Rumours of strange creatures roaming about could be heard on the wind and the one day a week when the lines have cleared. Strange beings with skin colours that are unnatural and who exude evil…
    • Eve: Daddy!! I can reach the counters now!! Castiel: Good for you baby girl. I’m so proud of you. Eve: But do I have to go to school? Castiel: Unfortunately, but enjoy it while you can sweet pea.
    • Eve: What does that mean? Castiel: Well you’ll find out on your first day of school tomorrow. It’s also your brother’s birthday too. Eve: Does he have to grow up? He’s nicer when he’s small. Castiel: You’ll have someone to play with at least.
    • Caryl: Remind me to have words with your daddy for not telling me I had a niece and nephew. Eve: Who are you? Caryl: I’m your Auntie Caryl, your daddy is my brother. Eve: Oh. So…want to play?
    • Eve: This is fun, there’s nothing to do around here. Caryl: I hear you kiddo; being Playful in these dark days is never easy. Makes me wonder about my son… Eve: You have kids? Caryl: Yes, your cousin Satoshi is just a baby now but he’ll grow fast.
    • Eve: Why can’t I have a girl cousin? Boys are icky… Caryl: You may change your mind when you get older honey. Eve: Eww, no I won’t. All the boys at school are dumb. Caryl: So little you know kid, so little you know…
    • Eve: Get it!! Come on!! Get it Moonshine!! Moonshine: *pounce* *jump* Eve: Hehe, kitty can’t get the feather!! Kitty can’t get the feather!!
    • Eve: Tickle!! Tickle!! Moonshine: Mroww… Eve: You’re so cute kitty. I love you. Moonshine: Meow.
    • Mimete: I’m glad you waited until I got home Adam honey. Mommy would hate to miss her little guy growing up. Adam: UP!! UP!! Mimete: So smart already!! With two Knowledge seekers as parents I had no doubt that you would be smart.
    • Adam Angel Aquarius 7/1/4/10/10 Poor kid, he’s too Nice and too Playful for an Apocalypse…
    • If you noticed in the last pic, Mimi was on the bed with Cas and pregnant again with the last kid of the second generation. Right in the middle of taking the paper to the garbage she stopped and Shoo Fleed me to the small area outside the door…
    • But no one came to see…how sad to give birth alone in the dark and cold vestibule…poor Mimi.
    • And in the cold, late-night air, the third child and second boy Cain Angel was born. He is the only one to get Mimi’s green eyes and his grandma Ani-Mei’s brown hair combo, I think he looks gorgeous with the green eyes.
    • Castiel: Mimi, why didn’t you call me? I would have come. Mimete: Sorry, it happened so fast there wasn’t time to call you. But meet your second son Cain. He has my eyes! Castiel: And my mom’s hair, it looks good on him.
    • Eve: Aww, not another stinky boy!! Mom can we exchange him for a girl? I want a sister. Mimete: No can do baby, he’s here to stay. Eve: Poop. Mimete: Now, now no need to talk like that. Eve: But I’m outnumbered by stinky boys!!
    • Caryl: At least this time I get to see my nephew when he’s small and cute. Castiel: You know I would have called you sis, but the phones are a mess and I had a lot to do. Caryl: Yeah, yeah. Maybe one of them can fix that when they’re older huh? Then you’ll have no excuse not to call me. Castiel: Yes, big sis. Caryl: Good boy. I see I’ve trained you well.
    • Castiel: Don’t give my son any ideas now. Caryl: Aunt’s prerogative; I am free to corrupt my youngest nephew as I see fit, or spoil him. Castiel: Please say you’re joking… Caryl: What? Did all the humour get sucked out of you when you aged?
    • Yes, I know forbidden car *cough* I rectified that soon after Mimi topped Military for me!! “Once a brave General emerges in the family they lead the National Guard in a strike force against the undesirable hordes of evil, unnatural creatures roaming about and once again make the roads safe for travellers. Teens can go to college assuming they have 10 Body points and Education and Law Enforcement are lifted to enable colleges to get to, which they’re not.”
    • Okay, well these pictures are out of order and since I’ve played too far ahead of my writing you get to see my Apocalypse shelter now. See? I rectified the forbidden car and replaced it with the FT Junker. Gifted it away to someone, I forget who now… First floor and ground level has the driveway and the glitch fixers behind the staircase. Basic brown stairs and the cheapest stair case allowed under Architecture, and candelabras since they don’t use electricity. Gotta scare off those undesirables some how…
    • Second floor and main living area with the crib and another forbidden thing, the rug. Freakin’ townies had so much junk in the inventory…and yes this is from Eve’s future husband’s inventory. He was one of Castiel’s BFF’s so it was legal under Intelligence and since Mimi lifted Military he could come over. This has the fridge, the double bed, the cat bed and food dish, the scratching tower and the first washroom. The vestibule you saw earlier, was where Cain was born. The cheap grill and phone are outside the door too. I used the half walls with the wooden posts since it looks Apocalypse-y…it’s not metal but meh. Built when Cas arrived so it was all good.
    • Third floor has the kids’ beds and the spouse’s bed, the chess table, a chair, another bathroom, and the kitty’s tinkle bird is outside the door in the smaller alcove so it doesn’t wake anyone up. There’s also a bookcase up here…yeah they don’t skill with it and I have to cancel out those illegal diary writings that they so often do…another annoyance from FT. Might have to get rid of it…not sure on the Education thing saying I can’t have them.
    • Fourth floor and flat roof, covered with an awning as per Music rules and the one tile items that have no place in the house right now. Currently it’s inaccessible since there’s no room for a stair case and I can’t use my two tile CC ladder…grr Architecture rules. Cheap driftwood fence from BV too, $8 a section and you’re allowed up to $20 per fencing as per Architecture again. And I can’t build any higher than this because the foundation apparently counts as a level and it’s missing a whole side for the driveway to fit under the house since everything has to be covered for Music rules.
    • And some daytime shots so you can see it all easier. I said I played ahead of my writing so you see teens staying home from school and being useless. That is Adam all teened and working on the Junker in the first picture. No close ups of the teens, gotta save some suspense for other chapters right?
    • And now back to the plot in progress… With the dark days on the minds of the populace it was only a matter of time before those creatures of evil made their move. The mortals are desperate and despondent and they’re willing to make deals, anything to give them some sense of hope in the Apocalypse…and some are willing to make ultimate sacrifices in order to stay alive.
    • Jessica: And you promise I’ll be spared if I do this? “Of course, you’re making the right choice my dear.” Jessica: I just want out of that college, it’s miserable there and the endless fighting of creatures is wearing us out. “I understand…it’s difficult.”
    • “The deal is sealed, drop out and you’ll be spared.” Jessica: Oh thank you!! Thank you!! “I’m always glad to make a deal or twenty…”
    • “Another one my lord?” “Yes. These mortals are desperate for hope. They think I’ll give it to them.” “But you won’t will you?” “Of course not.”
    • “Danava, my darling I have a mission for you. I want you to seek out a vampire. They owe me centuries of favours.” Danava: What do you want me to do when I find one my prince? “Simple; get him to bite you. I have need of their unique power. You see, those angels think that their Founder will end this beautiful Apocalypse, I have to show them that they are sorely mistaken.”
    • Danava: That would be why they call you the Prince of Darkness sire. Lucifer: Indeed. Despite what the angels think, the Founder is still mortal and he has certain fears that I want to exploit. Anything to throw him off course and unbalance him. Danava: And I’m supposed to “entice” him in order to use those fears of mortality against him my lord? Lucifer: I knew you were the best one for the job Danava darling.
    • Danava: Hehee what a loser!! Count Shawn: I agree; I’m glad someone else around here likes the Pleasurable pursuit of laughing at untalented mortals. Danava: I’m a demon, I love watching them make asses of themselves. Count Shawn: So that is why you sought me out… Danava: Yes, I have a mission from our Prince. I need you to turn me, he has need of your unique powers.
    • Count Shawn: Well I can certainly see the appeal of you Fox demons… Danava: Wolf; don’t ever call me a fox again… Count Shawn: Apologies; but if our Prince commanded that I turn you, then I shall. Danava: Good, and our Prince has asked you do so at his castle out of the sights of the Featherheads…
    • The next night… Count Shawn: Hold still now, I need to get the angle just right… Danava: Ohh… Count Shawn: *I’ve never tasted wolf blood before…*
    • Count Shawn: So powerful…wolf’s blood is definitely a delicacy… Danava: Unhhh… Count Shawn: Soon my dear, soon.
    • Count Shawn: Feel the power!! Danava: URKKK!!!* *From Little Nemo’s Far Away From Eden Apocalypse if you remember. Sorry had to do that. *
    • Danava: BLEH—AROOO!!! Count Shawn: I have served my Prince well. Danava: Indeed you have. He will be thankful. Count Shawn: I hope so.
    • Count Shawn: Is there anything else our Prince wishes of me? Danava: Not right now, but we’ll call you if something comes up. Count Shawn: Would he be willing to take care of the rival clans for me? Danava: Don’t push your luck. He will reward you when or IF he feels like it.
    • Meanwhile… Gabriel: What is wrong Raphael? You are not playing with your usual enthusiasm. Raphael: I was just thinking sir, the children have all been born…do they even know who I am? Gabriel: I do not think so, Michael wants you to watch and only interact when there is a need to.
    • Raphael: Why? Gabriel: Excuse me? Raphael: Why can they not know who I am? Gabriel: They do not need to; if they knew they would start asking for favours and special treatment. We cannot allow that.
    • Raphael: They are your family too, how can you sit back and just watch? Gabriel: I have to…it pains me to see my nephew all alone down there trying to survive and I cannot help him in any way. Raphael: How do you deal with that? Gabriel: I just have to; when you are as old as I am you learn to put up with a lot.
    • Raphael: I still do not understand how you can do that. Gabriel: My sister knew what she was doing when she chose to Fall; I never questioned her motives because she felt so strongly for the mortals. Had our Father been here…he may have stopped her, but as you know He is either choosing to ignore us or He wants to see how they handle this disaster they brought on themselves.
    • Raphael: Do you really believe He is just choosing to watch them? Gabriel: We do not usually question what or why He does things, we never have. Raphael: I know… Gabriel: It is best to not think about it anymore, just do what you were asked.
    • Raphael: If we are only supposed to observe, then why are they here too? They do not usually come down this close. Gabriel: By they you mean… Raphael: Yes…
    • Raphael: The Seraphs…I have heard there are four of them down here now. ******