Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 2


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The DJ booth made me do it...

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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 2

  1. 1. Lookit, Ani-Mei remembered to write down the daily stats for Day 1!! No one was eliminated but these numbers would have made one girl leave early if there were Day 1 eliminations. Aphrodite: 0 Aria: 6 Camilla: -14  see what I mean, oi…>_< Cube: 0 Ella: 0 Ivy: -11 Maddie: 0 Now that that is cleared up, let’s get on to Day 2, where the girl in last place WILL be eliminated.
  2. 2. Day 2, one on one dates. The Bachelor gets a chat with each of the girls before 12 noon. First up is yesterday’s would-have-been-eliminated bachelorette Camilla. Loki: Oh, chats. I like those. So Camilla… Camilla: What’s with that creepy smile?
  3. 3. Loki: What are your thoughts on children? I would love to see Six of them Married Off for true bliss, how about you? Camilla: *glares* Is that a zombie crack? It was wasn’t it, just because I’m not a zombie here doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still bother me. Zombies can’t have kids! Loki: Umm, what? N-no, I was just trying to make conversation…I’m sorry…
  4. 4. Camilla: Person-person BIG minus for you. Loki: Oh fudgy nut bars…I didn’t mean to. This does not bode well for Cammy’s survival…and fudgy nut bars? o_0?
  5. 5. Next up Aria, we have seen that these two have good chemistry so let’s hope that the conversation choices bode well… Loki: I would love for all of us to come out of this best friends, I like making friends. Aria: Uh huh…
  6. 6. And then it all went sideways… Aria: What do you take me for? I’m a vegetarian!! I do not eat eggs!! Eggs are baby chickens who didn’t get to be born!! Loki: I-I umm didn’t know I’m sorry about that. You made my floaty people sad. Aria: Eggs, the nerve of it all!
  7. 7. Next was Cube… Loki: So what are your thoughts on the Earth and recycling? I think it’s important that we take care of our most precious resources. Cube: *grr face* Are you one of those tree-hugging environmentalists? Loki: Well, yeah. Is that a problem?
  8. 8. Cube: No way, uh-uh!! I didn’t sign up to join a hippy commune!! Loki: Well that’s not nice…my floaty people are sad again. Cube: Where’s the exit? I want out…now. Oh.  Poor Loki, no one likes his topics.
  9. 9. Cube: Door, is so close…must escape. Loki: Aww, Voice this isn’t going well, they don’t like talking to me. I’m sorry honey, keep trying. You have four more girls to talk to, one of them must respond positively to you. *patpat*
  10. 10. Loki: Ella!! You said you love the sun right? So you must love the environment too! Ella: Ehh, it’s okay, I guess… Loki: Oh I knew it!! You do like it! I’m so happy now.
  11. 11. Ella: Partial cloudy is good too, I mean clouds are fluffy right? Loki: Yes, they are aren’t they? Hmm… Loki: And solar power is great, making the best of both things.
  12. 12. Loki: We could get rid of the loud DJ booth and replace it with something that uses less power right? Ella: But… Loki: Oh, what should we replace it with?
  13. 13. Ella: No dice. Pleasure sim do not like. DJ booth, must have… Loki: Uhh what? Maddie: Nice going Green, well with you gone, there’s more Loki for the rest of us. And it was going so well too…*sigh*
  14. 14. And next we have Aphrodite… Loki: Please tell me you don’t hate the environment too… Aphrodite: Oh no, quite the opposite. I love it, it’s our most precious resource, we have to protect it.
  15. 15. Aphrodite: We are far too dependent on oil, it’s not good for the planet. Loki: Now you’re speaking my language. I totally agree!! Solar FTW!! Aphrodite: Totally!! Except that Ani-Mei won’t install M&G which has solar panels in it.
  16. 16. Loki: Well there’s always water power right? Much better than oil. Aphrodite: Sure, that works too!! And as expected, Aphrodite shows her experience and is shooting for the Friend Zone already…she’s serious.
  17. 17. Next we have Maddie, will her goading of Ella mean she’s going to show her up? Loki: I’m hoping we can all be BFF’s after this is all over. I like all you. Maddie: Sure…I’d like that too. Ivy: Whoa!! Whoa!! Look out!! Runaway headphones! Camilla: Way to go, Iron Grip. Not.
  18. 18. Maddie: What say you? We get rid of the others right here and now and it’ll be just us…all alone. Or just let Camilla remove herself with that concussion she just got from trying to trip up Aria…that works too. Loki: Whoa, now that wouldn’t be fair. I can’t do that. Maddie: Come on, where’s your sense of adventure? Loki: If you win, we’ll talk about it then.
  19. 19. And finally, Ivy. If she can tear herself away from that DJ booth long enough of course. Loki: Ivy? Ivy: What?
  20. 20. Loki: I’m glad you like the DJ booth, but I was trying to talk to you for hours. Ivy: I’m not addicted, I can stop anytime I want!! I can!! Loki: I’m sure you can, but I really wanted to get to know you. Ivy: Camilla is taking all my precious DJ’ing time…my precious…
  21. 21. Loki: Is it my breath? *breathes in hand* Ivy: My precious… No, I don’t think so…sorry Loki honey. Ivy: Precious…
  22. 22. Ella: Ugly chair is ugly… Loki: Aww…do I have to let one go? Yes, sorry. The Computer of Shame is out. Time to see off our first lady. Loki: I wish I didn’t have to.
  23. 23. I’m sorry to tell you Ivy but you have been eliminated from the race. /Amazing Race quote. Ivy: That soul-sucking DJ Booth was the death of me…my precious. How could you?
  24. 24. End of Day 2 Scores: Aphrodite: 40!!  girl’s got srs game. Ella: 15 Aria: 10 Maddie: 4 Cube: 4 Camilla: -8  Girl’s gotta step it up if she wants to stay around. Ivy: -13 Sorry Pony. :( What can I say? I was hoping that Ivy would at least make it to final three, I liked her eyes and thought it would be interesting to mix it up with Loki’s Purple Eyes in those six kids he wants. *sigh* Well only one thing left to do now…End of Day Interview with Cupid.
  25. 25. Gabriel: ANI-MEI!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING BACK HERE?!?! Cupid: Oh man, there he goes again. I just had to listen to his three hour rant, he finally calmed down and now there’s another one here. Sorry, but They can’t sit in the Sim Bin, yet. They get the same choice as last time, whether to stay playable or become Townies. You remember that don’t you? Cupid: Yes…
  26. 26. Cupid: So Ivy, tell me what happened. Ivy: I blame the soul-sucking DJ Booth. This was all its fault, with its thump-thump, catchy beats and the scratch-scratch…my precious… Cupid: Umm? Ivy: What?
  27. 27. Ivy: Yes, the precious…I loves it. Think Angry Red in there will let me have my precious here? Cupid: Doubtful, highly doubtful. Ivy: Aww, I could talk to him simself-spawn to simself right? Cupid: Don’t count on it.
  28. 28. Cupid: It was hard enough to get him to let me have my own room. Gabriel: AND ANOTHER THING… Cupid: *sigh* He’s on a rant right now with Ani-Mei so I wouldn’t dare go near him when he’s riled up and pissed, if you value your life.
  29. 29. Ivy: Say, isn’t that Pony and Thai? I can ask them to give me back my precious!! And so ends Day 2. *plugs ears* I’ll see you all later once Gabriel finishes screaming at me Gabriel: OH I HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN TO SCREAM YET!! JUST YOU WAIT!!