The Quest for Peace: Chapter One, Redux

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  • 1. The Quest for Peace:
    Chapter One, Redux
  • 2. They say you can tell a lot about a place by doing something simple like people watching. As a bartender you can do that and also learn about the people at the same time. So when I failed to find the treasure chest, I headed downtown to make some quick cash. As well as finding a lover to begin this quest of mine that I don't recall signing up for. I found that I have a liking towards fancy redheads who know how to accent their looks with the right make up, if only I could remember why that was...
  • 3. So when the bartender came back from her break I figured now was as good a time as any to begin. Alana here turned out to be exactly what I've been looking for, she's smart, beautiful, knowledgeable and most of all she has the most intriguing grey eyes. And she knows the people better than I do, and she can tell me who this Dalen is.
  • 4. I took it slow at first just so she wouldn't think I was just another creep and we began to talk about this place.
    Alana: Ollie!! You know I'm ticklish!!
    Oliver: I know, which is why I did it.
    Alana: So, you wanted to know about the God of War?
    Oliver: If that's what this Dalen guy is supposed to be yeah.
    Alana: SHHH!!! Don't talk like that!! The God of War is not someone whose name you take in vain.
    Alana: Dalen has ears and eyes everywhere, there are creatures who will do his bidding without question. And if he decides he doesn't like you, pray to Reias that your death will be swift and painless.
    Oliver: I don't understand, why are you so afraid?
    Alana: Duh!! He's a god!! We're just their playthings, mortals don't stand a chance against them without Hercules anymore.
    Oliver: Hercules?
    Alana: I've got to go, I've said too much.
  • 5. Alana ran off after our last conversation and for a few days she never returned my phone calls. I was afraid that I had really burnt my bridge with her, I still don't understand the concept of there being multiple gods. Maybe that'll be my undoing in this place, I don't know but I suppose I could ease up on the blasphemous talk about the gods if Alana ever calls me again, I really don't want to lose her.
    I waited another two days and tried her again, I got a few promotions in between so I was beginning to improve my place. When I tried her again she reluctantly decided to see me again. I made it up to her though, I showed her that I was sorry and she told me that she missed me too.
    She did agree to move in with me, I was thrilled that she would give me a chance to prove myself to her. I found out her goal to have a Golden Anniversary party in her elder years, which made me happy. I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather grow old with than her. Alana headed inside to change her clothes, she suggested that if I wanted to know more about the gods that I should visit the local art museum where the people of Hidden City display their works in praise of the gods. I had a day off tomorrow so I told her I would give it a shot.
  • 6. Hmm, Athena's Apple. Tribute to the Goddess of Wisdom by Tidus Megara.
    A work in bronze and marble from Hidden City's northern Quarry.
  • 7. Bust of Plato: Roman Philanthropist.
    Carved in granite from Mt. Vesuvius.
    "A Roman in Greece? That's funny."
  • 8. "Who's this? Xena?"
    Bella, Trans-World Migrator. By Helena of Troilus.
  • 9. Aquarian Water Jugs.
    Made with volcanic clay from Mt. Etna.
    "Neat, I'd love to learn how to make these."
  • 10. Before I knew it, it was dark out. I'd spent the whole day looking around the art museum. I figured it was time to go home, Alana might be worried that I got lost or something. Looking around here made me think about sticking it out, giving this quest thing a real try and the first step is asking Alana to stay with me forever. On my first day here Hera did say I was destined for happiness and she is the Goddess of Marriage, I'll take her advice and find Alana a nice ring while I'm out.
  • 11. We wasted no time getting ready for our wedding, so the next day off I had we planned a nice outdoor fall wedding. I invited the gods because Alana said it would provide us with a blessed marriage; also a random party crasher who happened to be walking by when we started. I asked Hera to bless us on this day, she agreed. Though I still worried that they might start another fight, I didn't want this day to be ruined. It turned out that the gods decided to behave for the sake of the wedding.
  • 12. It went well; Hera gave us her blessing just as night fell. I actually managed to not mess up my vows.
    Alana: Thank you for allowing the gods to be here on our wedding day, it means a lot to me.
    Oliver: You're welcome; I'm surprised they actually came, from what I know the gods would never bother with something like this.
    Alana: Normally they wouldn't but word around town is that gods are actually verging on war with each other, and I suppose they needed something like this to post pone their feuds, even if it's only a little while.
    I nodded; soon I would have to tell her what I was here for, and hope she still wants to help me.
  • 13. I cut the cake, and gave my new bride a bite.
    Alana: Ooh, vanilla!! My favourite!!
    Oliver: I hoped it would be.
  • 14. Oliver: I have to tell you something honey, the reason why I'm here.
    Alana: What, now?
    Oliver: Yes, it's important.
    Alana: Alright...
    Oliver: I came here not remembering who I was or where I originally came from. I only knew my name because it was on the mail box when I arrived here. All I know is that I have a quest I must begin in which my final heir will become the new God of Peace. If I don't restore the God of Peace, war will consume everything and every world in this universe. People have lost the ability to resolve conflicts and I have to fix that.
    Alana: I see…
  • 15. We sat down at the table and I continued to tell everyone my story. Alana glanced at the ground, she looked worried, or scared.
    Alana: So what you're saying is that you are here to stop the God of War from consuming Hidden City and all of Greece?
    Oliver: Basically. Does that bother you, knowing this?
    She looked at me, her grey eyes transfixed on my green ones, I felt nervousness rise in my stomach; what if she wants nothing to do with me now?
    Alana: Of course I will; if our descendants can save the world then I want to help.
    Hera: You are embarking on a dangerous mission mortal. I hope you know that.
    Poseidon: It wouldn’t have to be his responsibility if you did your job right as Queen of the Gods…
    Hera: Really? You want to go into this now?
    Poseidon: Someone should…
  • 16. Oliver: I love you Alana, I was worried you wouldn't want to stay with me.
    Alana: Ollie, I love you too; why would I abandon you?
    Oliver: I don't know; I'm just being stupid I suppose.
    Alana: Yeah, I'd say so.
    I dipped her low and kissed her; how could I have doubted her?
  • 17. As the party wore down, we were eager to begin my quest. So once the last of the guests teleported away we headed inside to consummate our union.
    Oliver: What should we name our first born?
    Alana: How about if it's a girl we call her Hestia after the Goddess of the Hearth? She would bless our home and make it safer, also I believe we would also receive the blessing of Hestia herself.
    Oliver: I like it, but what if it's a boy?
    Alana: Jason. It's a strong and proud name.
    Oliver: Sounds great baby.
  • 18. Our first was born a little while later, a beautiful baby girl with my eyes and hair, we called her Hestia. As soon as she was born it felt like our house was finally becoming a home. Alana's convinced that it's because Hestia herself has blessed us for naming our child after her. I still have to wonder if that's really true, but then again I have seen three gods in the flesh that I had believed for the longest time to just be myths. Maybe there is something more out there than we can conceive of in this world...
  • 19. Hestia grew into a shy little girl, she rarely talked, I hoped that was just because she was shy and not because she couldn't speak at all. I'm a new father and panicking about my first baby is normal right? Alana thinks it's just because she's shy, maybe she's right and I'm freaking out over nothing..
    "There will be those who will try to stop you, try to derail your quest, even try to kill you...."
    I looked up; it was that voice in my head again. Why am I hearing this now? Are my children going to be at risk? Will I be at risk as well? I looked back at Hestia, she sat there sucking her fist and staring up at me with her big green eyes; she's so innocent and pure...
  • 20. I will do everything I possibly can to protect my babies from whatever comes after us as long as I live. I have to or else this legacy dies with me and so will the rest of universe. I wasn't going to let that happen.
    End of Entry Two.