Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 6


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 6

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build a Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. Wedding bells sound throughout Hyperia as the second generation kids prepare to enter the next phase of their lives. None rang more loudly than those signalling the Royal Wedding of Prince Derek to his lovely bride Lady Violet Starr. Hyperia’s next king and his queen, the people’s hopes and prayers are that they make Hyperia even better than itwas under the rule of his father King Henry. These weddings would see the rise of several new Noble family lines starting with Lady Hinamori and Prince Xander, along with her younger sister Rangiku to the distinguished Lord Goopy GilsCarbo from a neighbouring kingdom. The younger prince, Prince Nicholas would soon be setting out with hisbride Lilly Starr. Would these new Noble houses make thingseasier for the ever growing Peasant class? Or would they make things worse? Only time will tell…
  3. 3. Hyperia, as it stands now on the cusp of change from King Henry’s rule to that of his eldest son, Prince Derek.
  4. 4. The day of his wedding was here, and Prince Derek was a bundle of nerves. As the carriage dropped off his bride, Lady Violet his nerves grew even more antsy. She was about to become his queen…Hyperia’s queen.She looked so calm and collected as she came up the walk-way from the road, she looked beautiful. He pulledher into a tight embrace as he kissed her, all his nerves seemed to calm slightly as he shared the kiss with her.
  5. 5. The wedding took most of the day to prepare, up on the gala level of the castle. The sun was shining right up until the point where they both stood under the altar, then it clouded over and started to rain. Rain on your wedding day was often regarded as a bad omen of things to come, if Prince Derek believed such a thing. Hestood there face to face with his bride and all fears and doubts seemed to melt away with the rain. His crimson formal wear stood out in stark contrast to the white of the backdrop and the greyness of the day. He felt nervous, excited, terrified and happy all at once. Violet’s usually calm blue eyes were a sea of emotion from what he could see, but she held herself well with all the dignity and poise that a lady of her class demanded.
  6. 6. Violet: I hope this rain is not an ill omen of things to come…Prince Derek: Come now my love, do you really believe such tall tales? I have no doubts about this, do you? Violet: Oh!! No of course not!! I love you. Prince Derek: Then that is all that matters to me.
  7. 7. Kyle: I’m glad Big Sister Violet is married to the prince, I like him. Dalen: You know we have to get married too, mom wants us all to. Kyle: Yeah, but not right now.Dalen: Marriage and me don’t go well together, I don’t want to be married.Kyle: You have to, even if you prefer the life of free Romance my dear twin.
  8. 8. Rose: I hope I marry someone rich.Kyle: You would sister, you have strong Fortune desires. Dalen: Who though? Rose: I don’t know, daddy will find me someone. Kyle: I hope I find someone nice.
  9. 9. Rose: Nice? Hahaha!! You’re such a dork. Kyle: What?Dalen: She doesn’t understand anything unless there’s heaps of gold attached to it. Don’t worry about it.
  10. 10. Rose: Seriously though, I love you boys. We’re triplets we have the right to tease each other more than anyone else. Come on, I think they’re cutting the cake. I want some cake. Dalen: We love you too sister. Kyle: Always. Let’s get some cake.
  11. 11. Prince Derek: Allow me, my beautiful future queen. Violet: Aww, you’re so considerate. Princess Serena: She has no idea…
  12. 12. Princess Serena: My brother is a cake shover. Prince Derek: Open wide!! Violet: Ommph!! Derek!! *coughs* Prince Derek: I warned you.
  13. 13. Prince Derek: I hope you weren’t too upset, I was just playing.Violet: It’s alright. Watch out though, I may get you back one of these days. Prince Derek: You can try…
  14. 14. Prince Derek: I love you. Violet: I love you too.
  15. 15. In all the excitement of her brother’s wedding, Princess Serena almost forgot it was also her birthday that day as well. She would soon meet her intended husband, the young lord Shuuhei of the powerful Kasumi family. His twin sister was due to wed Prince Xander the next day and she would meet him at the wedding.
  16. 16. She was nervous about meeting Shuuhei tomorrow, she barely knew him. But it was what their fathers had decided and she must honour her father’s choice for her intended, as his only daughter it was his duty to make arrangements for her.
  17. 17. She was now a fully grown young woman and she had her whole future ahead of her.
  18. 18. Prince Derek: How about we continue the celebration, with the creation of my Royal heir? Violet: I am up for that. ******
  19. 19. The next day, Prince Xander went out to meet Hinamori’s carriage. He never liked her, he still thought she had a wicked tongue, but his father had arranged his marriage and he was bound to abide by the choice.Perhaps, someday he would learn to love her but not right now. He could never have Violet, the one he truly loved, she was married to his brother and was going to be the next queen. He would be given a generous duchy in the kingdom, more than enough to live on.
  20. 20. He bent down and presented Hinamori with her ring; he winced at the squeal she let out when she saw it. A shrill voice to go with that spiteful tongue…there were hard days ahead.
  21. 21. Hinamori: I’m so happy, I’ve dreamed of this day for years! We’re going to be so happy!! Prince Xander: Yes, here’s hoping…Hinamori: Oh, do we get a large duchy? Is it in a prime location? Do we have to look at the ugly Peasantry housing?... She went on, but Xander had reduced his replies to smiles and nods.
  22. 22. Hinamori insisted the entire colour scheme be changed. She hated the pink of the other wedding arch andchairs. The floral petal pathway had to be changed to suit the colour scheme. She was bossy and rude to the set up crew and it made Prince Xander cringe to hear some of the unladylike things she said to the labourers; for which he humbly apologized for once she was out of ear shot.
  23. 23. Unlike Prince Derek’s wedding day, Xander’s was hot and sunny. He was sweating in his tuxedo whileHinamori looked cool and calm in her strapless, non-traditional wedding gown. Hinamori had a smile plastered on her face she looked out at everyone who was at her wedding.
  24. 24. Shuuhei looked thrilled that his sister had secured the prime position of being second in line for the throne. Princess Violet had recently conceived but he was not concerned. If Prince Derek had only girls then thethrone would pass to Hinamori and Xander. He was lined up to take third position with Princess Serena.
  25. 25. Hinamori: Don’t you DARE shove that in my mouth, you hear me? Do NOT embarrass me. Prince Xander: Of course not dear. I wouldn’t dream of it. Hinamori: Good.Prince Xander fought the urge to shove it down her throat just out of spite, but he refrained from doing so.She was going to be a terror to be married too, he tried not to hate his father for this unhappy marriage. He was going to be the dutiful son…
  26. 26. Once the cake was served, Shuuhei made his move on the princess. After all, she was to be his wife. As long as she gave him a male heir on the first try he wouldn’t have to resent her. Given that her mother bore four sons, he had high hopes for her to follow suit.
  27. 27. Prince Nicholas: So you’re sure? No hand restraints? I can get them made in gold… Hinamori: How vulgar!! Who do you think I am??!! Prince John: I don’t think she appreciates your sense of humour brother. Prince Nicholas: What? The Ice Queen could use a little thawing out. Hinamori: Dear gods!! Are you going to let him talk to ME like that Xander? Prince Xander: *sighs* Enough of that Nicholas; it is inappropriate.
  28. 28. Hinamori: I am more than ready to bear your heir, let’s get started. Prince Xander: Don’t you want some sort of romance before hand? Hinamori: No time, I have a duty to you and I intend to perform it admirably. Prince Xander: As you wish.He had wanted to be a little romantic before hand, but she was insistent…a long and difficult road indeed.
  29. 29. Hinamori did perform admirably it seemed, she was already with child soon after their wedding night. Prince Xander was shocked, and a little leery about the kind of mother that child would have withHinamori. It was right after she began to show that she insisted on moving out to tour their new duchy as soon as possible.
  30. 30. Prince Derek: You will be due very soon, I am excited to meet you my son. Violet: How do you know it will be a son?Prince Derek: A feeling; our wedding may have been dreary and wet but I have a good feeling about this. Violet: So you do think it was a bad omen. Prince Derek: I said no such thing.
  31. 31. Prince John: Do you really have to leave soon? Who will I tease with my sister gone?Princess Serena: I am older than you by the way…but yes soon I will have to leave to be with my intended. I am sorry. Prince Xander: Hopefully your marriage will be better than mine is so far…those Kasumis, I don’t trust them. Princess Serena: But you went through with the wedding brother, do you have doubts now? Prince Xander: Don’t you? Princess Serena didn’t reply; she couldn’t say that she did, it wouldn’t be right…would it?
  32. 32. Nicholas stuck a wrong note, it echoed throughout the throne chamber. He wasn’t happy that his brother andsister were leaving to be with people he knew they didn’t like. He was always close to them and he hated to see them unhappy and miserable. His twin, John felt the same way, he frowned. Prince John: Way to go, ruin the moment… Princess Serena: Now, now. Don’t be like that. Prince Xander: We will visit, don’t worry.
  33. 33. Violet’s cries drowned out the music he was butchering, it was time for the first member of generation 3 tomake their appearance. Oddly enough, in the same spot that Nicholas and John were born so long ago…
  34. 34. Hinamori: *please be a girl, please be a girl…*Violet clutched her belly, the pain would soon be over and she would hold her precious child in her arms.
  35. 35. Queen Celia: I sense a grandbaby!! King Henry: I remember when you were born on this very spot John…Prince John: Oh gods father!! Eww!! I shall never sit near that chair again!!
  36. 36. At a few minutes past 9 pm, the first child of Prince Derek and Princess Violet was born. An announcement was going to be made the next morning that Princess Elizabeth had arrived safe and sound. She had her father’s everything, she was going to be adorable when she grew. Hinamori silently cheered; a girl as the first born was always a good forecaster of things to come.
  37. 37. The first birthday of Princess Elizabeth was a few days before the adult birthdays of the younger princes John and Nicholas. Derek cradled his daughter as he prepared to give her a birthday.
  38. 38. Princess Elizabeth Rothgate Cancer 7/1/5/7/5 First born of generation 3!!
  39. 39. Prince Nicholas took to his little niece immediately. She reminded him of his brother and how Derektaught him to walk when Nicholas was her age. Shegiggle with glee as he held her in the air, she was such a fast learner.
  40. 40. And Prince John, not wanting to be outdone by histwin, taught her to talk. She wasn’t as quick withthat as she was with walking, John thought it wasbecause his niece was very shy, and talking wasn’t what she wanted to do right away. But he would keep trying anyway.
  41. 41. Prince John: At least try to look enthused twin…it is our birthday after all.Prince Nicholas: I can’t, Xander is gone and I miss him. He was always here with our birthdays before. Prince John: I know…I miss him too.
  42. 42. Prince Nicholas: And father is waay too close to me…this birthday sucks. Prince John: Just blow out the candles.
  43. 43. Prince John: Dear gods…Prince Nicholas: On second thought, it just got better.  Prince Derek: Clothes are in the wardrobe.
  44. 44. His birthday just got a whole lot better when he heard a carriage pulling up outside. Prince Nicholas: Lilly??!! My gods, you are stunning!! Lilly: So are you!! I missed you so much Nicky!!Prince Nicholas: Please, not in front of mother and father…Nicholas.
  45. 45. Nicholas pulled a box out of his robes. Lilly’s eyes practically fell out of her head when she saw it. Prince Nicholas: You did not think I had forgotten did you? Lilly: I had hoped not!! Prince John: Having a better birthday now? Prince Nicholas: Very much better.
  46. 46. King Henry: You made my son’s day, thank you for coming on time.Lilly: Of course your Highness, I would never be late for something like this. Prince Nicholas: Thank you father. King Henry: You are most welcome son.
  47. 47. Prince Nicholas: It really did make my day having you here.Lilly: I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, I love you Nicky. Prince Nicholas: And I love you Lil.
  48. 48. Later that night… Violet: We are going to be needing a bigger nursery my love.Prince Derek: Don’t worry, I have commissioned an extension to be made upstairs. ******
  49. 49. Hyperia has just gained two more duchies for the upcoming Nobles to purchase, the small kingdom just got a little bigger…
  50. 50. Over at the Starr manor, the heir Tyler was still enjoying his freedom from responsibility. He had yet totake a bride and his family was growing anxious about it. Tyler usually just laughed off their concerns and said that he was really in no rush to settle down just yet.
  51. 51. And when the well presented him with Kindle Trace, he was more than sure he was not ready yet. He had heard she was betrothed to another already. He dodged the marital bullet once more.
  52. 52. So once Kindle was safely off the property, he called up the Matchmaker for another date and waspresented with Callista Desperet as his chosen. He liked her well enough, but being from the working class he was not legally allowed to marry her. Another bullet dodged.
  53. 53. Tyler was enjoying his freedom, and his little sister Lilly wanted to marry Prince Nicholas as soon as she could and he was willing to let her go first. It got his mother off his back about marrying in the flurry ofLilly’s wedding occupying her time. He was best friends with Nicholas and he even started calling the princeNicky. He was one of the few people that Nicholas allowed to use the shortened version of his name, with Lilly being the other.
  54. 54. Lilly: I am so excited to spend my life with you Nicky!!Prince Nicholas: As am I, Lil. I have a beautiful piece of land ready for us to build our home on not too far from here so you may visit your parents whenever you wish to. Lilly: Thank you. You have no idea how happy that makes me to hear. Prince Nicholas: I believe I have a fairly good idea.
  55. 55. Lilly: Here you are!! It’s Petalberry, my favourite!! Prince Nicholas: It’s simply divine my love. Lilly: I hoped you would like it too.
  56. 56. Lilly looked at her new husband adoringly. She had to thank Tyler for letting her marry first despite the tradition of heirs marrying first before anyone else. She was very happy with Nicky.
  57. 57. Queen Celia: You are very lovely my dear, and my son has never been so happy. I am honoured to have another Starr woman as a daughter-in-law.Lilly: My queen, you honour me with your words of such praise. I am deeply grateful. Queen Celia: Please, call me mother. I am not queen anymore. Lilly: As you wish, mother.
  58. 58. Prince Derek: I will cherish her sir, you have my word as a prince.Diamos: I know you will son, I have always liked that about you. You make my Lilly happy and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Lilly: Oh daddy…*sniff* Tyler: I too, Nicky. Take care of my sister. Prince Nicholas: I will.
  59. 59. Ani-Mei: Are you well Vi? Are you getting enough rest and relaxation? I wish I could see the birth of my second grandbaby. Violet: Yes mother, I am. Derek is a loving caretaker.Ani-Mei: So you think you can talk some sense into your twin brother? He still won’t find a nice girl to settle down with… Violet: I wish; but Tyler is stubborn.
  60. 60. Ani-Mei: Now listen here little one, you be nice to your mommy and don’t cause her any trouble. Grandma has spoken. Violet: Mother…please. Ani-Mei: I’m allowed, grandmother’s prerogative. *and Simself too*
  61. 61. Eventually, Tyler did choose someone to marry. Lilly Do, one of his first conquests as an adult. His mother was thrilled and finally backed down a bit.
  62. 62. Lilly: Oh this is so pretty, you have a wonderful house.Tyler: Thank you. We work hard to make it comfortable.
  63. 63. Tyler: Here it comes!! Lilly: *chokes*Tyler: Heh, I’ve been wanting to do that for forever. Tyler is a cake shover too…
  64. 64. Lilly: Oh you…Tyler: Haha!! Yep. That’s me.
  65. 65. Tyler: Now for the fun part. Lilly: I agree.
  66. 66. The next event of the week was the adult birthdaysof the Starr triplets, Dalen, Kyle and Rose. Whichlike before with Princess Serena, landed on wedding day of their older brother.
  67. 67. Soon enough it was time for more of generation 3 to make an appearance. Lilly chose the spot under the willow tree…
  68. 68. …to give birth to twins. A boy and a girl named Ryan and Iris. They were welcomed by theirenthusiastic grandparents as the second and third members of generation 3.
  69. 69. Ani-Mei: Grandbabies!!Diamos: Twins too. Good for Tyler carrying on the twin gene. ******
  70. 70. For the last house of Week 6, part 1; we visit the Kasumi household. Where schemes and plans are finally coming to fruition…
  71. 71. Under the watchful eye of his father, Shuuhei made it official with his intended Princess Serena. Once they were married, he would have a legitimate claim on the throne should the need arise.
  72. 72. The backyard was set up and Lord Erian made one final inspection before heading in to change for the wedding. He was pleased that everything he set in motion was finally coming together.
  73. 73. Shuuhei: Are you ready my dear? Princess Serena: Yes, I am. Shuuhei: I expect great things from you, and hopefully you breed as well as your mother.Princess Serena nodded; was that all she was going to be for him? A breeding factory? Her brother was right about the Kasumis, she didn’t trust them.
  74. 74. At least he was nice about the cake. He was a very dignified and slightly stiff cake feeder. Serenasmiled, but somewhere inside she felt empty. Would Shuuhei really love her or just use her as a baby factory?
  75. 75. She supposed that time would tell. For now, she had to perform as a wife was expected to for her husband.
  76. 76. Princess Serena: I am so very happy that my brother Xander is living close by. Kira: Well he did marry our sister, it was her choice to live closer. Shuuhei: Should you be up and about my dear? Princess Serena: I am fine, I assure you. Shuuhei: Just as well, you should be resting.
  77. 77. Kira: She said she was alright.Shuuhei: Clearly, you have no concern for your nephew brother. I however, do worry about my son. Kira: She’s still here—she’s right…Shuuhei: Do not interrupt me. Now when did you say would be finding a wife? I would like to know. Princess Serena: It’s alright Kira, really…
  78. 78. Serena could feel the mounting tensions between the brothers and tried to alleviate the situation by distracting Shuuhei. Kira stifled a remark, his brother had really become arrogant since taking over the family. Kira: Not soon enough it seems.He left, he really didn’t want to see Serena with his brother…and it was an odd feeling that swept over him. Was he jealous?...Surely not…
  79. 79. With Shuuhei married and awaiting an heir, Rangiku wanted to get married quickly and get out to herhusband’s new estate. Sir Goopy was more than ready to leave, he wanted to get married as soon as possible.
  80. 80. The rain even seemed to agree with them and let up as soon as the final kiss was sealed.
  81. 81. The two wasted no time getting down to business.
  82. 82. Kira used the added free time to share some of his favourite hobby tips with his sister-in-law on her painting, it was a legitimate excuse to spend more time with her. She seemed happier when he wasaround, she even smiled genuinely too. She had a beautiful smile, Kira was surprised to learn he actually missed seeing it.
  83. 83. Kira: You’ve really improved your form and style Serena, I’m impressed. Serena: You are a good coach Kira. Very easy to talk to.Kira: I try to be, I’m the only one who seems to like painting in this family and it’s nice to have someone else to share it with.Serena: Yes, me as well. Though Derek and Xander were pretty good in their own ways. Kira: I would have loved to see some of their work.
  84. 84. Serena: Hmm, what do you think? More red or less red on this section? Kira: Tough call; I’d say a little more. It would make her kimono colour brighter. Serena: Good point. More it is then.She dabbled a bit more red onto the brush and applied it to the canvas, before she suddenly put her palette down.
  85. 85. Shuuhei was home. Kira felt that familiar stab of jealousy ripple through him as his brother swooped in onSerena. He began to wonder if Shuuhei was doing that on purpose just to rile him up enough to give him a good reason to kick him out of the house…and away from his wife.
  86. 86. It was then he knew; he was in love with the princess. She deserved someone so much better than his cold-hearted brother. To him she was a baby machine, whose only purpose was to give him sons; to Kira she was a wonderful, warm, beautiful creature with a real talent for painting. He wanted to encourage her talent further, to develop it some more, he hated seeing it stifled when Shuuhei came around.
  87. 87. Kira feared that any son his brother had would be turned into someone just like him; mean, cold, obsessed with fortune and glory and ripe with ambition. If she was carrying his child, Kira would ensure that he orshe would be encouraged to share a respect for their fellow man and not use them as a means to an end. Kira wasn’t as concerned with having sons as his brother was, he would be happy with daughters just the same.
  88. 88. Shuuhei was not as in the dark as Kira thought; he was well aware of his little brother’s affection for his wife and it angered him. She was his and his ticket to the throne; Kira would have to be dealt with if he made the mistake of acting on his feelings for Serena. What angered him more was the way she always seemedhappy around Kira, her affections for him felt forced and strained; all he cared about was getting a son if she did that then as far as he was concerned she was done with her usefulness.
  89. 89. Until Kira acted otherwise; he would remain in good favour with him. His parents had no idea of whatwas going on, or if they did, they were far too involved with one another to care. He was fine with that;they were getting on in years and the household was his now. They could do as they wished as long as it didn’t interfere with his plans.
  90. 90. It came time for Serena to deliver, If she bore a son then Shuuhei was happy, if not then…he hadn’t thought about that yet.
  91. 91. When she bore twins, a girl and a boy, he had hisheir and Serena had managed to stay useful to him. But his brother…that was an issue he had yet to address.
  92. 92. A few days later he was sitting at the chess table with Serena. Serena: The twins are going to be wonderful children… Shuuhei: Hmm. Serena: What do you think we should do with their nursery? Shuuhei: I don’t care, do what ever. Serena: Oh.He moved a piece and did not look at her. Serena sighed and moved her piece, he could have at least said something…
  93. 93. When it was time for their birthdays he managed a smile as he held his son carefully in his arms. That was a small miracle for Serena at least; Shuuhei could smile when he wanted to.
  94. 94. When Renji inherited Queen Celia’s red hair, Serena was surprised. His eyes and his skin were veryreminiscing of his grandfather King Henry. His twin sister, Rukia, inherited Celia’s eyes and her ears she was a happy and energetic little girl, but shy and Serena loved her dearly. Renji Kasumi Scorpio 9/7/10/1/8 Rukia Kasumi Virgo 10/1/10/6/8
  95. 95. And with that, we end Week 6, Part 1. With 9 households (One to be introduced this week) to play through expect a lot more of these longer chapters. So without further preamble: Stats as of Week 6, Part 1: # of Households: 9 # of Playables: 62 # of NPC Community Lots: 1 # of Owned Community Lots: 3 (Columbus [Rank 8], Kasumi [Rank 5], Starr [Rank 6]) SM: (2x9; two generations in each household), SM=18 Population: 62x18= 1,116 (Milestone!!) Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 2 of 11 filled (Columbus [retired] , Trace, Hood) Military: 0 of 1 filled (Pop. of 1,000) Oceanography: 1 of 5 filled (Kasumi) (Gold Fishing Badges for Kira, Shuuhei, Erian, Diamos, and Ani-Mei) Politics: 0 of 1 filled (Kasumi retired) Journalism: 0 of 1 filled (Pop. of 1,000) Law Enforcement: 1 of 3 filled (Cooke [fired], Starr) Education: 1 of 4 filled (Sims) [Pop. 250 x 4=1000] Intelligence: 1 of 2 filled (Hood), [Diamos has retired] Architecture: 0 of 1 filled (having 10 lots=1 opening) Science: 1 of 6 filled (GilsCarbo)[Forgot to add this once Gen. 2 grew up]