Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 5


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 5

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. Once a small kingdom, Hyperia has grown a lot in only two generations. Its people are learning and growingright along with the kingdom itself. The young prince Derek is ready to marry and soon the people may lookupon its next king and his heir with wonder and amazement. Most of the children born in the new kingdom were getting ready to marry themselves and life as the Hyperians know it continues on…
  3. 3. King Henry and Queen Celia were ready to enter their golden years and enjoy their grandchildren. The king was about to hand over the kingdom to his heir Prince Derek and take on the role of advisor rather thanruler. It seemed bittersweet to be passing the crown on, he remembered when he took the crown from his father, and his father from his grandfather it was now his turn to pass it on. He had a wonderful life, four healthy and strong sons, one precious and beautiful daughter he could not ask for more. His life was truly gods blessed.
  4. 4. King Henry: So here we are my love, advisors and no longer figureheads of the kingdom.Queen Celia: I know my Lord, how time flies. But think of all we have to look forward to now. King Henry: Yes, grandchildren. I cannot wait. Queen Celia: Nor I my love, nor I.
  5. 5. The oldest twins had their birthday the next night, Derek and Xander would become men now. The queencould help but cry a little, her sons were all grown up now and ready to lead their kingdom to the heights of even greater glory than it had before. Her son had a lovely young women to carry on with, she liked Violet Starr a lot and would be delighted to see her bear her grandchildren.
  6. 6. They became very handsome young men, the queen and her king could not be prouder of their oldest sons.
  7. 7. King Henry: Well done my love. Our sons will lead us to glory. Queen Celia: I thank you my Lord. I am most assured that they shall.King Henry: What shall we do in the meantime? It will be a while yet before we see any grandchildren? Queen Celia: We will have plenty to do, we have royal weddings to plan.
  8. 8. King Henry: Aye, that we do. Five of them in fact. Queen Celia: Much work and planning indeed. Five weddings in the near future shall be quite the challenge to arrange.King Henry: I also to purchase land for our sons to live on, they will most likely not be staying in the castle and they shall want a place for their own families to live and grow. Queen Celia: Of course, but not so far away that we may never see them again right? King Henry: Of course not my love, they shall remain close by.
  9. 9. Not so far from the castle, another settler had just recently arrived in Hyperia. He came with his sister which was quiteunusual to say the least for neither were married. Perhaps the most unusual aspect was that they were green, not the same green as Robin Hood’s family was known to be, but a different kind. Robin: So…you take quite the risk coming here looking like that. Paisley: I don’t know what you mean. Robin: You are not from around here are you?
  10. 10. Paisley: Do you know what he is referring to dear sister? Robin: I only meant that you were…well green. Paisley: And he is not?
  11. 11. Ruby: We are green, is there some law that states we can’t live here because of that?Aaron: I’ve lived here my whole life and the most attention we have had to endure was mildcuriosity. The king himself is quite fascinated by me and the fact that I neither require sleep nor really any sort of food.Robin: Yes, but there is going to be a new king now, do you know if he will be as tolerant? Aaron: Father…how can you say such things?
  12. 12. Aaron did not wait for a reply, he was very interested in Miss Ruby. She was green like he was and thereforeshe would understand what it would be like to be on the outside of things. Her story was quite fascinating to him; she had come here from a place called Belladonna Cove with her brother in search of a new adventure.Aaron listened with rapt attention as she described what she called an ocean to him; how big it was and how on a breezy day you could smell the salty air.
  13. 13. As luck would have it, she was very interested in him too…
  14. 14. If her brother approved, he would like to ask for her hand in marriage. She was too good to pass up and hewanted someone to share his life with. Ruby was just what he had asked for, someone who understood him in ways a woman who was not born green could ever hope to.
  15. 15. Ruby’s brother approved, and he began to court Miss Ruby. After being talked down to by his mother, Robinrelented and stopped calling them on their appearance. Marian only wanted her child to find the same happiness that she had with Robin.
  16. 16. And Aaron was glad for the chance to try.
  17. 17. He was so sure that he wasted no time in asking Ruby to become his wife. They were both peasants and working to earn their way in this kingdom, they could appreciate the hardships that they had to face.Eventually Aaron wanted to earn enough coin to become a Merchant, elevating his status and giving his children a chance to have a better life than he did growing up.
  18. 18. He was glad that Ruby saw things his way. She too wanted the same things for their children. She and herbrother came here hoping to have an adventure and it looked like that they would get their wish, there is no greater adventure than being a parent.
  19. 19. Paisley: So do you think we can make it here?Ruby: I do, I mean it’s like a clean slate isn’t it? Free from our pasts, a chance to make a new future in this place. Paisley: Do you miss your family sometimes? We do have to play a part here, Ani-Mei said so. Ruby: Sometimes, but as you said, we’re here to play a part. May as well do it. Paisley: You were heiress of your family though, I was just part of a challenge. Ruby: And in that world I still am. Let’s stop breaking the fourth wall okay? Play our parts as Ani-Mei wants us to.
  20. 20. ** As a side note, for those of you who don’t remember, this is what Paisley and Ruby used tolook like. Paisley was one of the Quad Pod spawned by Orchid in my Godly OWBC, the one who refused to let himself be bitten to become a vampireas the Quad Pod challenge dictated. The two are not directly linked as brother and sister though because they came from totally different Poli-Techs and two different games. When I cured Paisley he had thealien features! And I wanted more alien blood in my RKC just for some genetic variety. And Ruby has Geodessa’s recessives so I’m hoping that somehow she’ll have the purple skin and eyes that Geodessa had.**
  21. 21. Aaron could not wait to consummate his marriage to Ruby and was more than eager to learn about being a good husband. He was sure that he would be a good one to her and to the children that they would have together.
  22. 22. When it became apparent that he would soon have to endure a real test, he worked extra hard to ensure thathis growing family would have someone reliable to count on. He got several promotions at work and he could begin to plan for their futures.
  23. 23. Paisley had found a woman he could love in Marylena. A local woman from a smaller village just outside the kingdom limits. And not wanting to be outdone by his sister he proposed shortly after their courtship began.
  24. 24. Paisley: How are you in there my little nephew? This is your uncle Paisley!!Ruby: I doubt he could understand you. And how do you know it’s a boy? Paisley: I just do. Trust me sister.
  25. 25. Aaron continued to work hard and soon it was time for him to meet his child. Ruby went into labour late at night.
  26. 26. Ruby: PLEEAASEE be a boy!! This hurts soo much!!Aaron: Patience my love, I believe the term is breathe? Ruby: GAAHH!! MEN!!
  27. 27. She held in her arms a son and Aaron held onto hisdaughter. Twins, a boy and girl!! No wonder she had been in so much pain. He called his son Gelen and his daughter Anastasia. His children…it was unbelievable that he was now a father. Aaron finally knew how his mother had felt when she held his siblings in her arms. ******
  28. 28. Elsewhere, on the better side of the kingdom; Hinamori and Shuuhei were ready to join the princes inadulthood. Now was the time to set in motion the events which would see the Kasumi family taking over asthe monarchs of this land. Hinamori could work her magic on Prince Xander and position herself as next in line for the throne. Shuuhei would be one step closer to making Princess Serena his for the taking.
  29. 29. Hinamori: Now, listen up little sister we have a plan. Father has arranged for you to marry oneof his associates that he worked with during his campaign as mayor. His plan is to ensure thatall his bases are covered and that we have more than one of our family in a position of power. Rangiku: I thought I was supposed to work on Prince John? Hinamori: Plans change. Rangiku: Who is he?
  30. 30. Hinamori: The deputy mayor Goopy GilsCarbo. Rangiku: WHAT???
  31. 31. Rangiku: You expect ME to marry someone with such a ridiculous name??!! You cannot be serious!! Hinamori: I am, it is father’s wish and you will obey. Rangiku: I was ready to take on the prince!! How can he do this to me!?? Hinamori: He is our father and he can do with you what he sees fit.
  32. 32. Rangiku: And what about you? What if Prince Xander sees right through your ploy? Hinamori: He will not see through it. Prince Xander is not your concern, he is mine.Rangiku: He said you have a spiteful and hateful tongue, even he is not so dumb that he will let that go. Hinamori: He will do what his father asks him to, our father has already entered into an agreement with him about that, I will be married to Prince Xander.
  33. 33. Shuuhei: So she hates the idea does she?Hinamori: Of course, but Rangiku will do as she is told. She will marry the deputy mayor.Shuuhei: Sounds like father knows exactly how to plan things right. We both marry into the royal family and work to bring them down from the inside.Hinamori: Dear twin, that is not at all it. We do not plan to kill them…just ruin them a bit. Shuuhei: Ah, I see. Well that makes things more interesting does it not?
  34. 34. Hinamori: I foresee all of our plans coming to fruition. Shuuhei: As do I twin, as do I. Hinamori: Yes.
  35. 35. Hinamori had learned about a new peasant family that had recently settled here in Hyperia and she could not wait to share the news with her parents. “They will let just about any kind of riff-raff into our kingdom now.”Lord Erian: Our first royal decree will be that they be removed at once. I do not want such things in my new realm. Lady Amaya: The nerve…how dare they pollute our home with that…
  36. 36. Lord Erian: Do not fret my love, we will make our kingdom pure again. Lady Amaya: Oh I do hope so. Hinamori: All in due time…all in due time.
  37. 37. Rangiku and Kira had known that the day would come when they would enter adulthood, soon they would be expected to carry on with their lives and have families of their own. Rangiku still didn’t like the idea ofmarrying a man with such a ridiculous name but she would do so. For Kira, this meant that he now had to face the possibility of choosing a wife, he was still torn between Kindle and Rose. On one hand, choosing Kindle would result in him being disowned from the family. He would lose all possible chance at having a good life. While on the other hand, Rose presented a chance to be disowned as well, his father hated Lord Diamos and would probably not want to mix with their blood. Though in the eyes of the court, that would mean a lot lessthan if he were to marry into the scandal-ridden Trace family with Kindle. Kira felt that it was all happening too soon, he was not ready to choose.
  38. 38. But time would not wait for the indecisive and he had to allow it to take its course. He was the second son so the pressure to marry would not be as strong on him as it would be on Shuuhei. He had some time still to think things through and make a proper choice of which woman he wanted to marry and which woman would irritate his father less.
  39. 39. Kira had a choice to make and he was ready to begin thinking about it, right after a change of clothing…
  40. 40. Rangiku did what was expected of her and accepted Goopy’s proposal of marriage. As soon as they were married they would be given their own plot of land and move out. ******
  41. 41. Over at the Starr Estate, Violet was on her way back in from collecting the morning paper when she sawsomeone coming towards her. She had to stop for a second to figure out who the handsome young man was. Prince Derek: Miss Violet? Violet: Oh!!! Your Highness!! Prince Derek: Have I come at a bad time?
  42. 42. Violet: Oh, no not at all!! I was just unaware that you were coming. If I had known I would have alerted my father and we would prepare a welcome worthy of your royal self. Prince Derek: Actually, I had hoped to see you…alone. Violet: My Lord? Prince Derek: You do remember what we talked about at the party? Violet: Yes, sire I do recall that.
  43. 43. Prince Derek: I have come to formally ask you now.Violet: But…I am hardly dressed appropriately for such an honour… Prince Derek: You look beautiful to me. Violet: Ah…thank you Your Grace. I am flattered you think so. Prince Derek: I do, I very much do.
  44. 44. Prince Derek: Will you, Violet Starr, daughter of Lord and Lady Starr do me the greatest honour of becoming my wife and the next queen of Hyperia? Violet: Oh, my Lord…I shall!!! Lady Ani-Mei: Don’t mind me… *photo bombs*
  45. 45. Violet had known that her marriage to the prince was pre-arranged and she did care for Derek a lot…but she wondered how Xander would feelknowing that she was married to his brother? Would he be hurt? Would he be angry? Or would he be happy that his twin had found a woman he truly loved? This was her chance to become a queen and carry the next royal heir, any woman would gladlytake her place for that. The thought of that made her feel slightly superior to other women, she had the love of a handsome prince and he was over the moon for her. Truly, she would be the envy of all the noble women in the court.
  46. 46. Prince Derek: You have made me the happiest man in all of Hyperia, Violet Starr. Violet: And I hope I do not disappoint you. Prince Derek: You never could, I’ve loved you since we were young. Violet: Really? Then why did you never make a move? Prince Derek: I did not want to hurt my brother. He was in love with you too.
  47. 47. Lord Diamos: Now that you are grown son, it’s time you learned all the perks I have forrunning the Art Store. I would love to see it become a level 10 business before I die and I know you can do that for me. Tyler: Level 10? Lord Diamos: *ahem* I mean a thriving venture…yeah…that’s it. Tyler: I see.
  48. 48. Lord Diamos: Keep an eye on the ones who only come by to play around and not buy anything, look for high markers; meaning those who are more likely to spend a lot of moneyin the store. I think this kingdom could really use a place to display works of art and paintings of great beauty don’t you?Tyler: Of course father. Art is a sign of culture and intelligence, we should all contribute the best we can to make this the height of culture and beauty.Lord Diamos: Good son, you understand the importance of art and culture. That’s good, we want to leave a lasting legacy in this kingdom.
  49. 49. Lord Diamos: But most of all, I want you to continue to pursue your life’s dream of bringing law and order back to this land. Keep trying to climb up the ranks in the police force, wehave three Criminal Masterminds in Hyperia and someone needs to be around to fight them. Tyler: I understand father. I will do as you ask. Lord Diamos: There’s a good lad. You’ll make me proud my son.
  50. 50. Lord Diamos: And look out for your sisters too, you’re the oldest so it’s also your job toprotect them. I don’t worry as much about your twin sister Violet, she’s in good hands with the prince. Lilly is the middle child and she’ll most likely feel overlooked make sure she’snot. Your younger siblings will look to you for guidance when your mother and I are gone, be there for them? Tyler: I understand. I’ll take care of them don’t worry father. Lord Diamos: I know you will. I have complete faith in you Tyler.
  51. 51. Lilly: Yay!! No more school!! Rose: Suurree rub it in…Violet: You are the best little sis!!
  52. 52. Lilly: Wardrobe!! Tyler: Pants are most unbecoming for a lady.Lady Ani-Mei: I made sure the girls have pretty dresses to wear son.
  53. 53. Lilly: So you will make sure that everything is in order for when Prince Nicholas is ready for me? Lord Diamos: It will all be ready child, I made sure of that. Lilly: Oh good. Lady Ani-Mei: They grow up so fast don’t they? *sniff*
  54. 54. Lady Ani-Mei: I’m so happy you’ll be keeping the store Tyler, I love art. Tyler: I will, it will last through the ages. Lord Diamos: I think I’ll miss running it. Tyler: You can still come in, I mean it is still under your name father. Lord Diamos: I might just do that.
  55. 55. Dalen: What will I get? Rose: Do we get to run the store too? Tyler: I’m sure you can, father won’t mind. Dalen: How about another venue? Something Kyle and I can do? Lord Diamos: We’ll see son.Violet: I can get a plot of land, I am going to be the next queen after all.
  56. 56. Kyle: I’d love to open a tavern or restaurant myself. We don’t have one in Hyperia. Tyler: Sounds wonderful little brother, we really could use one around here. Kyle: I would like to start scouting a location soon if I can. Lord Diamos: We can do that, sure. Kyle: I think it will be fun, I could be the head chef!
  57. 57. Lady Ani-Mei: They have such wonderful dreams don’t they Dee?Lord Diamos: Yes, and I know that they will make Hyperia a better place. That’s the dream of all parents. Lady Ani-Mei: I agree wholeheartedly. We should make sure we do everything we can to see that our kids’ dreams come true. Lord Diamos: I know we can manage that somehow. ******
  58. 58. Here stands Hyperia as of now, I hope I don’t run out of room for things. I am not close enough to having a sub hood to expand into right now. Hopefully, I can manage. Generation two is going to be moving out soonand they’ll need places to settle down. The Strangetown template is not that big and limited by the two sides it has so here’s hoping.
  59. 59. The stats as of Week 5, Part 1: # of Households: 8 # of Playables: 46 # of NPC Community Lots: 1# of Owned Community Lots: 3 (Columbus [Rank 8], Kasumi [Rank 5], Starr [Rank 6]) SM: (2x8; two generations in each household), SM=16 Population: 46x16= 736 Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 3 of 7 filled (Columbus, Trace, Hood) Military: 1 of 1 filled (Starr) Oceanography: 1 of 5 filled (Kasumi) (Gold Fishing Badges for Kira, Shuuhei, Erian, Diamos, and Ani-Mei) Politics: 0 of 1 filled (Kasumi retired) Law Enforcement: 2 of 3 filled (Cooke, Starr) Education: 0 of 2 filled (pop. 250x2)Intelligence: 1 of 3 filled (Hood), Diamos is still a General so that earns another spot in Intelligence Architecture: 0 of 1 filled (having 10 lots=1 opening)