Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 14


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Time moves on and some are finding it more depressing than exciting.

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 14

  1. 1. Is it possible to pick up your life again right where you left off after it all seemed lost? The universe has a way of self-correcting itself so things that were meant to happen, still do in one form or another. However, sometimes extra challenges are thrown in so it might not go as easy as it did the first time…
  2. 2. “Is this for real? Are you really here?”
  3. 3. Fricorith: I must have walked by this house so many times, I was sure my mind was playing tricks on me when I thought I had caught your scent… Eirene: So what made you finally come up to my door? Fricorith: Hope, I suppose. I had to know if what I thought I smelled was true or if it was something else entirely.
  4. 4. Eirene: I’m glad you stayed inside longer this time. Fricorith: So am I, no more creepy vampire stalking I promise. Eirene: That’s alright, you can stalk me anytime. I love you. Fricorith: And I love you, more than you know. Eirene: Because there is something you should know…about last time we met up.
  5. 5. Fricorith: You mean the last time I had to leave almost immediately after I went up to your door, it was nearly sunrise. Eirene: Yes… Fricorith: What? Eirene: It was sudden, I wasn’t expecting it to happen… I’m—I’m pregnant again.
  6. 6. Fricorith: Is she really? I mean, I’m going to be… Hex: Yes, and yes you are. We really didn’t know how to tell you. I would have preferred a meeting around the table but it wasn’t my call. Fricorith: I’m shocked of course…and also terrified. Is she going to be alright? Hex: You mean will the baby be alright? Eirene is still a goddess even if she doesn’t have her powers.
  7. 7. Theia: It wasn’t the best way to drop the bomb on you, are you alright? Fricorith: I am, or I will be. I just don’t know what else to say right now…here in Angel’s Haven, it’s not the vampire covens after the baby this time, it’s demons. Theia: Demons? Fricorith: Yes, they want to make sure the Apocalypse never gets lifted.
  8. 8. Theia: How do you know what they want? Fricorith: Theia, mom…this isn’t the same as Hidden City. I don’t have the protection of being a legacy spouse anymore. Here the demon who calls herself Danava has taken control of all the vampires in Angel’s Haven, even the ones she didn’t sire like me…I don’t know how long I can hold out against her. Theia: Are you in danger? Fricorith: I am the danger mom…I don’t know what she’ll make me do.
  9. 9. Theia: And you’re afraid she’ll make you hurt Eirene or the baby, is that it? Fricorith: Yes. I am thrilled that Eirene is alive and well and pregnant again, it’s a miracle really but I wish you hadn’t told me. Danava could easily find out about her and the baby, if she pushes deep enough into my mind. And without her goddess powers… Theia: She still has her white witch powers, and Hex is also a warlock. We can protect her. Fricorith: I hope so. I would hate to be the one who gets you all killed.
  10. 10. Hex: We can protect you too son. You’re family. Theia: As long as I’m here no one will hurt you or Eirene, I’m still a legacy heiress too remember? Fricorith: I appreciate that, but this is something I have to do myself. I have people to protect as well, my best friend and his little brother. They are part of the family that’s fighting to restore the world here.
  11. 11. Eirene: That doesn’t mean you can go off and get yourself killed either. Let us help you…I just got you back, I can’t lose you again so soon. Fricorith: Who said I was going to die? You know me better than that. Eirene: Oh yeah, you’re a real badass. Fricorith: I am. You know it. Love the outfit by the way. Eirene: I had to go change, my dress was too tight.
  12. 12. Theia: Stay safe son. You have family here now, you’re not alone anymore. Fricorith: Thank you, I should go the sun will be up soon. Hex: Be careful. Fricorith: I will.
  13. 13. Fricorith: Family…it’s been a while since I’ve had that…if only Gvaudoin could have made it here, she would have been safe too; and still alive. ******
  14. 14. Leah: Ughh, no school would have sounded better if I didn’t have to act like I was there. Skilling, she said, you gotta have the points she said…*huff* Good thing I like to be active.
  15. 15. Jeremiah: This is so humiliating, I’m so glad I wasn’t popular. If anyone saw me wearing a uni-tard like this, I would never live down the shame…but we have to skill, mom said. No school for teens, so instead we get skilling.
  16. 16. Melissa: Your grandfather worked his whole life to get the athletic equipment back, and I worked long and hard to bring back the clean water so you can shower instead of living in your own filth. Be grateful for this Jeremiah. Jeremiah: Yes mom… Melissa: Good boy.
  17. 17. Jeremiah: Well while she’s at work I’m going to opt for yoga instead, less sweaty. Leah may love to sweat but I don’t, she’s always liked to work out. At least our little sisters will be joining us soon.
  18. 18. Isaiah: Man, am I glad there’s other teens around here. No school means no girls, that’s torture for a guy like me. Leah: I know right? We can do whatever we want but it sucks if there’s no one to do anything with. Isaiah: What would you do around here anyway?
  19. 19. Leah: We could go downtown, I heard there’s still some parks and stuff there. It’s all dead but whatever, it’s downtown!! Isaiah: Cool, like the Crypto Club. I heard they defy the restrictions and stay open. They got a DJ booth and stuff. Leah: The Crypto Club…I don’t know. I heard things about that place…bad things. Isaiah: So? That’s what makes it cool. My mom is total control freak about me and I would do anything to get away from her.
  20. 20. Leah: Yeah, but not tonight. It’s my sisters’ birthday, they’re twins. Isaiah: I kinda like being an only child. It’s liberating I think. Leah: They’re brats, but they’re usually okay. Theresa is dad’s heiress so we kinda have to look after her. Isaiah: Oh yeah, that thing your family has to do. I heard about it.
  21. 21. Theresa: Aww Essie, why didn’t you wait for me? Esther: Ho-ho-ho…I can’t believe I’m stuck in these incredibly clashing clothes forever…uggh. Theresa: I bet I’ll get better clothes than you, serves you right for growing up without me.
  22. 22. Jeremiah: Ha-ha, now you have to skill like us all day long! Theresa: No wait, can’t I do this later?! I don’t want to skill! Jeremiah: No can do baby sis. Theresa: No fair!!
  23. 23. Theresa: Is—is it bad? Jeremiah: Well, it kinda matches…I guess. I’m not a girl so I don’t care. Theresa: I’m going to freeze in these neon pink fishnets aren’t I? Jeremiah: Probably.
  24. 24. Leah: I’m glad you came Isaiah. It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow, want to come back? Isaiah: Really? I mean we hardly know each other, aren’t you afraid I’m some creeper? Leah: Well if you are my great-uncle is a vampire and he’ll scare you straight. Isaiah: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
  25. 25. Theresa: Hey Leah—oh…sorry. I didn’t know… Leah: Go away…
  26. 26. Theresa: Does he have any cute friends? Leah: Don’t know, don’t care…beat it. Isaiah: Mmm…
  27. 27. Isaiah: Umm, so…you’re still here. Theresa: I’m sorry… Leah: Yeah you said that…go!! ******
  28. 28. Cain: Esther and Theresa just became teens last night, can you believe that sis? They’re growing up so fast…too fast. I’m still the same, I remember when their father was born…I remember when he got married, when the kids were born…I’m tired big sis, so tired of seeing everyone get older and older all around me and I don’t. They’re going to die one day, then I’ll have to remember that too!! I don’t want to remember that! It’s too—too much…
  29. 29. Cain: Why did I want this curse? It was stupid, I didn’t think things through. I was blinded by my jealousy of Adam, of always being the baby of the family who never…it was incredibly stupid to agree to that demon’s deal. I know that now. What do I do big sis? Why haven’t you come to see me in dreams? Are you mad at me? I miss you…so much Evie…
  30. 30. Cain: I can’t even feel the cold anymore…I’ve been undead for too long. I’m losing my humanity…I feel it, every night that passes. I—I think sometimes that I just want to walk out into that sunrise, to feel some sort of heat again, even if it slowly kills me. I just want to feel the warmth again…then I can be with you, with Taz…mom and dad. Everyone…
  31. 31. Taz: DON’T. YOU. DARE! Suicide is never the answer!! We don’t want to see you do that, not now. The family still needs you, Isaiah needs you. And Adam, you’re not alone and you never will be. You have to be there for end, in our place…to see the world restored to the way it was.
  32. 32. Cain: TAZ!! My god!! Taz: Listen to me, I love you, you’re my brother-in-law. Killing yourself won’t make me or Evie happy. Fight back Cain, fight Danava to the bitter end. It’s not just you she’s after anymore, she will go after Adam and Fricorith, as well as anyone she can get her claws on. You were the first one she bit, that makes you the strongest of her sired Fanged.
  33. 33. Cain: I’m sorry Taz, you’re right. I can’t quit now. The family still needs me, Margaret, Joseph, Isaiah, the new generation…the fight must go on. We have to end the Apocalypse. Taz: I’m glad you understand. Now no more suicide talk alright? Cain: Deal. No more. I promise.
  34. 34. Cain: What was I thinking? I can’t do that to my family…never. Isaiah: Uncle Cain? Where are you? Cain: Time to go. My nephew is about to grow up. I don’t want to miss that.
  35. 35. Theresa: WOO!! Go daddy!! Isaiah: Pray for good clothes Mr. A!! Isaiah (A): Life passes in a blink, celebrate and welcome it with a good, stiff drink… Theresa: Short and concise, good job daddy!
  36. 36. A life well lived…
  37. 37. Unexpected encounters in unusual places…
  38. 38. A witness to things that ought be left unseen…
  39. 39. Secrets willingly kept that could destroy fragile trust…
  40. 40. Other secrets that should have been shared…
  41. 41. Before things got too far out of hand…
  42. 42. Threats that should be addressed…
  43. 43. Before bigger ones come too close to home.
  44. 44. Anne: What a mean way to end a chapter right Pepperoni? Pepperoni: Squeak? Anne: Yes that’s right…she is mean isn’t she?
  45. 45. Anne: Things are getting interesting now aren’t they Pepperoni? Simselves…I mean Seraphs are invading left and right.
  46. 46. Anne: So why do we have to skill? Rflong: Ani-Mei is mean like that… Anne: I see. But at least I get to wear red! I love red. Rflong: Think she’ll let us get a dog or cat or something? You got that rat thing…that’s not fair. Anne: Womrat.
  47. 47. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: What do teens do when there’s no school and no adult supervision in an Apocalyptic wasteland? They see how many rules they can break and how far they can go before getting caught…