Where Angels Fear to Tread Episode 13


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A Fateful Encounter, a new evil plot...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread Episode 13

  1. 1. Destiny or coincidence? Is the Fate of one man really that important to everyone? Or is his story simply playing out in a new place and time as it was woven for him?
  2. 2. Cain: Not that I’m not glad to visit with you big bro, but what was so urgent that you had to call me over here? Adam: Something’s not right, don’t you feel it? Cain: No, should I? What is it you’re picking up on? Adam: The demons are finally moving.
  3. 3. Cain: Wait, what? You sense Danava? Adam Is that her name? I felt something, was she your sire? Cain: Yes…and I was your sire so I suppose that makes sense why you would be feeling her too. But why is it that only you’ve picked up on her? I would think that I would have too. Adam: I don’t know, maybe because I’m still a new vampire. But that’ s not the only reason I called you over here.
  4. 4. Adam: Fricorith is gone. He went out to clean up the newspapers but never came back. That was two days ago. Cain: Well he is an adult, maybe he’s out doing something. Adam: Yeah I hoped that was all it was, but then I started sensing Danava and that’s when I called you. Normally I don’t care what Cori does as long as he doesn’t try to burn up in the sun, but it’s still strange of him not to come back.
  5. 5. Cain: Why would she care about Fricorith? I didn’t even think she knew who he was. Adam: I don’t know that’s why I thought you might know something. He talked to me once about the Blood Ties that exist between a vampire and the one they sire, that bond lets the other know where they are at all times. Cain: Yeah but Fricorith wasn’t bitten here, he’s a foreigner.
  6. 6. Adam: Well can’t you sense Danava? If you can maybe you can pick up on Fricorith too. Cain: I’m not a radar system big bro, I have never wanted to purposely try to find Danava, I would much rather forget she even exists. Adam: I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t concerned, but Cori is my best friend and I don’t want to see him get hurt.
  7. 7. Isaiah: Uncle Adam, when you called I was just about to go to bed but uncle Cain looked upset so I came with him as the current heir. This demon, do you think she’s after my children? I know mom said that the demons had been far too quiet for far too long…I also know they killed grandpa and grandma. I’m worried about my kids. Adam: That crossed my mind too, I am hoping they won’t go after them but I can’t be sure, as you said they killed my parents and would have got us too if your mom hadn’t ran away with us.
  8. 8. Adam: I’ll gladly die to protect my great nieces and nephew if they are what Danava is after. My parents’ mission rests in their hands and I intend to make sure that I see the end of this Apocalypse with my own two eyes. Isaiah: It makes me glad that you and uncle Cain will be around to look after my children and grandchildren after I’m gone. Adam: But don’t go dying just yet. You’re still the current heir until they’re old enough. Isaiah: I won’t, I promise.
  9. 9. Meanwhile… Margaret: Up you go baby girl!! Joseph: Are you sure you shouldn’t wait till Steven gets home? He’d hate to miss this. Margaret: He wouldn’t want to keep Hope up that late, he’s been having a hard time at work lately. Joseph: Why?
  10. 10. Margaret: I’m not sure, he doesn’t like to talk about it. Joseph: I am still the Mayor, I can find out from the Police Commissioner if you want. Margaret: If he wants to tell me he will, no need to go over his head. Hope Cwik Cancer 10/8/4/3/8
  11. 11. Margaret: Say mommy Hope…Moo-mmy… Hope: *burbles* Margaret: Just one? For me? Hope: *stares* Margaret: I hope nothing is wrong with you baby girl…
  12. 12. Margaret wondered if maybe she missed Steven, his schedule has been off lately, a demotion back to Patrol Cop then a tense relationship with his lieutenant after he managed to get back on his good side. Steven had told her when Hope was born that he would take over her role as Captain Hero so Hope would be able to grow up in a safer place…but she wondered if the weight of the promise was too much for Steven to carry alone. They were both getting pretty close to elderhood now, maybe that was the problem. They waited too long to have a baby. They wouldn’t be as able as the younger parents were once Hope started school.
  13. 13. Or maybe there was something else to be worried about…and Hope somehow knew it. Rachel: Mommy!! Mommy!! We grew up!! David: Can we learn how to kill a Fanged now? Just like uncle Drake? Yuki: David, I don’t want you to think about that right now…
  14. 14. Drake: I appreciate your enthusiasm David, but you have to learn some skills first and go to school. When you’re older I’ll teach you how to kill a Fanged with one shot. David: Really!!?? That sounds awesome!! But why can’t I learn now? Drake: Patience my dear boy…all good things come in time.
  15. 15. Rachel: Mommy, why don’t we have a daddy? Yuki: Oh…sweetheart, who told you you didn’t have a daddy? Rachel: No one, it’s just that I see the other kids at school with their daddies and I want to know why we don’t have one. Yuki: You do…he’s just…not around anymore.
  16. 16. Rachel: Where did he go? Yuki: Can we talk about this later? Rachel: Why? Drake: Tell them Yuki, tell them what happened to their father. They won’t stop asking until you do. Yuki: Drake-sama, I don’t--
  17. 17. Drake: Your father is in league with the damned, the Fanged have him. Yuki: Drake-sama!! Rachel: Why would he be with them? They’re evil!! Is daddy evil too? Drake: I’m afraid so dear child…there was nothing we could do to help him. He left you and your brother for the Fanged. Yuki: Drake-sama!! How could you??!
  18. 18. David: Then I hope the Fanged eat him!! I don’t care anymore!! I hate him!! Yuki: David!! Don’t say that!! Drake: Are you going to call me a liar Yuki? Would you rather these children not know what their father truly is? Yuki: Drake-sama, please… Drake: What? Please what Yuki? Yuki: Nothing, Drake-sama…
  19. 19. Theresa: I like Great Uncle Cain’s pancakes, he puts raisins in them. I want to make raisin pancakes. I just wish he didn’t have to sleep all day, I wanted to play with him.
  20. 20. Jeremiah: Daddy said Great Uncle Cain can’t play with us during the day, he’s sensitive to the sunlight. Esther: I would like to play with him too, but we always have to go to bed when he gets up. It’s not fair. Jeremiah: We can still play together right?
  21. 21. Leah: We’re going to get bigger soon and daddy said we won’t be allowed to go to school anymore. I’m sad about that. He said the Education system is a mess and someone needs to fix it so we can go to high school and college again. I think I’d like to do that. Esther: I hate school, I can’t sit still for that long. I’m going to be glad when I won’t have to go anymore.
  22. 22. Jeremiah: I heard some kids say that private school is a lot more fun that public school, but since no one has money anymore no one can go there. I think that it has to do with no currency or trade. I think I’ll bring that back, teach people how to use money and Business again. Theresa: I know I’ll miss Music class once I can’t go to school anymore, and I’d love to do that. I think I’ll bring back the Music. Esther: What does that leave me to do? Maybe if people knew how to have fun again, Entertainment or something would be good.
  23. 23. Leah: Pray for good clothes brother. Jeremiah: Why? Leah: Mommy just told me that, I don’t know. Jeremiah: Oh. Okay then.
  24. 24. Jeremiah: I wish for good clothes. Leah: You’re not supposed to say that out loud and now it won’t come true. Jeremiah: That’s just a superstition, it doesn’t really happen. Leah: Uh-huh…well let’s just see then.
  25. 25. Jeremiah: It can’t be as bad as that floaty thing you got. Leah: Shut up. We don’t mention the floaty thing… Jeremiah: Oh right, forgot. Leah: Good thing I’m your twin, I can help you remember things.
  26. 26. Jeremiah: Damnit. Now I got a glitched block stuck to my hand. *shakes violently* Leah: Told ya so. Never say your wish out loud. Jeremiah Angel FO/PO Aries 5/9/6/3/4 LTW: Be Chief of Staff (destined to lift Business) Leah Angel FA/FO Scorpio 10/8/10/3/3 LTW: Be Education Minister (fits for Education destined lift)
  27. 27. Elsewhere… Kaze: We need to have a little chat, about your past. Ani-Mei: Kaze…you know I don’t like to do that. Why does it matter? Kaze: It matters because I had to find out from a stranger that you were married before, that stranger says she knows you as Lady Starr… Ani-Mei: What?
  28. 28. Kaze: Why didn’t you tell me she was a goddess? Ani-Mei: It wasn’t important. Why are you bringing this up now? Kaze: I’m just a little confused about why you neglected to tell me there was a Greek goddess in Angel’s Haven. Ani-Mei: She was just looking for her true love…I just helped her get closer to him.
  29. 29. Ani-Mei: Don’t tell me you’re against true love now… Kaze: You’re changing the subject, who was this other husband and where is he now? Will he be “arriving” here as well without my knowledge? Ani-Mei: It’s over, so why does it matter where he is? Kaze: It matters to me. I want to know.
  30. 30. Ani-Mei: No, he’s not coming here and he did mean a lot to me once. We went through some tough trials together…but it’s over now. Kaze: Then why were you so defensive about just telling me this much? Ani-Mei: Because you accost me suddenly and start demanding explanations, it wasn’t nice.
  31. 31. Ani-Mei: Besides, it just sounds like you’re insecure. Should I go on about how Kuolema fawns over her “senpai?” No, because I trust you around her. Kaze: Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I was just caught off guard that’s all. I love you and I’m not insecure. Ani-Mei: As long as we got that clear.
  32. 32. Gabriel: What was that all about? Ani-Mei: Fourth wall breakage, that’s all. He doesn’t know everything…like who you are. Gabriel: Yeah, that is a relief. I did caution you about mixing legacy with Apocalypse sister… Ani-Mei: Shh…sekrets, we has them.
  33. 33. Fricorith: No one told me about these…”people” being here. How long have I been stuck in this box now? Three days? Four? What do they want with me? *knockknock* Fricorith: Beat it!!
  34. 34. Iblis: Well that’s not very nice. You should respect your betters mosquito. Fricorith: You’re not my better. Iblis: Oh but I am. Our prince is very interested in you… Fricorith: Well tell that red-skinned freak I don’t swing that way. Iblis: INSOLENCE!!
  35. 35. Fricorith: You don’t scare me, what are you? Some low level demon? I’ve seen far worse than you. Iblis: You don’t know the meaning of worse. Our prince does not tolerate anomalies like you in his town. Fricorith: Then he should know I’m not the only one here…there is another.
  36. 36. Iblis: If that’s true, we’ll find them and lock you both in here together while our prince decides what to do with you. Danava: Iblis, he’s not a prisoner. He’s my guest. All vampires are my guests. Iblis: Only the ones you made, he isn’t one of them. Danava: Wasn’t it you who said to respect your betters? I am YOUR better and I say get out and let me handle this.
  37. 37. Danava: Sorry about him, the young ones are always so eager to please our prince. Fricorith: How young? Danava: Oh, about three hundred years old…give or take a few decades. Fricorith: Right…and what does that make you? An old hag?
  38. 38. Danava: I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that…you should be grateful our prince didn’t kill you as soon as he sensed you here. Fricorith: I’ve seen worse. Danava: So you say…but you haven’t really said who or what this “worse evil” is… Fricorith: So?
  39. 39. Danava: So our prince is interested in pursuing an alliance with this greater evil against the Archangels and the Angel family who are trying to destroy his lovely Apocalypse. Fricorith: Good luck with that, I’m not interested in helping you. Danava: Well, we may be able to change your mind…you see your best friend is one of my children and it would be dreadful if something were to happen to him…or his baby brother perhaps.
  40. 40. Lucifer: Enough Danava, it’s my turn now. You WILL help me contact this evil or I will hunt down everyone you have ever come into contact with and make their lives an Eternal Hell, you understand me boy? Fricorith: I have no doubt that you would but a power much, much greater than yours has sealed away this evil you’re so hot to find, and unless you know how to travel to other planets, you’ll never find it.
  41. 41. Lucifer: Other planets huh? That’s interesting… Fricorith: What are you going to do? Lucifer: None of your concern, be gone from my sights.
  42. 42. Fricorith: This can’t be…it’s—it’s not possible…
  43. 43. Fricorith: I—I thought you were dead…
  44. 44. Eirene: *SCREAMS* Fricorith: Baby? Is that really you?
  45. 45. Fricorith: Baby, it’s me… Eirene: Fricorith? Oh gods!! I was so worried about you!! How? When? Where were you? Fricorith: I was here, have been for a long time now. I thought you were dead…the Apocalypse…
  46. 46. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: What will Lucifer do with the information that Fricorith let slip? And will it spell the end of the Apocalypse?