The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 5


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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 5

  1. 1. 18 months later…A year and half has passed for the members of generation eight, most of them have noidea what their parents were doing before and some of the younger ones have no ideawho Xylen is. For the first time in generations, it looks like they will finally have some peace.Diamos and Perseus are still on Terrenon and have not sent any word yet to Lady Ani-Mei about whether or not they have found Leiya or Xylen there, but she is not worried.The great distance between Elvendia and Terrenon is bound to be a factor in his non-communicative actions, that and the solar system that Terrenon is in, has been goingthrough some unusual solar activity; further hampering communications with them. The legacy looks safe for the time being…
  2. 2. Eve, Ilea and Thanatos’ youngest grew into alovely little lady bringing with her some much needed colour and happiness to the darkness of the temple she lives in. Eve Reed Gemini 5/1/6/7/9
  3. 3. Minos and Seiya welcomed twin girls, Varia and Velasca to their family. Theiroldest Endymion grew into a happy little boy as well, looking to make plenty of friends.
  4. 4. Eddie proved that my Loria Reed joined thelittle issue with no more family and is as cute alien babies was as a button. officially over…
  5. 5. Big brother and big sister Borias and Ephiny made sure she was welcomed into the family the same way they all were; bonding over the kids table. Loria Reed Gemini 5/9/10/3/8
  6. 6. Evander, son of Ambrosia and Castor Nova was also making a new little sibling welcome to the family; his baby sister Daphne was born shortly after Varia andVelasca were. Ambrosia chose the name of one of their ancestors as a way to honour all that they had to go through at the beginning of the Quest; and to remember someone who meant a great deal to Reias…
  7. 7. In keeping pace with the growth spurts of generation eight, Alcmene, daughter of Belland Keiko, got to know more of her extended family and came home with Borias one day after school.
  8. 8. Alcmene too was playing the role of big sister to her two younger twin siblings, Autolycus and Lila, at home with Bell and Keiko. Autolycus Morana Lila Morana Gemini Libra 7/1/3/5/8 9/6/5/7/6
  9. 9. While some remained happy, others had not forgotten the events of the last year and half so easily… Hex sat on top of the dormer of the house where he had been staying with Solan for the last yearand half, he kept going over the events of their battle in his head, wondering if that was really theend of Xylen’s rampage. He was quite familiar with bad guys who take off for a while and suddenly come back with a vengeance from his own world; Hex had to assume Xylen would be the same as Ralph.
  10. 10. Solan: So there you are, I was wondering where you went. What are you doing up here? Hex: Thinking; how do we really know for sure that Xylen is gone? He did run off last time we encountered him.Solan: We don’t; not really. I mean we dealt him a serious blow last time but he’s hardly one to give up so easily. Hex: So you’re not concerned?
  11. 11. Solan: Of course I am; I know things only go smoothly for a while before they get messy again but after what the legacy has already been through, I’m not going to rob them of this peace. At least until I have something to report to them.Hex: I can understand the need to give them a break, more than anyone I know what it means to them to have one, but I worry still you know? I understand that this legacy is not my responsibility but it’s hard to let go of the Guardian instincts you know? Solan: I appreciate your insights, it’s good to talk to someone other than my dad about Guardianship responsibilities. Come, let’s get off this roof; it’s windy up here.
  12. 12. Solan: You know my parents are getting remarried soon, I’d love it if you came to see them on that day. Hex: Are you sure it’s not an imposition; I mean I’m not family or anything.Solan: You’re part of the larger family now; the one that exists here. It wouldn’t be the same without you; you’ve become a great friend Hex.
  13. 13. Hex: Thank you; you have become a good friend as well. At first we started as teacherand student; can’t believe how long ago that was now. It seems like we’ve been friends a lot longer. Solan: I wouldn’t change a thing; look at you now; an experienced warlock. Hex: I had a great teacher.
  14. 14. Solan: Xylen could never completely destroy my parents’ love such things are unbreakable. Hex: You have good friends to help you out, I can’t believe how much Aiden has changed in the last 18 months while being here.Solan: Yeah, I owe him my life. He took me to Elvendia just in time to prevent Xylen from killing me too.
  15. 15. Hex: He seems to have forgiven Dalen, at least they talk now without ending up in a shouting and energy ball throwing match.Solan: That hole is still in the back wall isn’t it? Can’t believe Aiden nearly took off Dalen’s head with that one energy ball. Hex: They’re father and son; they had to get it out of their systems I suppose.
  16. 16. Solan: Now it’s all about a game of Whap with the ball; never get between two mean gods when they’re throwing things that hurt around. Hex: Good idea. I like my face the way it is; not bruised and broken thanks. Solan: Same here.
  17. 17. Hex: At least your dad gets along with Batalia now, I heard that they never really did before.Solan: Most of the time, but she likes to toy with him. They were all part of the same history when he was young. Both choosing to go their own ways unless it suited them to interact. At least they’re not chucking energy balls at each other. Hex: Yet… Solan: No, dad doesn’t like to do that unless he has no choice to.
  18. 18. Solan: Talia knows when to behave, I’ve learned that much from living with her so far. Hex: You have an interesting family here don’t you? Solan: Yep, they all know one another in some form; and they all have a deep historythat bonds them together, which is what I believe will be vital when the time comes for the three of them to take their places as the Triad of Power. Not even Xylen can break or destroy that again.
  19. 19. Hex: Some bonds can never be broken. Solan: My one fear is that somehow, some way Xylen will find out how to turn them all again, even though it seems irrational considering what they share, but I still worry.Hex: No one cam blame you for erring on the side of caution; but the one thing that you have that Xylen doesn’t, is love. Your family, can he say the same? Solan: No, he can’t. Evil can’t love, it’s only lust and instant gratification for evil.
  20. 20. Hex: That’s true, for sure. Who knows? Maybe that will be the key for my legacy to defeat Ralph once and for all. Solan: Do you miss them? Hex: Yes, I do, very much. My son Lee, Lavender… Solan: I didn’t know you had a son. Hex: You never asked.
  21. 21. Solan: Shame on my part then, I probably should have asked about your life more. Hex: Things happened, I don’t hold it against you. Solan: Well, I won’t make that mistake again. Hex: Don’t worry about it, I’m good.
  22. 22. Hex: Speaking of family, when was the last time you spoke to yours?Solan: Too long; I should probably call Ginny to let her know I’m alive once in a while huh? Hex: Probably a good bet. Solan: Yeah…probably.
  23. 23. Solan: I will though, my parents are getting married in two days so I’ll call her before then. Hex: Alright, as long as you don’t forget. Solan: I won’t; trust me. ******
  24. 24. Two days later…It was finally time to marry Roxie, Reias had been waiting months to do this and he couldn’t put itoff any longer. Roxie meant the world to him and he wanted to make sure she knew that every day.However, this time she made him promise not to make her immortal, even though Reias objected to that quite strongly. She said she wanted to live her life as she was meant to; as a mortal. Reias eventually backed down, despite the nagging feeling in his gut that it may turn out to be a bad decision on her part; though ultimately it was her choice in the end.
  25. 25. Roxie was pleased that he remembered the same vows that he had said to her the first time they were married; the thought touched her deeply. She couldn’t remember hersbut she made new ones which were just as wonderful and sweet as the first time. Solan grinned as he heard his father repeat his old vows, he was only a teenager when they got married before but he still remembered them.
  26. 26. It was just as beautiful the second time as it was the first. Virgil and Eve, who had only recently become teenagers were enjoying the party at their grandparent’s house a lot, they had a pool and a hot tub! And there was colour here, lots of colour, very different than at their father’s temple.
  27. 27. Cute!! I love these two so much! <3
  28. 28. Eddie: At least it’s not dark this time sis.Reias: Well, the Underworld was never meant to be bright and sunny Eddie. Eddie: I’m happy for you big sis, really. I love Reias like a brother. Reias: Feeling’s mutual Eddie.
  29. 29. Roxie: And I could never imagine being married to anyone else, whether it was once or twice in a lifetime. Reias: I’d marry you a third or a hundred more times Roxie. Atalanta: At least I got to see you get married this time Reias, this was beautiful. Reias: Thank you Lanta, it means a lot to have you witness it this time.
  30. 30. Thanatos: I have never seen a wedding before. Hex: Didn’t you have one when you married Ilea?Thanatos: No, I did not. And perhaps I should have, it would have made her so happy I am sure. Solan: I remember mine, it was at the end of my bachelor challenge.
  31. 31. Hex: Weddings are great, I love going to them. Solan: Oh really? Then why aren’t you dressed for one?Hex: I didn’t bring my tux…and besides it’s not just me, Talia’s wearing a bathing suit for gods’ sake! Borias: Weddings are boring, I don’t want to have one when I get older. Solan: You may change your mind, you’re still young Borias.
  32. 32. Borias: No I won’t! I don’t want a wedding!Solan: Kids, hard to believe you’re my cousin. Borias: If I am why are you so old? Solan: I’m not old…okay maybe a little… Hex: You are a god, you don’t age.
  33. 33. Solan: I wonder how old I am really, I remember Dion coming home with Liam… Borias: Who’s Liam? Solan: My older brother, half brother actually. Hex: You had a brother?Solan: Yes… and a sister I never knew either, both of them are dead now. Which is kinda depressing actually…
  34. 34. Solan picked at his cake, not wanting to elaborate any further on his brother and sister. So it would seem that Hex didn’t know all there was to know about his best friend andmentor either, which gives them something to talk about one of these days. It did pique his curiosity about him though, what else had happened to him before they met? He appears to be fine with it, but the expression on his face would seem to suggest otherwise. Maybe it still bothered him a great deal, Hex wanted to know.
  35. 35. When Eve began a group Smustle, everyone looked like they were having fun. It was just spending the time together, it looked like everyone was enjoying not having to look over their shoulders and wonder where the next attack from Xylen would come from, or what else could go wrong. Virgil was lost, he had no idea whatthe steps were and the cramped space was painful for his wings, they keptgetting hit or bumped or scraped. He didn’t understand how his grandmother could dance this ridiculous dance and not suffer the same as he did with her wings.
  36. 36. Virgil didn’t know who the hot chick in her bathing suit was, but he sure wanted toknow who she was. To be so bold and outgoing at a stuffy wedding was refreshing to the young teen. Unfortunately, he was the eighth generation heir and he had to eventuallysettle down with someone, but that was way in the future; he just became a teen and he wanted to let loose while he was still able to.
  37. 37. It eventually got dark out, but the dance party didn’t stop. The garden lights cast abeautiful glow on all the party goers, some of the dancers were getting tired and started to stand around, and Virgil was nearly ready to join them.
  38. 38. Overall, it was great wedding and everyone had fun just being together and hanging out,Virgil got to know some more of his extended family, his cousins and family friends too.He did enjoy himself, which was rare in his life; living at his father’s dark and depressing temple got to him after a while. ******
  39. 39. Eve: That wedding was nice wasn’t it big brother? I never knew we had so many other family members out there. Virgil: Well I only met my grandmother once before, you weren’t born yet though. She’s cool enough, I can see where I got my wings from now. Eve: But hers were white, yours are black. Where did the black come from?Virgil: I dunno; grandma said that our first cousin Bell has black wings, and that they come from our great-great grandfather Cupid, but Cupid’s wings weren’t black.
  40. 40. Eve: I wish I had wings too.Virgil: They’re a pain sometimes, I roll over on them when I sleep and end up getting woken upby the pain. I haven’t figured out how to fly with them yet; now that’s something I want to do so bad. Eve: Aww, see now that’s awesome! I wanna fly!! Virgil: When I figure out how, maybe I’ll take you with me baby sis. Eve: Really?
  41. 41. Virgil: I promise. Eve: Yay!! Virgil: You’re such a kid, you know that? Eve: Why?Virgil: You get so excited over little things, it’s cute actually.
  42. 42. Virgil knew that if he really wanted to fly then he had to really work his body and get it fit to be able to. He grinned as he thought about what it would be like to fly over thecity, see the temples of the gods from the air; and the pranks…he grinned wider at that thought. No one would ever suspect it was him pranking them: he’d soar so high over their heads that they’d never be able to catch him. ******
  43. 43. Evander: Come on Daphne, repeat after me: The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout…it’s easy. Daphne: Issy-bissy spider…wan up spou…WADDER!! *giggles* Evander: ITsy-biTsy…say the T. Daphne Nova Gemini 5/9/9/10/1
  44. 44. Daphne: Issy-bissy…spider…Evander: Close enough…man am I glad it’s your birthday soon. Then I can talk to you for real. Daphne: Brudder funny!! *giggles* Evander: BroTher!! Why can’t you say your T’s?
  45. 45. Daphne: Issy-bissy…brudder!!Evander: You’re the itsy-bitsy one, not me. And you’re going to be even more itsy-bitsy because I get to be a teenager tomorrow night. Daphne: Again!! Sing again!! Brudder…
  46. 46. Evander: One more time…okay. The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out… Daphne: Issy-bissy spider…
  47. 47. Evander couldn’t wait to join everyone else at school, Virgil was so cool and he wanted to be in his group of friends so badly. But he was younger than him so Virgil never lethim in. That would change now, he was going to be old enough to hang out with Virgil and all his cool friends.
  48. 48. And Evander is the spitting image of hisfather Castor, with his mother’s purple eyes, what a beautiful generation eight I have here!! ^_^!!
  49. 49. And his little sister is the mirror image of her mother.Castor: Alright, no more diapers!! Wait, that means… *rolls want to have another baby* Yeah, no. My eighth generation is big enough as is. No more babies.
  50. 50. Speaking of babies…Minos and Seiya finally get to toss their twin daughters into toddlerhood, since both are girls and they have Seiya’s custom hair; of which there is no toddler mesh for, the girls got a different hair style instead. They are incredibly cute. Varia (pink) Velasca (yellow) Libra Cancer 5/9/4/5/7 6/3/6/5/5
  51. 51. Ephiny: I’m going to beat you brother!!Borias: Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!! We’re twins remember? Ephiny: I’m still gonna win. Borias: Pfft…
  52. 52. Ephiny: Told ya. Borias: Dad!! She beat me!!Eddie: Sorry kiddo, can’t help you there. I have to give your sister her birthday too, so you can beat her instead okay? Borias: Okay!!
  53. 53. Borias: I beat one of my sisters anyway.Loria: It’s not a competition big brother. Borias: It always is, it always is… Ephiny: Boys never grow up baby sis, remember that okay? Loria: I will!! Borias, Eddie, Iolaus: Hey!! We’re right here!! Ephiny: See? Point proven. ****** End of Entry Forty-Four. 
  54. 54. I think I’ll end this here, with a lovely shot of Thanatos being chased by bees.Thanatos: DO THEY NOT KNOW WHO I AM??!! I AM THE GOD OF DEATH!! I don’t think they care honey. But I find it highly amusing. ^_^
  55. 55. Thanatos: THEY WILL RUE THE DAY THEY DARED CHASE ME!! RUE IT I TELL YOU!! ARGGHH!! Sure they will, sure they will.
  56. 56. Name Origins:Varia: An Amazon warrior whose sister was murdered by Livia, Xena’s daughter, and eventually became a friend of them.Velasca: Another Amazon warrior who hated Gabrielle for taking over as her queenafter the death of the previous one, Melosa, who adopted her and raised her from a child. Turned herself into a goddess after eating ambrosia when Autolycus (withXena’s spirit inside him) beat her in a bloody fight over the ambrosia. Later met her end in a fiery lava pit battle with Callisto (which Callisto eventually broke out of, with the help of Hope). Lila: Gabrielle’s sister.Autolycus: The King of Thieves, and a good friend of Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules, and Iolaus. Loves to wear green.
  57. 57. Aspirations:Virgil FA/POGemini6/7/9/3/1LTW: Be Cult Leader.( I know I’d be in his cult, who wouldn’t? )Eve K/FAGemini5/1/6/7/9LTW: Be Head of SCIABorias FA/KLeo6/10/5/3/5LTW: Be Celebrity ChefEphiny PO/FOAries6/8/5/3/8LTW: Own 5 Top Businesses(*sob* )Evander PL/FAAries4/8/6/5/6LTW: Be Pro Party Guest