The Quest for Peace: Chapter 6.20


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The Quest for Peace: Chapter 6.20

  1. 1. Last time, my eighth generation heir just found his wife thanks to another BachelorChallenge set up by Cupid. Miranda Blue, from Sam’s “Here We Go Again OWBC”,won and officially became the spouse for generation 9. He neglected to mention whathappened to him in college to Solan however, and made sure that Varia would not let the secret out once she and Solan’s oldest son Nathan got married.Speaking of marriages, with everyone now graduated and settling into their new lives as adults the weddings were going to be the talk of the town.
  2. 2. Evander eagerly greeted his fiancée outside his parent’s new house. He wanted to marry Ephiny as soon as possible. He had not had any episodes with the mysterious other presence he had been told was inside him; the name of Asterion did nothing to bother him at the moment. After Ephiny told him who Asterion was, he did some research into the ancient myths of Greece on him; he wasn’t happy with what he found. And he became more determined than ever to not let that thing take over him again.
  3. 3. Ephiny: Are you alright? You looked a little upset.Evander: It’s nothing, all I care about right now is marrying you. Ephiny: You can tell me anything you know. Evander: I know, but really. I’m alright.
  4. 4. The new backyard was more than big enough to hold the wedding in and as soon as the guests were seated, they began.
  5. 5. Borias: A toast for my new brother in law, treat my twin well. Sora: To Evander. Aeson: Evander. Dade: Evander.
  6. 6. Evander: You look so beautiful Ephiny.Ephiny: And you look so handsome in that tux. Evander: Care to dance? Ephiny: I’d love to.
  7. 7. The guests had gone inside to mingle to give the newlyweds some time alone under thestars. The gods were smiling on them tonight, blessing them with a wonderful day and a starry clear sky at night.
  8. 8. Evander really showed Ephiny how romantic he could be with a low dip and kiss. A perfect night, with his perfect wife.
  9. 9. Botan: This is really something new for me, I have never been to a wedding before. Evander: Never? Botan: I am an Adriel remember? Weddings and commitments were not something we had ever thought about back on Elvendia. We had a purpose clearly defined for us and we did what we were made for.Evander: But Pellas broke that rule didn’t she? She turned against what she was made for, doesn’t that mean something? Botan: Perhaps, but we are still working on a way to get her back from Chaos.
  10. 10. Sora: There you are, shouldn’t we be getting back now?Botan: Indeed, I think we’ve strayed off the mission far enough now. Evander reminded me of why we’ve been keeping to ourselves lately. Sora: We have to bring Pellas back, I know. Botan: But perhaps we should let them in on our plan, we have hit a wall with it. Sora: Drinn won’t like that, you know how much of a stubborn jack ass he is. Botan: What else can we do? We’ve got nothing. We need to ask for help.
  11. 11. The rest of the generation was getting married as well. For Eve and Dalen, they held it at the temple. It was raining outside and it ruined the chance to have it next to the pretty pond on thetemple grounds. The colours of everything really stood out against the dark grey stone of the God of War’s temple; it was very different for Dalen seeing it full of colour.Dalen: We don’t have to keep the flowers do we? It’s…bright and cheery, totally not suitable for my temple… Eve: Aww, but it looks so nice.
  12. 12. Dalen: However, if it makes you happy…I suppose I can tolerate it. You look amazing by the way. Eve: Thank you, I really would like to keep them around.
  13. 13. Dalen: I’m no cake shover, just so you know. Eve: Oh good, I was hoping you weren’t. Dalen: Nope, not me.
  14. 14. Batalia: So you’re Ephiny then? Ephiny: Yep, my wedding was last week. Batalia: And you wore the dress again? Ephiny: Yes, I forgot to change it. And what about you? You look so nice in pink.Batalia: My brother made me wear it, I hate pink; it goes totally against my Goddess of Chaos image…if my worshippers saw me like this…
  15. 15. Aiden: Nice tux…*snort* Virgil: Oh shut it!! Damn transitional clothing defaults…Aiden: Oh it totally matches your wings, and the pale as death thing, very chic… Virgil: Fuck you. Aiden: I don’t do guys, sorry. Eve: Leave him be, I think he looks nice.
  16. 16. Evander: He is the heir you know, not nice to tease him. Virgil is real bad ass.Aiden: The baby has nothing on me, I’ve been around a lot longer before he was even a glimmer in his mom’s eye. Dalen: Aiden, behave. Aiden: Make me.
  17. 17. Eve: This is wonderful having everyone here with me. I miss seeing everyone. Dalen: Even though your dad never showed up to give you away? Eve: Well, daddy gets so busy…a lot of things on his mind. Dalen: That’s still no excuse to miss his daughter’s wedding day… Eve: Uncle Morpheus came though, he did the best he could.
  18. 18. Morpheus: Don’t you worry Sunny; I’ll give my brother a couple of really good nightmares for missing your wedding. I promise. Eve: Oh you don’t have to do that, I’m sure daddy didn’t mean to miss it…Morpheus: Like Dalen said, there is no worthy excuse for missing your important day. Eve: Really though, at least you came to give me away. Morpheus: I was glad to Sunny.
  19. 19. Dalen: How about we end this shindig with a bang? Eve: Right now? Everyone is still here…it would be rude to leave wouldn’t it?Dalen: I think they’ll forgive us, you want those six kids don’t you? I’m more than willing to help you out with that. Aiden: Eww, gross dad I’m right here you know…I’m outta here.
  20. 20. Dalen: Now, where were we? Eve: I think I know… Dalen: Right about here…
  21. 21. And now for the most important wedding of Generation 8… Miranda: Well that tux is definitely a lot better.Virgil: I know, I burned the other one. I’ll never see that thing again.
  22. 22. Solan: I’m so happy for him. Borias: Way to go cuz!! Cupid: Let’s face it; I do good work.Atalanta: My new granddaughter-in-law is so pretty!
  23. 23. Virgil: Open up, here it comes!Miranda: Don’t choke me alright? Virgil: Now that’s no fun…
  24. 24. Evander: So you set them up? Cupid: Of course, it’s my job. You need my help too?Evander: Oh no, I already married my dream girl. She’s already awaiting the birth of our first child last time I checked. Cupid: Good for you.
  25. 25. Dalen: Something wrong Glow Boy? Solan: Not sure, I have this feeling I’m missing something again… Dalen: What?Solan: I don’t know, Virgil has been pretty tight-lipped lately, ever since he came home from college.
  26. 26. Dalen: I think you’re getting old kid, I don’t see anything different with him. He’s still a brooding jack ass to me. Then again, that’s why I like the guy. Solan: You’re way older than me. But still…I wonder what’s up with him. Dalen: Let it go, I think you’re seeing things wrong where there isn’t.
  27. 27. Solan: Maybe you’re right Dalen. I shouldn’t dwell on it. Eve: I’d listen to him, my brother is just the same as always.Solan: Well that confirms it, if you say so Eve. I know you would tell me if there was anything up. Eve: Of course I would, you know that.
  28. 28. Even though Dalen told Solan not to worry about it, he had the faintest trace of the same feeling he did. Eve sure wasn’t telling him anything was up, but past experiences with the legacy had him thinking. He knew what he tried to do in the earlier days of it, he too worked in secret on the Generation 2 kids by sending the Furies to torture them into insanity. Reias was almost as clueless as his son is, if not for the fact he was bangingDaphne in college when it was going on. She must have told Reias what was going on, and Chaos wasn’t about to give up on preventing the new God of Peace from being born.Something had to have happened in college, it would be the perfect place to strike from; he sure thought so while Chaos had his mind under his control. Virgil’s grandchild would be the new God of Peace, Chaos had very little time left to destroy them…
  29. 29. As things turned out, Solan would soon learn the truth behind it… Camilla: Are you ready to see another wedding honey?Icarus: Who knew I’d live long enough to see Generation 9 be born? Solan: Well in this family, you will.
  30. 30. Nathan and Varia weren’t big wedding people, they opted for a plain clothes ceremony in the family living room instead. And Nathan was just happy to be able to marry the girl he fell in love with, that didn’t compete for his father…
  31. 31. Nathan and Varia were going to be getting their own place soon enough. With Hex back in their house, it was getting a little too crowded for them and they wanted to enjoy their new married life without his parentshovering around all the time. But Varia had to let Solan know what happened in college to Virgil, keeping secretes that important was not easy for her to bear. She had come to respect Solan and what he did for the legacy too much to carry on with the lies.
  32. 32. Varia: Before we go, I have to tell to your father. I can’t keep this in anymore.Nathan: Varia…are you sure you want to tell him? I mean telling me is one thing but he’s the legacy guardian.Varia: I can’t keep lying. I just can’t; he has to know how close we came to losing the heir.
  33. 33. Nathan: Alright, if you have to I support you.Varia: You’re so wonderful honey, I love you. Nathan: I love you too.
  34. 34. Nathan: Go ahead and tell him the truth. Varia: Xylen tried to kill off the legacy by making sure Virgil was too high on lotus blossoms to take his responsibility seriously. He along with Borias, Ephiny, Autolycus and Lila were gone for two whole weeks. Solan: Why the hell did they lie to me??!! They could have been killed!!Varia: I have to tell you something, about college. Varia: Virgil made us all swear not to tell, he said it was a matter for our generation Solan felt his blood go cold; his intuition only and that we should deal with itwas right, something did happen to them in alone…I held on to that for so long, then I college, despite Eve’s assurance that had to tell Nathan; I had to tell someone. nothing happened. She lied to him, Virgil lied to him…and it hurt worse than Solan: That kind of thing should NEVER anything. be kept secret, we are so close to the end and losing now would make everything Solan: What? Diamos and Oliver did in vain.
  35. 35. Solan apologized to her for yelling, she was only telling him the truth. They called theircab and Solan was going to call Virgil over here. He had to hear it from him as to why he lied about something so important. After all this time, did he still not trust him?
  36. 36. Solan: How are things? Virgil: Good, Miranda told me she’s pregnant. Solan: That’s great Virgil, I’m so happy for you.Virgil: Thanks, I guess. But you didn’t call me over here just for that did you? Solan: Perceptive; but you’re right I didn’t.
  37. 37. Solan: I know, Virgil. Virgil: Know what? Solan: What happened in college to you. Varia told me everything. Virgil: Shit, never trust a woman…so what about it? I handled it. We’re all still here.Solan: That’s not the point; you lied to me. And Eve lied to me. At this point in the Quest we can’t afford to be against one another, surely you know that?
  38. 38. Virgil: Look, I am the heir now and I’m in charge of things; including the Quest. I don’t need help doing what I’ve been bred to do. I can handle things on my own. Solan: Don’t think you’ve possibly prepared for every possible threat that Chaos can make; you’re up against a force older than most of the gods here!! Don’t shut us out, we can help you. We know what we’re dealing with far better than you do.Virgil: We? Dude, you’re still a baby compared to most of the gods here, what can you possibly know that I don’t?
  39. 39. Solan: So are you. And the same can be said, you don’t know everything either. Trust us, that’s what we’re here for. Virgil: Why?Solan: Because it’s our job, and because I know you don’t want to do anything stupid that could threaten Miranda, your cousins or friends; as well as your unborn child. You have more at risk than you think you do. Virgil: …
  40. 40. Solan: You are not alone Virgil; we’re all here to help you. Virgil: Yeah…I know… Solan: No more lies alright? Virgil: Yeah, okay. No more lies. Solan: Good. I’m glad you understand.
  41. 41. Solan: So anyway, do you know what the baby’s gender is yet? Virgil: No, not yet. I kinda want to be surprised you know. Solan: I get that, I didn’t want to know either. I got lucky with two sons and two daughters so I got the best of both sides.Virgil: Well I know I have to have more than one, I might try for three I don’ t know yet.
  42. 42. Meanwhile… Evander: It’s your daddy, yes it is!! I can’t wait to see you!!Ephiny: And with the way I keep getting kicked in there, they can’t wait to see you either. Evander: I’m so happy, I can’t believe I’m actually going to be a father.
  43. 43. Ambrosia: So big bro, are you sure you don’t want to have kids? They’re wonderful. Aeson: Naw, I’m enjoying the bachelor life too much to mess it up now. Ambrosia: You’re missing out on a lot… Aeson: Says you. I’m happy where I am. Ambrosia: You can’t really be, who will take care of you in your old age? Aeson: Ah, see you’re assuming I’m even going to reach old age…which I doubt.
  44. 44. Ambrosia: I seriously doubt our generation received much in the way of being blessedwith godly immortality, we’re spares of spares brother. I certainly haven’t been feeling immortal I feel older every day.Aeson: Who wants to get old when there’s so many hot girls out there I haven’t met yet? I want to be young a virile forever. Ambrosia: You and your Romantic conquests, don’t you ever get bored? Aeson: Hell no.
  45. 45. Their conversation was soon interrupted with the arrival of some of Generation 9… Ephiny: AHHH!!! Evander: Oh gods…here it comes, fatherhood.
  46. 46. Aeson: I didn’t want to see this!! Ambrosia: Then move your ass so I can see it!!Castor: My first grandchild…where did my youth go?
  47. 47. Ephiny: Hello baby…so you’re the one who’s been kicking me.Ambrosia: Well? What do I have a granddaughter or grandson?
  48. 48. Ephiny: Say hello to your son, Helios Evander… Evander: My son… Ephiny: Because…
  49. 49. Ephiny: I need the free hands to bring in his twin sister Pallas. Evander: Twins?? I had twins? Ephiny: I was a twin so it makes sense.
  50. 50. Helios got the purple eyes of his father and brown hair, and Pallasgot the blue eyes of her grandfather Eddie and brown hair. I was so hoping the purple eyes wouldsurvive longer, and I got lucky with Helios.
  51. 51. Not too long afterwards, her half-alien sister Loria gave birth to her first child too. Koios Cooke, a green-skinned, black-eyed baby boy.
  52. 52. Their brother Borias, one of the few members of Generation 8 to not get married yet. He was still in love with his Goddess of Knowledge, Athena. Marrying her would mean he would have to move to Olympus with her and Zeus had said a firm “NO WAY” to that,only because he was not ready to let any of the legacy know he had ordered Daphne back from oblivion. (See Interlude Chapter 6)
  53. 53. But that didn’t stop him from proposing to his goddess anyway. He loved her and he knew she loved him too.
  54. 54. He wanted children like his sisters, and goddesses work in mysterious ways. Iolaus: Lanta, our grandson is giving birth? Is that normal? Atalanta: In this world who knows?
  55. 55. Borias placed his new daughter Lelantos in the same crib he was in as a baby. Hisparents saved them specifically for their grandchildren. She looked exactly like her mother Athena.
  56. 56. Dalen: This never gets old for me… Eve: I would hope not, since I want six of them. Dalen: I know, and I’m going to give them to you baby, don’t worry about that.And for Dalen, these kids were going to be better protected than his others with Mokosh.Zeus and Xylen were not going to kill them off like they did to Jason and Hope…he never told Eve that of course. Aiden didn’t like him to even mention his twin sister and little brother around him. Dalen was convinced that Aiden still blamed him for their deaths, even now.
  57. 57. Late one night, everyone was drawn to the living area when they heard Eve start yelling with pain, it was time…
  58. 58. Batalia: Déjà vu… Dalen: You said it.Eve: Dalen we have a son. Dalen: Just one?
  59. 59. Aiden: Umm, dad? Eve: Apparently not!!Aiden: Dad, you might want to pay attention…
  60. 60. With another set of boy/girl twins, Generation 9 was finally getting started. Tyro and Tithonos were the newest members to join the others.
  61. 61. But by far, the most anticipated arrival would be the main line’s child. This child would be the next heir, and therefore the next target for Xylen…
  62. 62. Seiya: I miss having little ones so tiny…you’re so lucky Miranda. Miranda: I know. Thank you.
  63. 63. Virgil: My son, he looks just like me. Miranda: What do you want to call him? Virgil: Phaethon, it’s a great name. A strong name. Miranda: Phaethon, I like it. Virgil: I think he’ll be my heir, what do you think?Miranda: Let’s have at least one more, then decide. He’ll have to face a lot if he’s heir.
  64. 64. It was hard enough to think about what his son would face as heir for Virgil, he was so small and innocent right now. When he was a baby, his father was more scared that he’d be stillborn than of what his son would face as he grew. And Virgil was now a father himself, the thought of his son facing what he did in college terrified him. He knew Xylen would be coming back and that he would target his children. For now, all he wanted to do was enjoy his baby; everything else can come later. End of Entry Forty-Nine. 
  65. 65. Name Origins: HELIOS: (HELIUS) The Titan god of the sun who rode across the sky in a chariot drawn by four fiery, winged steeds. He was an ally of Zeus in the Titan-War. PALLAS: The Titan god of war craft and the military campaign season. Some say Athena defeated him in battle and crafted her aegis-cape from his goatish skin. (I know my Pallas is female but there are very few female Titan names…) LELANTOS: The Titan god of the breezes of the air. His name means "the unnoticed" or "unseen one".KOIOS: The Titan god of intelligence and the axis of heaven He was also known as Polos. Koios was one of the Titanes cast into Tartaros at the end of the Titan-War. He was sometimes described as a leader of the Gigantes.PHAETHON: A child of Helius the sun, who persuaded his father to let him ride the solar chariot, but lost control and was blasted from the sky by Zeus. TYRO: A Thessalian princess who was seduced by the god Poseidon in the guise of the river Enipeus. She bore him the sons Neleus and Pelias. TITHONOS: (TITHONUS) A handsome Trojan prince abducted by the goddess Eos for a husband.She requested immortality for her spouse but neglected to ask for eternal youth, and he shrivelled up with time.