Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 3


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 3

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. The wealth of Hyperia was growing every day, itspeople were happy and content…for the most part. Ifyou were a Peasant then all you had to look forwardto was being able to survive throughout the night.The kingdom had four highly influential families thatwere under the king, those four families had neartotal control over everything that was created in thekingdom. Lord Kasumi had a powerful position inPolitics, and with him being so close to landing themayoral position, he decreed that anyone who wishedto set up a shop had to first ask him. Many felt thatpower should belong to the king, but their king wasmore engrossed in his growing family and oftendismissed their concerns. It was that attitude thatmade him fall out of favour with the masses…
  3. 3. Lord Diamos: I see. So you’re hoping I can help you…Mr.? Robin: Robin Hood. Lord Diamos: Mr. Hood.Robin: You seem to actually care about the peasants, a noble that cares is few andfar in between. Most of us feel that Lord Kasumi is taking his position in Politics too far, he is not the king, but he sure acts as such.
  4. 4. Lord Diamos: And you speak for the Peasants?Robin: Someone has to. I came here with my wife to settle and was immediately drawn to the plight of this kingdom’s people, those who were not born into wealth and power. We want to make Hyperia a better place. Lord Diamos: Admirable, I like the fact that you had the guts to tell someone about it, I happen to be close to the king and I am sure he will listen to me. Robin: And we are most grateful Lord Starr.
  5. 5. Lord Diamos: Just out of curiosity, are you the same Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor?Robin: Only the rich who deserve to be stolen from; and you good sir are not one of them, rest assured. Lord Diamos: I see. Though you do know that this kingdom does have a Prince John, however he is only a baby at the moment. Robin: We have heard that queen delivered two more sons for the king.
  6. 6. Like many of his class, Robin Hood learned that it was better to have your own foodsupplies growing on your property, as there was no other way to survive. The rich could afford to have their food imported, the poor had to be the ones who grew it. At themoment, seeds were not heavily taxed, so planting a small garden could be done for those who had little or no money to their names.
  7. 7. And with his beautiful wife Maid Marian expecting, Robin knew how important it was to maintain a healthy garden. He did worry for her well-being when he had to go off to work, his boss Christopher Columbus was a very demanding and required that all his underlings arrive for work as scheduled. Crime was not something Robin enjoyed, assometimes it meant hurting the people he had sworn to protect. But he also enjoyed the fact that it gave Lord Kasumi something to worry about, he was convinced that he was this kingdom’s Sheriff of Nottingham.
  8. 8. Maid Marian tended to the trees while Robin worked, she did her part to ensure their smallfruit crop would be bountiful and plump come harvest time. Fruits were just as important as vegetables, they were known to prevent a lot of problems according to the blood-letters and mages.
  9. 9. She enjoyed cooking with their own vegetables, it was a favourite past time of Marian’s that her nanny had taught her when she was young.
  10. 10. Marian was overjoyed when it came time to give birth, she had longed to be a mother and now that she had been blessed with a strong, healthy son she felt completed. Baby John would do his father proud when he grew into a handsome young man.
  11. 11. However, the mages failed to mention thatusing too much bug poison on the trees wouldresult in nature getting back at you. Her oncegolden hair was now replaced with cool, green leaves as were her skin and clothing. Currently, the kingdom had no wizard or witch to go to for a cure so Marian was unfortunately stuck this way for good.
  12. 12. Nights became difficult for Marian, with no sun to keep her healthy, she feared that one of these nights she would surely perish, leaving her son motherless. Luckily for her, her wonderful husband Robin had managed to procure a most peculiar device through hisdealings with the underworld of crime, it was called a “Sun Lamp”. An enchanted device that harnessed the power of sun to shine throughout the night.
  13. 13. Little John grew up to have his father’s hair and his mother’s delicate skin. Robin was so proud of his son. “Little” John Hood Gemini 2/10/8/4/3
  14. 14. Maid Marian loved Little John, but longed for another child, her fear about not being able to bear Robin anymore children kept her from trying, however she soon learned that her new condition allowed her to produce “spore”, which she assumed washow these plant people reproduced. She tried it and she spawned a male child whom she named Aaron. He was a toddler when he was spawned, so Little John would have a brother to play with after all.
  15. 15. Both her boys had a chance to share a birthday, she wondered what Aaron would looklike as a child. But when he grew into adulthood instead, she wasn’t sure that he and Little John would remain as close as they were as toddlers. Aaron Hood K/FA Taurus 6/3/6/4/6 LTW: Be Hand of Poseidon
  16. 16. Aaron was eager to learn, he had a lot of skills to learn and since he was now an adult, he could help out around the home and with his little brother. As far as he wasconcerned, Robin was his father and he wanted to make his father proud as his oldest son. ******
  17. 17. At Hyperion Castle… King Henry: Something troubles you my love, pray tell?Queen Celia: *sigh* Our son is coming of age to marry my lord, it feels as if only yesterday he was but a tiny babe.King Henry: I know; I feel the same but you will soon have another baby to hold the midwife tells me you are do quite soon. Does that not please you?
  18. 18. Queen Celia: Of course, I am thrilled. But Derek is our first born, what kind ofwoman is worthy for him? She will be the next queen, how do we know she will bear him many sons? King Henry: I have already taken care of that my love; negotiations with LordDiamos for his eldest daughter Violet are completed, Derek will marry her. She is of good breeding and will be a great queen for our son.
  19. 19. Celia did not have time to comment, for the first pains of labour struck. The midwife wascorrect in saying she would be due soon, Henry did not expect it this soon though, but he was pleased nevertheless.
  20. 20. Queen Celia had birthed twin boys, the king had four sons now! Prince Nicholas and Prince John were welcomed gratefully by their parents. However, it was soon determinedthat the queen should not bear another child. It broke her heart to learn that she had reached the end of her child-bearing years, King Henry had no desire for more either. He had four sons, that was more than enough for him.
  21. 21. His oldest sons, Prince Derek and Prince Xander, were ready to enter marrying age.Henry had planned Derek’s queen already and that left him free to work out one for Xander now as well as a husband for Serena, his only daughter.
  22. 22. Prince Derek took an immediate liking to his younger brothers, which pleased his father. That level of responsibility would bode well for his son’s future as a king and a father. Prince Derek Rothgate FA/PO Aquarius 7/7/5/7/8 LTW: Graduate 3 Kids
  23. 23. Like his twin, Prince Xander found that caring for his brother was quite rewarding. Though his thought process was more geared to making Hyperia prosperous, he still felt the connection. Prince Xander Rothgate FO/R Aries 7/10/7/3/8 LTW: Earn $100 000
  24. 24. Prince Derek: Which one is that? Prince Xander: John…I think… Prince Derek: Were we that hard to tell apart?Prince Xander: Father said so, but mother said she would always know who was who.
  25. 25. Derek and Xander were thrilled to take over training their little brothers in their skills and Henry was glad to allow them to. Prince John (lighter hair) Taurus 6/8/7/8/5 Prince Nicholas (darker hair) Libra 5/8/1/9/9
  26. 26. Princess Serena would have liked to have a little sister to play with instead of fourbrothers, as the only girl she knew that once Nicholas and John were older, that their fatherwould begin their training as he had for Derek and Xander. She would end up being lonelyagain. Learning sewing and needlepoint bored her, she wanted to learn how to use a sword and ride a horse just like her brothers. But according to her mother, such things were not “lady-like” and she would never get to learn how to do them.
  27. 27. Derek: Father says he has chosen my bride already, I can’t believe he would do that; marry me off to some strange girl. I’m his heir!! I should choose who I want to marry!! Xander: Well what do you expect? Grandfather chose mother for father, it is just how things are done when you’re a prince. Derek: When I’m king, I’m never going to do that to my sons. I’ll let them choose who they want to be with.
  28. 28. Xander: I doubt father will let you do that, you won’t be king until he passes on so expect him to still run your life for a lot longer yet. Derek: It is not fair!! Why should I be stuck with some strange girl that I don’t even know for the rest of my life?Xander: You’re not the only one; he’s going to do that to me as well. I will admit, I am not thrilled at the prospect either brother.
  29. 29. Derek: Perhaps we could make father understand our reluctance, maybe he might reconsider. Xander: It is worth a try at least. Whenever you are ready brother, I will follow your lead. Derek: Thank you, it means a lot to have your support. Xander: You’re the future king, and my brother. Why wouldn’t I?
  30. 30. Xander: As long as you don’t kick me out of the castle and send me to some gods forsaken part of the kingdom of course. Derek: *grins* I don’t know about that… Xander: I sincerely hope you’re not serious… Derek: Of course not!! Where is your sense of humour brother? Xander: I have not got one, or if I do it is buried so deep I cannot find it. ******
  31. 31. Over at Starr Estate… Lord Diamos waited as his two oldest prepared to enter teen hood. He was thinking about how he technically “sold” his daughter Violet to the king for Prince Derek. It bothered him greatly to arrange his child’s marriage to a complete stranger, what if Derek was mean toher? What if he hurt his baby girl? Ani-Mei won’t let him intervene with the “story” as she put it, but it went against every instinct he had as the former God of Peace.
  32. 32. But he smiled; his little girl looked a little worried when she saw his expression, butbrightened right up when he began to smile and blow the party horn for her. It was her special day after all, he shouldn’t ruin it with his sombre moods and expressions.
  33. 33. Tyler Starr FA/R Pisces 7/6/9/3/7LTW: Be Captain Hero Violet Starr FA/PO Aries 7/6/4/3/5 LTW: Have 6 Grandkids
  34. 34. The day after his twins’ birthdays, Lord Diamos had finally set up a Military base for thekingdom. As Hyperia’s General, it was his job to maintain security and order in Hyperia until a police force could be established. He oversaw the training of the Townie peasantspersonally; though Goopy was a true headache to train. It was also part of his plan to helpRobin Hood out, if he had an army trained then his rival Lord Kasumi would have to think twice about implying that he was the one who they had to answer to.
  35. 35. It would be a long journey for sure…but he would stick it out and pass the care of the base along to Tyler when he was ready.
  36. 36. Back home at Starr Estate, Violet, whom would be starting private school the next day, was enjoying spending time with a new friend of hers. She knew full well that he was Prince Xander, and that the envious looks of the other girls she got when he paid her attentionmade her feel special. He truly was a Prince Charming, and she felt her heart quicken when he paid attention to her.
  37. 37. Prince Xander: Come on Violet, the idea is to slap my hands before I slap yours. Violet: But…you’re a prince, I don’t think I should be so bold as to hit you.Prince Xander: I already told you, here it’s just Xander, that’s all I want to be called by you. Violet: *blushes furiously* I don’t think…can I call you by your first name?
  38. 38. Prince Xander: Ha-ha!! Too slow!! Violet: You’re just too good at this…Prince Xander: If didn’t know better Violet, I would say you’re letting me win. Violet: Oh…am I that obvious? Prince Xander: Yes. At least try to win? Please?
  39. 39. Prince Xander: Besides, you’re far too beautiful to make such a sad face Violet Starr. Smile for me? Violet: I—I…
  40. 40. Prince Xander silenced her objection with a kiss. Xander knew that if he had to marrysomeone and spend the rest of his life with her, he wanted that someone to be Violet. Therewas just something about her that drew him to her, she was beautiful, smart, and just the right amount of grace and charm. Knowing he chose her himself also helped affirm his feelings. As soon as he got back to the castle, he would ask his father if he could marry Violet. ******